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The Road to Christmas

A fun lighthearted smile
Without stooping to the campy.. this movie was relaxing, funny, touching and leaves you with a warm fuzzy. Sort of like The Goodbye Girl. Though you know where it's headed, and there's no big surprises along the way it's rather nice to watch a couple hours of movie with no killing, crashes, hatred or violence.

What's more it's not a remake of some other Christmas movie like the 400 incarnations of It's a Wonderful life, or A Christmas Carol, so highly recommend it for absolutely anyone who wants to just chill by the fireplace and feel Christmasy... think we'll watch it again tomorrow when my Mom visits...

Imitation General

One of the BEST war movies ever
Though I'm not a big fan of war movies I have seen this movie over and over again when I was younger, and was one I searched high and low on Blockbuster and such to see again. Ford and Buttons are marvelous and the movie walks the line between humor and the reality of the horror of war with real class... Would SO love to see it again!!

Ford's character was a n'er do well scammer who had made rank and been busted back more times than he could keep track of when he met an honorable man, a General, who went to the front lines though it was dangerous in hopes of rallying the troops... but was killed before reaching his goal. Inspired Ford decides to take over the mission and poses as the General.

One of the best scenes I remember was the German tank heading towards the village and Ford putting up a sign on the bridge saying that the bridge was mined so that the Germans would take the tanks thru the creek bed and expose their underbelly. But NOT going to tell you what happened.

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