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The Mist

A movie that teaches to never give matter what!!!
Say what you will, but I'm sticking to the title of my comment. It's been a while since a movie played me like the piano, and Frank Darabont's "The Mist" managed to permanently etch itself into my mind for numerous reasons. But I'll skip most of them and name just one: it has one of the most memorable endings I've ever seen. The whole movie is pretty good, but the ending made it a great one. The last 5 minutes are simply WOW! This is because Darabont manages to easily add a surprising new aspect to the already multi-layered story and is undoubtedly the most powerful one in the whole movie, and it fits the mood of the last act PERFECTLY.

Whatever the reason to change the original book ending was, the director knew exactly what he was doing! He successfully avoided the lame, ambiguous anticlimax of letting the viewer decide the fate of the survivors for him/herself...and I have to admit, I really thought I saw that one coming.

Instead you see exactly what happens and how the story ends. Darabont knew there were already too many things left unexplained as it was, so he concluded what he had at his disposal...the human character. This ending is where I got the inspiration for the title of my comment because that's exactly what "The Mist" taught me! ...this is where I part, dear reader. If you haven't seen "The Mist" yet, you have something to look forward to:)


Despite a captivating half and good acting, "1408" fails to deliver as a unique and original scary movie
Haven't we all seen this somewhere before??? Somebody trying to escape a haunted place, ...c'mon, whoever thinks "1408" is fresh and unique is either a total movie layman or has a short-term memory. There is nothing new here, sure, the acting is pretty good (especially Sam Jackson's character), and the tension at the beginning of the story is great, but is there a law somewhere that clearly states that sometimes all further potential should be flushed down the toilet...I'v seen too many movies that go down a similar road and loose themselves in cliché's and copy/pasting of other movies.

Director Håfström has a great sense of character development and knows how to shot truly captivating dialogs, but whenever there was action instead of drama he became tepid and boring...the second half feels looooong and forgettable.

And some of the scenes in "1408" were truly stupid and Enslin trying to escape the room through the window...most people would first probably try knocking down the door for like two hours before even thinking about pulling a stunt like that, but Enslin is all prepped and ready to go just because the door didn't open the first time he kicked it. Then of course, you have to have the painful memories of seeing a home video and flashbacks from your past (something that in "1408"'s case is so obviously thrown at us beforehand I couldn't stop but just anticipate and expect it) Then there was the matter of lousy effects that made the old victim flashbacks more annoying than amusing.

I hate this movie, not because it's bad (cos it's not, the first half is actually great), but because it's like so many other failed attempts of trying to give us a scare, and also because the only thing I'v heard about it were rave reviews about how unique and horrifying it is.

One Hour Photo

Sy the good guy
Perhaps most people got this movie as a cynical psychological thriller (which it most certainly is), but I was surprised that practically no one mentioned or recognized its truly important constant positiveness and overall moral message.

This picture-like movie to me was a reminder of how good a life I live, of how good I really have it going. It reminded me that I fail to understand and appreciate this on a daily basis, that I fail to recognize that the warmness of my home, the love from people around me and the overall good that is the result of all this, is something I neglect and pay very little attention to. As did the picture-perfect family in this movie. And here is where the true meaning of "One hour photo" lies: it's not a story about a psychotic, neglected and non-social little man that took comfort in pretending to live a different life. It's about showing how even the ones that have it perfect don't always know how much they should be thankful for it...and in some cases even mess it up completely.

The more I think about it, the more I actually see Sy as a sort of personified, flesh & bone guarding angel. The soft and white tones of his hair, clothes, car and apartment further help make my point. When at the end of the movie he actually got into the position where he could have committed a serious crime, he instead punished the swindling couple by giving them both the lesson of their lives and left without a sense of guilt whatsoever. And as crazy as it sounds(even to me at this very moment), he was almost entitled to do what he did. Throughout the whole movie he was the voice of everybody that is less fortunate, of people that suffer through their lives and hope and dream of living a better one (hence his immense obsession with the Yorkins), and he was more than justified to act:

he merely gave a reminder, nothing more and nothing less... ...It's a reminder that I'll need to be taught over and over again: to respect, love and appreciate what I've got.

