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Mission: Impossible III

Only hunt can mission possible!
This movie overall was really, really good, had a predictable story in it but the action made me ignore it, Tom Cruise once again proving he is a damn fine actor, this movie was better, certain sections of this movie had charm and made me smile, other sections I feel like were not needed, and he ending to this movie was a little bit confusing without spoiling it, I did get lost with all the twist and turns and who was on who's side but overall I did enjoy watching the movie , always love a good action movie.

Mission: Impossible II

Underrated off course
It has some of the most improbable stunts, including moterbike jousting, I've ever seen in any movie. Everything about it is so over the top, camera angles/movement, dialogue, chase scenes, fighting scenes, and I am here for it. It's fun to watch.

Mission: Impossible

Greatest Of all Time
Tom Cruise keeps you hooked all they way through this movie the action can't be beat an the CGI stands up pretty nice through the test of time though this movie was very confusing the direction it take was brilliant every single scene is magnificent and the stunts are amazing. Not to mention the amazing and brilliant pirrahana scene. I loved this movie.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Pinkman is ART!
El Camino perfectly re-captures the essence of Breaking Bad. The tone and feel of arguably the greatest television drama of all time has been recreated to the point that it feels like a very short two hour cinematic experience.

Vince Gilligan's ability to revisit this world after six years, and so deftly recapture it, is testament to his flawless writing ability and direction.

Not only does El Camino provide closure to the arc of Jesse Pinkman in a manner fully in keeping with what Breaking Bad fans have come to know about this character, but El Camino can also stand on it's own two feet as a stand alone movie. It has structure, character arcs, pays homage to the sixty two hours of plot and character development that precedes it, and does so in a thorough, riveting manner that makes sense within the confines of the carefully crafted dramatic world that Gilligan and co so deftly created over six years.

Vince Gilligan could easily have provided a huge, 'Breaking Bad on Steroids' finale spectacle, with big budget Hollywood effects and ridiculous action sequences. Thank god he did not. To do so would have been to undermine everything that made Breaking Bad the most gripping, enthralling and brilliantly executed cinematic television series in the medium's history.

El Camino does a near flawless job of creating a gripping, entertaining and satisfying story within a unique paradigm whereby the film's dramatic parameters were set six years prior to its inception. The audience knew where Breaking Bad had left Jesse Pinkman, knew pretty well what his aims would be, and yet Gilligan still managed to keep us guessing.

Complaints that El Camino feels like a Breaking Bad episode are really the ultimate praise. Had it not felt like a return to the series we all loved so much, there would have been an avalanche of complaints as such.

Wonder Woman 1984

Not good!!
Not as good as the first one, then again not many movies sequels are able to surpass their predecessors. But overall still a pretty good DCEU movie that's carrying the entire franchise currently.

Wonder Woman

This movie was different(much better) then I expected. Dawn of Justice was good, and watching right after that movie, I have a new found appreciation for DC universe movies. The bonds between characters were conveyed well, and the character development was done quite well for a single movie. The CGI was not too intrusive to the experience, unlike Dawn of Justice, which is a good thing. My view on the movie is positive, and would rate it 6.8/10. This movie deserves all the praise I've been listening to.

Superman Returns

WTF Superhero?
Superman becomes a creepy stalker , using his x-ray vision and super hearing , to spy on Louise and her boyfriend/husband. Is this was passes for values as a superhero? Superman coverts another man's wife, good job on this plot. Also will Louis tell her husband he isn't the Father? Yet more moral values on display in this very dissapointing movie.

Pushpa: The Rise - Part 1

Pushparaj, He Won't Compromise!
Although I am an Allu Arjun fan since long and have loved all of his films I have watched, I didn't expect to be surprised this much when I began watching Pushpa: The Rise. The visuals are picturesque, the action choreography is outstanding and the world-building is phenomenal. Although it could've been a bit shorter, director Sukumar has backed his film with enough positives to justify the existence of almost every scene. And Allu Arjun's shockingly outstanding performance proves why he is loved by audiences.

Allu Arjun has over the years become synonymous with the action genre, and hence viewers expect quality action from his movies. And gladly, the film has impressed here big time. I really enjoyed the fight scenes a lot, and felt I could have enjoyed them better on the big screen. A lot of gorgeous locales add an adventurous feel to the proceedings. The cinematography, background music and dialogues are fascinating. The amount of tension and suspense, however, in the film's final act is something that takes the film to a whole different level. It has brilliantly depicted director Sukumar's ability to change a film's tone from time to time without any hassle.

Blade Runner

Literally masterpiece!
Blade Runner is stunning. It is one of the most beautiful films ever made. It has a great story, great performances, terrific action and eventually leaves a solid impact. I have seen the final cut, and I really liked it. Despite the very slow pace, I could actually enjoy the film and get amazed at this high-quality filmmaking.

