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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

My favorite Spiderman film
This is probably the most enjoyable Spiderman related-media I have seen in a long time. The hype and all these good reviews were totally justified this time, since "Into the Spider-Verse" manages to be a highly entertaining blockbuster which balances perfectly well the fun and excitement with an engaging plot and impressive visuals.

Definitely, one of the best releases of the year. Much better than the dull and uninspired Homecoming movie.

Trippel Trappel Dierensinterklaas

It was cute
This was a charming Christmas-themed movie. And personally enjoyed it more than most of the recent Holiday films and specials from the recent years, mostly thanks to its animation style, with simple but appealing designs, which reminded of the Disney animations from the 80s and early 90s.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

Victorian Age Batman deserves more appreciation
Iconic characters are perfectly able to work well in many different kind of settings without losing their essence, and this movie is a perfect example of that , adapting quite well the Batman mythos to the Victorian era.

My only complaint is the reveal that happens near the end of the movie, which felt a bit rushed and it could it have been foreshadowed in a much better manner, instead of seeming the result of a decision taken at the last moment in order to take the audience by surprise.

Still, it is another solid Batman animation and personally I wouldn't mind to see more adventures involving this particular incarnation of the character.

Oh, and just like it happened with "Justice League Dark", I'm still not sure why this got an "R" rating since most of its content was relatively tamed, despite the mature premise.

Thir13en Ghosts

Cool ghosts, average movie
The most solid aspect from this movie were the visuals, with some nice effects and very cool-looking ghosts. The premise was interesting too, but sadly doesn't live up to its full potential, relying too much in its flashy imagery rather than in a proper development of the plot and the characters.

But at least it was somewhat entertaining to watch, unlike "Ghost Ship", the second film directed by Steve Beck which was absolutely awful from beginning to end and had no reedeming features, being very poor both visually and narratively speaking.

Thir13en Ghosts is a masterpiece in comparison with that movie.


An underrated superhero flick
I honestly enjoyed Venom much more than most of those ridiculously overhyped superhero films from the recent years, which despite being inspid and formulaic tend to have raving reviews, while this movie got plenty of hate from the critics.

But at least I am glad to see audiences genuinely enjoyed this movie, because, despite having a couple of awkward moments, this was genuinely interesting to watch, instead of merely being the same regurgitated crap of always: This must be the result of the inclusion of horror elements in this story, and while I wish this movie had been rated R as it was originally planned, the result is still satisfying anyway.

I'm still not entirely sure about this whole "Spider-verse" idea (Why all the movies have to be part of a "serialized universe" these days?) but at least Venom was step in the right direction in my opinion.

Shuten Douji

Nasty but somewhat fun to watch
I always had some mixed feelings about this OVA series: This was one of the very first horror animes I ever watched, having the chance to see it way before having the chance to watch any of the Devilman animations, and it was impressed by how gratuitous it was, having plenty of graphic violence and constant nudity.

The first episode was particularly nasty and creepy, but I think the atmosphere was good and I liked the stylish designs. On the other side, the plot was rather flat, being a typical battle of good vs evil, but just with more extreme content.

But at least, it wasn't boring to watch, so that's something.

Justice League Dark

A decent watch
Justice League Dark didn't disappoint any of my expectations, being another good entry for the DC animated universe.

It was entertaining to watch and it had a nice animation and designs. It was also nice to see some often overlooked characters from DC comics (Such as Deadman) getting some spotlight, and honestly more of these lesser know characters deserve their own opportunity to shine.

And honestly I don't know why this got an "R", taking into consideration how The Flashpoint Paradox got only a PG-13 rating despite being far more violent than this movie.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

At least it tried to be slightly more original than the other sequels
Not a big fan of this particular entry of the franchise, but I appreciate that it tried to do something somewhat different with the plot instead of the repeating the same formula of the previous sequels (Which were basically rehashes of the first film, but with different characters)

Chavo the chihuahua dog is still the best character of the whole series.

The Shortest Horror Film Ever

Tuck me In?
This seems to be another adaptation of the same story that inspired the short "Tuck Me In". Well, there isn't much else that could be said about it besides that, but at least it's nice to see how that story seemed to have a certain universal appeal that made it being adapted several times by different filmmakers from different parts of the world.

Caribbean Sunrise

Be ready for a very, very dark twist
Before daring to watch the wildy infamous "Melancholie der Engel" movie I decided to check it out first some of the shorts made by the same director.

I like the idea behind this short, contrasting the beautiful, relaxing setting with an utterly horrifying reveal.

The twist is very nasty and disturbing but I must say I found to be quite effective. It could even work very well as the introduction scene for a horror movie.

30-Second Bunny Theatre: Paranormal Activity

The fact that 30-second parody is able to summarize perfectly well the plot of Paranormal Activity without missing any important detail is quite telling of how very little happens in that movie.

Honestly, the whole Paranormal Activty film series could perfectly summarized in a video like this.