Kissing the ground I walk on should become my daily habit!:)


The movie I can compare this one the most is definitely "Hard Candy", especially for the very real and possible story, as well as for the immensely brilliant aesthetics and detailed perfection of them both.

Highly recommended, especially on a very laid-back night.


Feeling just slightly sub-par compared to the Pixar "greats"
I'll be quite honest, I think this is definitely Mr Bird's weakest feature film so far, but that's not really saying much since "Ratatouille" is still pretty darn good ( I should also mention that "The Iron Giant" and "The Incredibles" are my favorite animated movies).

Bird's great and very distinctive sense of humor is still here, but not in abundance like I was used to from his previous work, which is probably what I missed the most. "Ratatouille" is luckily faaar superior to last year's "Cars", it's got great visuals and truly incredible voice-overs, but it mysteriously failed to impress me. My best guess is that Mr Bird has so far managed to set the bar so high it simply wasn't possible to go anywhere but down. But not severely, I respect the man for trying different stuff every time, for finding mesmerizing and captivating stories and bringing them to the big screen, and for always having great sense for everything, be it random details, voice actors, character animation.

I hope this movie positively surprises at the box office, so far the buzz has been kind of mixed, which is to be expected since last year's Pixar's weakest and dullest entry "Cars" failed to make an impression.

In the long run I predict "Ratatouille" will be fondly remembered, adored by some, but mostly feeling just slightly sub-par compared to the Pixar "greats". But let's not forget how high their average is;)



If you value your time don't even think about watching this movie
IF you value your time don't even think about watching this movie If YOU value your time don't even think about watching this movie If you VALUE your time don't even think about watching this movie If you value YOUR time don't even think about watching this movie If you value your TIME don't even think about watching this movie If you value your time DON'T even think about watching this movie If you value your time don't EVEN think about watching this movie If you value your time don't even THINK about watching this movie If you value your time don't even think ABOUT watching this movie If you value your time don't even think about WATCHING this movie If you value your time don't even think about watching THIS movie If you value your time don't even think about watching this MOVIE


And it takes a lot to provoke a 1/10 from me!

Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning

(gasp) Aaaaaaw...Timmy, look at the nice lesbian lady, isn't she great
I know I'm probably gonna get a lot of negative votes on this comment, but this was honestly one of the least enjoyable stand-up routines I've ever seen...and I've seen many! So on to my personal reason why I was barely able to watch this till the end:

Ellen to me is like a person in a wheelchair who everybody feels sorry for. Because she got treated badly after she "came out" there's now almost this unwritten obligation and sense of right to applaud to everything she says and does. It's pathetic! I condemn the spiteful reactions towards her coming out & everything, but empathy stops at a certain point. What's happened in Ellen's case is that now her loving and devoted fans are mostly people who've been hurt themselves. So they gobble her every word as if it came from high above...Ellen is to her fans what the AMWAY director is to his devoted fanatical ant workers.

The most she made me was smile on a couple of occasions, but the crowd seemed to want to eat her up. Everything was to-die hysterical to them and I couldn't fathom it. Her material wasn't really bad, but her delivery and timing were painful to watch. She was waaaaay too predictable and what's even worse, she went for the cheapest laughs: " a She" (and the mostly female crowd bursts into applause)

Somewhere towards the end she even steals stuff from other comedians, but by that time I had already begun writing this woeful comment. Why I bothered to watch this till the end I honestly don't know. Maybe it was the empathy in me, trying to want to approve of this woman's comedic skills. She has none!