This film isn't fast-paced and doesn't simply jump to the main story within minutes. The first half sets up the characters and conflict, eventually followed by well-executed action sequences and intriguing character drama along with some really good twists. The rainy weather seemed to work for me. Most of the film happens at night, thus creating its own stylish atmosphere.

Harrison Ford plays his part brilliantly and so does Rutger Hauer.

There's a good amount of intensity that makes it a very intriguing watch. Blade Runner is undoubtedly one of the best sci-fi action movies of all time, also because it portrays 2019 in a realistic way.

Army of the Dead

More than worse
I don't know what movie everybody else watched, but this is one of the worst films I have ever seen.

Here are the issues: 1. Pacing 2. Character development 3. Plot development(it's almost exclusively based on plot holes). 4. Scenes that make 0 sense 5. Stupid characters 6. Bad acting 7. No sense of passage of time. Zombies outrunning a helicopter across town. See point #4. 8. A completely futile side rescue mission story. 9. Ending that makes no sense. 10. Poorly setup atmosphere that doesn't invoke any sense of doom.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Ultimate Superheroes!
Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) is a 4 hour epic masterpiece which purely gave justice to all the fans who forced the studio to bow down to its knees. This film has everything that a superhero movie should have, from amazing action & story to powerful visuals and perfect score by Tom Holkenborg, which helped the audience to feel nostalgic and have a sense of continuity to prior DCEU films. This movie explored all the characters with perfection. Each individual felt important and had a purpose. Even the villain side had a purpose of their own, all fell into right place. This film sewed up way more threads to create multiple storylines while sticking to the main plot unambiguously and left many other possibilities to explore if given chance. This fandom driven movie will definitely be remembered for a long time in the future which changed the history of hollywood industry and will never lose it's respect for the visionary director, Mr. Zack Snyder.

The Matrix Resurrections

Not good as original
Just finished watching the movie and I must say I completely understand why some people have given it bad reviews, the movie has its perks and flaws. If looked at from a standpoint where you have to recreate a series that has had an impact on sci-fi like "The Matrix" I can gladly say that the story concept wasn't rushed but rather written in a way that satisfies you with the plot of the movie which i really enjoyed.the way they have shown the confused neo in the beggining of the movie and the concept of the new matrix really wraps itself around you.just like the first matrix the movie engages you in the plot first. But on the other hand the execution wasn't that good at many parts of the movie the action sequences seemed a lil confusing and not that well coreographed like the orignal trilogy as well as the charecter of morphoes wasn't likeable at all given the fact that everyone who watched this movie has known what kinda charecter morphies represented in the orignal seiries. The movie had it's ups and lows but if looked at a point where you have recreate something so influencial ,you can clearly say that the plot they went with can take this series to a really complex and engaging series if executed in the right way.

The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions has been panned by a lot, yet this didn't stop me from watching the conclusion to the epic sci-fi actioner The Matrix. I found it really entertaining with well choreographed nonstop action, impressive visual effects and some really good storytelling. Since it's anyways a concluding film, it's mostly an all-action affair. I loved that since I'm a huge fan of action movies.

Keanu Reeves as Neo is sometimes the focus of the story and many a times not. While this might work for some, it might disappoint many too. I did think he needed to be the prime focus but realized this film was about every character and not just him, as opposed to the previous two movies.

The Matrix Revolutions is quite a deep film if you find it interesting. It has got everything an action blockbuster needs, and while it doesn't outdo The Matrix or The Matrix Reloaded, it's a pretty thoughtful, exhilarating action entertainer.

The Matrix Reloaded

Extraordinary Si-fi
The second part has the Matrix Universe expanded. But, it really affected the quality of the film. First part was the cream, confined to the subject and every second was thrilling and interesting. Here, audience are dragged into so many things, which are not really necessary or should have been done better, like the underworld, and other ships. Fight scenes kept the standard, though some parts of the CGI is amateur. The free way chase and action sequences are the best and one of my most favorites in the movie.


His first masterpiece (literally)
The best film done by Christopher Nolan. It is totally overlooked by his latest films but if u watch Following u will be stunned by the details that are very carefully put together. The thing that makes this film so extremely great is the dialogues in which nolan has no equal in my humble opinion. It has very dark and melancholic feeling when u are watching the film. Christopher is known for his unusual ways of filming and if u want to see how it looked before he became the brilliant cinematographer, it is his debut film so good eye will spot the mistakes and despite that u will be hooked from the first second :) ! Very underrated and beautiful film.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