The Dark Tower

A somewhat lackluster adaptation
I wish this movie would have been more faithful to the book series in which was inspired, instead of just being a loose adaptation.

It definitely isn't terrible, but it isn't particularly memorable either. Could have been much better, both visually and narratively speaking.

The source material would work better as a television series rather than a movie, having a somewhat episodic structure that would be too hard to properly adapt into a film format.

Paranormal Activity

The premise is interesting. The execution, not so much.
While I don't like very much this film series, I can see its appeal: By the time when this movie was made, ghosts and the supernatural were not often associated with modern, everyday life. And while that everydayness element is the key of the success of Paranormal Activity, it is also its major flaw, making it a little bit boring to watch.

The sequel are worse in that aspect, falling very soon into a formulaic format where the everydayness boredom is only interrupted by a couple of jumpscares that are simply not enough to carry the whole thing. I wish this series explored a way in which the supernatural could manifest in everyday life instead of rehashing the haunted modern house shtick of the first film over and over.

Imagine how much better this series would have been if it followed that route.

B: The Beginning

A good show that could have been even better
B: The Beginning is a strange combination of two completely different type of stories, alternating the elements of a relatively down to earth thriller with the kind of battle scenes one would expect to see in a fantasy fighting anime (Albeit darker than stuff like Naruto or Dragon Ball Z) often giving me the impression that I was watching two completely different series merged together.

I guess that dissonance might be the cause of why this series didn't get the recognition it would have received under other kind of circumstances, since "B: The Beginning" has plenty of great elements: The animation and the designs are very good, it has an excellent atmosphere, the music is nice, and the characters are likeable and interesting. The only weak point is the connection of the seemingly unrelated stories of Keith and Koku, which sadly isn't strong enough as it could have been, And honestly, even when the figth scenes involving Koku were quite well animated and fun to watch, I honestly would have preferred if this series focused only on Keith and the mystery plot. if that was the case, I'm sure this show could have been a big success among the anime fandom, in a similar way to "Death Note".

The Simpsons: Saddlesore Galactica
Episode 13, Season 11

A guilty pleasure
This is often considered one of the lowest points of the series by many fans, and while I can see perfectly well why (The wackiness of the plot sharply contrasts with the relatively down to earth nature of the rest of the series, feeling almost as if this was some sort of attempt to compete with other adult sitcoms such as Family Guy or South Park, which often combine mundane stories with a couple of minor fantasy elements which were particularly prevalent during their respective earlier seasons) I still must admit that this episode made laugh.

Definately not a great moment for The Simpsons, but still amusing anyway.

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake: Come Along With Me
Episode 13, Season 10

A satisfying conclusion
Well, this is it. "Adventure Time" is over, and its conclusion has left a bittersweet feeling among the fandom.

Back then in the year 2010, when I started watching the series I liked a lot its whimsical setting and the clever way it parodied many common fantasy archetypes, all this combined with an almost dream-like wackiness. And while back some detractors accused this show is just being weird for the sake of being weird, several episodes showed that it was far more than pure randomness: Episodes like "I remember You", "Thank you", among others revealed that "Adventure Time" was also capable to be emotional and heartwarming, while also developing an overarching plot, which sometimes showed its darker, mysterious side in episodes like "The Lich".

Additionally, episodes like "A Glitch is a Glitch" and "Food Chain" showed the true potential of featuring guest animators in a mainstream series instead of just being a mere gimmick like in the couch gags from, the recent Simpsons episodes, daring to explore experimental ways of storytelling in such an underated medium such as an animated series for kids, which sadly are slowly becoming more vapid and tamed to almost a condescending point due censorship and the involvement of people who still believes that television should be some sort of babysitter for their kids (I hardly imagine a show like "Rocko's Modern Life" in the modern Nickelodeon, the same channel that rejected "Adventure Time")

This series started a new era for Cartoon Network, revitalizing the channel for while (Until they decided to turn it an endless marathon of "Teen Titans Go", a dreadful decision that cost them plenty of viewers) paving the way for other series like "Regular Show" and "Steven Universe".

And while this final episode was a bit rushed at parts (With a couple of moments that were way too abstract for my taste) I still consider this a very satisfying conclusion, ending the series in a heartwarming, hopeful note, giving to many secondary characters the opportunity to shine, while also closing the loose ends from the previous episodes.

I am glad the show concluded in its own terms but I also hope this isn't the definite end for "Adventure Time". Honestly, I wouldn 't mind to see a sequel or even an spin-off series. (And if there is ever a reboot or a remake series, I hope it isn't as bad as the awful "Powerpuff Girls reboot)

I am sure that in the following decades, "Adventure Time" will be remembered as one of the most iconic series from the 2010s, if not the most iconic one. It has a certain timeless charm quality that belongs to most true classics, and I am sure that it will be more fondly remembered that many overrated, forgettable blockbusters from the recent years, and hopefully it will have a worthy sucessor in the years to come.