Robot Chicken: Star Wars

Star Wars...Robot Chicken style
This special's not bad, loved the "yo mama jokes" clip, "pervert Bobba Fett", "Jar Jar" etc, but overall the episode wasn't the surplus I was hoping for. Mostly because out of the 26 minutes almost half of them are clips we've already seen, so since there's only about 13 minutes or so of new material I felt almost, kind of, maybe, a little, well, ripped off. But that's definitely too strong of a word, "Robot Chicken" is one of the best shows ever, and I'd be immensely happy to see the 3rd season come to life. I know the older clips are here simply because they're ripping on Star Wars too, but we've all seen them so many times before that they were really slowing the otherwise great pace. It's like stand-up comedy, once you tell a great joke on TV you really shouldn't repeat it again on a different show, it feels kind of cheap (at least to me). Better to come up with new material and make the show shorter. Ooooooor, make the show so much longer that the stuff you repeat doesn't overtake the new stuff.

I guess THAT'S the point I've been trying to say: Robot Chicken guys, make your shows last longer!!!:)....

But otherwise, this is great fun, and it really shows that these guys have a lot of devotion to the Star Wars world, they even convinced the high and mighty Lucas to help them out. Restecpa!


Microcosmos: Le peuple de l'herbe

...When two brown snails making love looks like one of the most amazing things you've ever seen
That's how good this documentary is! I simply mentioned the snail couple because that particular scene made such a strong impact on me. I never saw more affection and love in the animal world...the two brown snails were, honest to God, kissing. Actually, they were all over each other:)

I find it a little disturbing that some previous posters don't qualify "Microcosmos" as a documentary. I think that it didn't need to narrate and explain what it was about, but it indeed documented something, a part of the beautiful nature that surrounds us. The fact that so little human "presence" is required makes it even more enjoyable and somehow, pure. It is truly mesmerizing and captivating, like watching a beautiful moving painting that relaxes the body and soul. How better to honor nature?

Rear Window

Is this REALLY the best Hitchcock had to offer???
In IMDb's "Top 250" this movie ranks in the top 15, it's Hitchcock's highest ranking movie, so obviously many people see it as an exceptional one. I honestly don't know what all the fuss is about. I was eager to see it and perhaps I was expecting more, but frankly, is that so much to ask from supposedly one of the best movies ever made?

+To not come off as a lover of criticism, I truly have to commend the excellent use of sound effects throughout the movie. I realized on many occasions just how smart and practical the director was in making the outside world truly come into the viewer's life. I even realize how the whole concept of the movie must have been "fresh" back in its day, but here's where the lauding stops.

-I found "Rear Window" as a movie that definitely hasn't passed the test of time. The main set (around which the whole movie revolves) looked really fake...I mean come on, besides the incredibly wide windows that were just convenient enough for a peeping Tom to get a frigging panoramic view of everything, all of the apartments looked like two-dimensional sets from a drama play, even Jefferies's) The plot itself is almost laughable in its simplicity and more so painfully predictable. The first 30 minutes or so nothing much happens, there's a romantic subplot etc etc and when the main, murder plot comes into focus I simply realized there wasn't enough time left for it to turn anything BUT murder. So the supposed "thrill" of the movie mystery never even got to me.

I read that the scene where the murderer returns to the apartment and finds Lisa snooping around is apparently a "classic". LOL!!! The whole time I couldn't stop but wonder why Jimmy frigging Stewart didn't jump from his chair and limp like crazy to that apartment!!!?!!? All he could do was cling his teeth. Now that's love for you;)

Overall, way to many subplots and no real plot. Decent acting. Great sound but poorly-made sets. Bad ending. Bad premise actually. Not Hitchcock's finest moment. Honeslty, it's one of his weakest ones!

And just a personal observation that I find rather amusing: If the pianist was heard all the way to Jefferies's apartment, wouldn't any of the other residents ever get pi**ed at him for always playing that piano??;)

The Number 23

Not exploited enough
Like this year's "Next" with Nicholas Cage I can't stop but feel this movie had so much more to offer. Although the execution of the movie was somewhat superior to "Next", they both follow a really similar storyline AND they both failed to use what was laying around their backyards.

