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Benny & Joon

Not exactly what I was expecting C3
A brother tries to look after his mentally challenged sister and when they win a friend's cousin in a poker game, a relationship occurs between the sister and the cousin. After this, the movie really goes downhill. Johnny Depp's character is really outgoing, but Aidan Quinn (the brother) kind of gets in the way of the pair. If she was being looked after, doesn't matter who it was looking after her, you should be happy about that. Also, I really didn't see much of a problem with Joon, except that she screamed when things didn't go right; hey, don't we all?

Coupe de Ville

Sibling Rivalry: It happens to the best of us B2
Sibling rivalry happens to the best of us. Most of the time, though, it happens when we are little and we grow out of it. Three men, who are brothers, cannot seem to grow out of fighting with each other. Coupe de Ville brings out the best of the three characters, who all set off to their hometown in Miami for their mother's fiftieth birthday. The symbolism is shown quite directly here, as everytime the brothers fight, something happens to the car. The best way to get them together is to fix it. Coupe de Ville is a very entertaining movie with lots of laughs, but I did have a few problems with it.

Dominick and Eugene

Very Entertaining movie!! A1
Of all movies I have seen, I have to say that Dominick and Eugene is the best drama movie I have ever seen. It had a good plot and I found I related well with Dominick. Tom Hulce was a great character and Ray Liotta was, too. I did have a bit of a problem with the way Dominick was treated, but then, nobody is perfect. Dominick and Eugene is a very entertaining movie and I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Anger Management

Not bad, maybe one of Sandler's better movies C3
The star of Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison (Check out "Happy Madison Productions" at the beginning of the movie) is back in a movie where he is to undergo anger management therapy with therapist Jack Nicholson. Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson are both funny in the movie, but it seemed to me that Sandler didn't get angry until Nicholson showed up. His early escapade as a kid is something all of us go through as kids, but we are able to forget about it later in life. Jack Nicholson's character seems to be more of a psychopath as the movie goes on. However, I did like the humor in the movie and find it to be one of Sandler's best. I really didn't like the annoying voice he used in both Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison, and I guess he finally realizes that it doesn't work. I was so glad he didn't use it here in this movie.

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