I was really impressed with this movie. It is a story of love , understanding and how one can live their life not realizing how much people care about them. Robert Downey Jr. Nails his role in playing the older dito and Shia lebouf plays the younger dito like a true actor. The direction of this movie also very good . Especially for a first movie from director , Dito Montel he manages to produce so many feelings in a viewer ; Feeling of regret, love, forgiveness, and laughter . This is a great movie.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Every second was real!!
Honestly fully confident this is best spider-man movie. Found myself subconsciously clapping and just screaming inside with joy. The returns of some characters are incredible. The film balances the comedy with a dark/sad plot to follow. Tom Hollands spider-man in a film so crowded still manages to shine and outdoes himself with his performance. This feels like a true spider-man movie especially in the very last scene. His performance is incredible and some of the action sequences are beautiful with moves taken from the game. This feels like the most badass, realistic and cool portrayal of a spider-man yet. It maintains comic accuracy and tom's suits are beautiful. Some scenes are absolutely heart wrenching, i found myself crying numerous times. This film is a masterpiece and a love letter to all marvel or spiderman fans and a work of art. It avoids the other spider-man movies mistakes and just gives characters such realistic convincing arcs. A true work of art, round of applause for John Watts and Tom Holland.

Gemini Man

Good but not great!!
Gemini Man is a popcorn action entertainer that deserves to be seen despite the negative reviews. Will Smith's impressive performance in both his roles, the stylish action sequences, some intriguing twists and a fast-paced story are the highlights. In short, Gemini Man is a pure action thriller that is truly fun to watch. It doesn't miss out on the character moments either. The score during the opening moments is melodious. The cast delivers in their roles almost perfectly. Camerawork is top notch.

Dune: Part One

Game of thrones in space!
Hands down the best thing going for Dune is the stunning visuals from beginning to end. Director Denis Villeneuve compiled a beautiful collection of scenes that are truly a sight to see. One thing you'll notice is how the cinematography seamlessly compliments so many elements in the film. Dune is so masterfully shot, that you could watch this movie on mute and still be entertained. Despite the dense, sci-elements in the story, I appreciated the focused approach on only one group/family. It was helpful to explore this fantasy world and all the cool technology through the perspective of just a few characters. As a result, it doesn't take long to have a sensible grasp of the underlying politics and motivations of various characters. Timothée Chalamet was exceptional as Paul Atreides. His performance made me care about his character's journey and his potential growth. Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto was also great in his role. He presented such a stoic feel to his character that almost steals every scene he's featured in. Jason Momoa as Duncan, totally badassery!!! While the role may have been small, this was right in Momoa's lane especially when it came to his fight scenes. Of all of the roles, Stellan Skarsgård surprised me the most as The Baron. He was completely unrecognizable thanks to both his delivery and the Dune make up team. I'm looking forward to the next part!

The Losers

Worse one
It was so painful to watch, such a good cast in such a bad movie. This movie was almost similar to A-team in terms of plot. But everthing was worse in it. All suspenses part were given away. It was predictable most of the times.

They did not used all good actors properly. Edris Alba is such a good actor, I hated his performance here.

Action were not that good. VFX was very poor at many times.

300: Rise of an Empire

More than worse!
Everyone knows there was NO NEED FOR A 300 SEQUEL The first 300 movie was absolutely perfect as it was! So, if you really have to make a sequel to it, you'd better have some seriously good ideas in mind, and try to avoid spoiling everything. Unfortunately, it's not the case with this lousy production coupled with terrible acting, as well as seriously "stupid, unrealistic facts".. I know it's just a film and it doesn't have to be historically, 100% accurate, but nor does it have to be totally pea-brained :( Oh god, how dreadful!. What a torture to watch!!

El robo del siglo

Funny and suspenseful!!
Mostly people watched MONEY HEIST Series. So that's why people didn't like this movie It's also bank robbery movie with comedy Its good to watch when you're getting bored at once.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Venom: Let There Be Carnage: This awkward mesh of questionable CGI and a take-it-or-leave-it screenplay all comes together to form a movie about as forgettable as its predecessor.

The Unholy

Just pass the time!
Would I call it a great movie? No, A bad movie? No, A B-Horror movie? Yes. The cast was great no issues on that part but with these types of genre horror movies the plot is always going to be pretty simplistic and expected. While the effects were alright the scares were expected and again typical so nothing really scary or shocking. Like the usual cloth covered statue that moves where you're supposed to wonder what's under it and other typical scares like that. If you've seen horror movies like The Nun, Insidious, The Conjuring etc,etc then you pretty much know what to expect with this movie too. It's a good movie to pass the time but one you'll probably not bother to really watch again anytime soon.

No Time to Die

Another "Casino Royale"
Daniel's most powerful and intimate performance as being James Bond.

The movie has all of the classic ingredients of a James Bond movie: great action, beautiful cars, mystery, romance... but even if the story runs on the same principles: hero vs villain, the background evolves. The characters are surprisingly more gender balanced, with strong female representatives. Bond himself has evolved a lot during the past movies, but this one delivers the best performance, as he finally finds the answer to his inner self questions and fights his demons. No Time To Die depicts a charismatic character: strong but sensitive, vulnerable, but mature, loving and caring despite his past. Love and revenge are central themes for both the hero and the main villain: they seek revenge for what they lost, but in a different perspective, while the world is threatened by a sadistic plot without it being too cheesy.

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