Not perfect, but better than the previous Spiderman animated series.
Personally, I think this is an alright series. For me, it was more enjoyable than "Ultimate Spiderman" since the characters were not as unlikeable and it didn't have the same annoying gags from that show. The animation and the new designs are okay. Probably nothing breathtaking but I found them decently made.

In many ways the plots and the characters are vastly different from what the old fans knew about them from the comics and the previous animated series and movies inspired by the same character, but I don't find those changes to be bad at all, and I'm mostly neutral to most of them.

It's a decent superhero show for kids.

Summer Camp Island

I have mixed feelings about this
I think this was an okay pilot, but it really doesn't show the same interesting aspects of the other animations made by Julia Pott (Such as "Belly"): While I found the setting to be cute and whimsical, the plot was a little bit dull, feeling pretty much like another one of those stories where a bland protagonist tries to win the affections of a relatively flat love interest character.

With that being said, I still looking forward to see more of "Summer Camp island" but I seriously hope this whole "love triangle" aspect of the pilot does not have very much influence in the overall storyline of the series.

Mad Doctors of Borneo

A classic of creepy stop motion animation
I remember I used to watch these shorts during the commercial breaks from a Latin American channel (now defunct) called Locomotion. I also remember it used to horrify me, due its graphic violence and grotesque imagery. Now, as an adult, I appreciate its macabre sense of humor and sinister atmosphere, predating the works of animators such as Lee Hardcastle and Robert Morgan.

Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit

A nice tribute to retro anime-influenced cartoons
I liked this. It's a nice homage to many of those anime-influenced Saturday Morning cartoons from the '80s and '90s...And while of those shows were quite cheesy, most of them had also lots of charm and had very nice theme songs. It also reminds me a bit of the anime shows that used to be shown on Fox Kids during the late nineties and the early 2000s, such as "Shinzo".

If "Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit" would have been a real show, I probably would have been a fan of it.

Hagane no renkinjutsushi

I still enjoy this version
I know most fans tend to compare this series unfavorably to "Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood", but personally I think this version of the story did many things right (and in some aspects, I think it handled a couple of parts of the story in a better way than the original) doing a pretty good balance of drama, suspense and comedy, with plenty of beautiful moments, even if the plot wasn't a 100 % faithful adaptation of the original manga.

And honestly, I prefer that it tried to be its own things instead of stretching the plot indefinitely with lots of pointless filler (like in Naruto) and its conclusion, while quite different to the one from the manga, is still managed to be something quite satisfying.

Both versions of Full Metal Alchemist are good, and personally consider both of them to be worth-watching.

Death Note

Terrible but hilarious
I normally hate live-action versions of animated series, and before watching this movie I was already preparing myself for the worst, since everything about it seemed to be terrible beyond belief. And while it was indeed a pretty bad movie, I kinda enjoyed watching it.

Make no mistake: As an adaptation of the Death Note manga/anime, this is simply awful from beginning to end, In many ways, it almost feels more like a parody of the story rather than an adaptation, and I honestly prefer to see this movie in that way. It's very ridiculous and cheesy (Yes, I know the original Death Note had its couple of cheesy moments, but not to this extent) , but at least is not incredibly dull as "Dragonball Evolution" or "The Last Airbender."

The Simpsons: Homer Cubed

One of the best Treehouse of Horror segments
I have no idea of why this particular Treehouse of Horror segment got its own IMDB page, but I will review it anyway: When this episode was released, CGI animation was a big novelty, and seeing Homer Simpson adapted to this brand new format was such an amazing experience back then.

Nowadays, while the graphics used here might seem dated, the writing was solid enough to make it very enjoyable watching experience after all this time, and I think this could be considered among some of the most iconic segments from the whole series.

Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters

Much better than the previous series
The original "Duel Masters" was terrible. A totally uninspired "Yugioh" rip-off that tried to cover its lack of originality with a horrible parody dub filled with bad jokes and shallow cultural references.

This second attempt to adapt this card game into an animated series was much better in every single aspect. (Though considering how bad was its predecessor, I guess that was something quite easy to achieve.)

Now, while this show wasn't exactly great, it showed a lot of potential, having an interesting setting and characters, with a neat art style that somewhat reminded me to the animation of "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes". Too bad it was cancelled before reaching reaching its full potential. I think it would have become one of the best series of its kind if the audience had given it a chance.

If there is another "Duel Masters" cartoon, I hope it follows the serious style of "Kaijudo" and not the bad comedy (and bad CGI) of the original anime.

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie

Fulfilled My Expectations
The wait was long, but it was worth it: "The Jungle Movie" does not disappoint.

Even when the plot is something bigger, more adventurous in comparison with the previous chapters from the original show, it still keeps its nice characterization and the clever humor which made this one of the most enjoyable and better written Nicktoons from the 90s, and it serves as a pretty satisfying conclusion for the "Hey Arnold" series.

Definitely worth watching, especially for those viewers who are nostalgic for Nickelodeon's golden age.


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