I missed those goose-bumpy feelings, the ones I get when something falls so perfectly into place that it simply couldn't have been done any better...after all "The number 23" is a thriller, and the 3rd act is always the most important...Sadly, the end result is too Hollywood for my taste, the idea of somebody writing a book and forgetting about it is pretty interesting, but it could have been done much better.

I missed more explanation behind the "infamous" number 23 itself, how it came to be, why it would pop out on every corner of human history etc, after all the movie revolves around it, and the whole ordeal simply felt just like an excuse to make a story for a movie...Sadly, it remained so throughout the whole movie.

I missed more of Jim Carrey's book narration, to me the absolute best part of this movie was when he starts reading it and narrates us through the author's words...that's when the movie really got my attention...Sadly, the remainder of the book doesn't come anywhere near these moments and looks and feels like about a gazillion other popular movies with flashbacks.

A movie, that like "Next" could have been a masterpiece had it been done 20-40 years ago by a more daring crew of filmmakers, a movie that like "Next" failed to explore the very interesting topic it imposes on us (quite stupid really) and a movie, that like "Next" bombed at the Box office....Destiny...?;)

MY MORAL OF THE STORY: A potentially good story for a movie is surprisingly rare to come by these days. The right people should know that it should be treated with the utmost care by a far superior director


Had potential to be a cult classic, not merely a forgettable action movie
Do you sometimes know exactly what you would change somewhere and KNOW that it would work better because of this? That's the explanation of my title for this comment. "Next" should have been at least 30 minutes longer, should have evolved "Cris Johnson" more (especially the introductory flashes, those were the best), should have made a much bigger emphasis on the love story and should have had a bigger or smarter action climax (the one with the nuclear bomb exploding). The idea of the story in my opinion had much more to offer than it did. This movie could have been poetic, mesmerizing and smarter..I'm talking best picture Oscar here. It wound up being a forgettable summer action flop.

It truly is a blessing finding a good movie these days.

Happy Feet

The last 1/3 sadly leaves an unnecessary bitter-sweet flavor
The first and the second act of the movie (the first being Mumble thinking he's not worthy of staying in his flock, and the second one restoring his self-confidence) were a pleasant surprise to me, since the trailer failed miserably to impress me. Light, fluffy, and funny, "Happy Feet" succeeds in bringing new atmosphere to the usually "by-the-book" storytelling in today's animation...and it does so with what could barely be called a plot...but I certainly can't hold that against the movie because it manages to entertain nonetheless, plus the animation looked really nice.

There were some moments when I found the musical portion highly annoying, but at others it gave me goose bumps, so I'm pretty evened-out on this element of the movie, although the idea was at least fresh.

However the last 20 minutes slow the pace, try to quickly inflict us with a feeling of guilty conscience and remorse (which they do), and then without at least ending what it starts on a high moral note, or any explanations, for that matter, it quickly wraps up the charade. It all feels terribly forced and unnecessary (albeit the topic of human pollution is one that "shouldn't" be overlooked) and had the movie just glanced at some of those serious topics it would have probably made a greater impact. But in this case I was left pondering if I just saw a light-hearted family movie that unsuccessfully squeezed-in some serious elements, or a failed attempt at a moral lecture that was sadly turned into a joy-ride.

(2006) hell of a movie experience - If you know what to expect!
If you know that "300" is based on a graphic novel, if you know that that comic book itself was directly inspired by true and truly "inspiration-worthy" events that took place in Greece some 2500 years ago, then you're almost certainly in for a big treat. If, however, you'll resent the sometimes imaginative touches and elements in this movie for not being hardcore historically accurate then I suggest you leave "300" for another day.

The rest, hopefully, should be history...and as incredible as the true last-stand at Thermopilae already was, the fact that this movie, as grand and epic as is, for the most part remains surprisingly faithful to the actual facts, is indeed worth a praise. After reading "300" graphic novel series I subjectively conclude that Frank Miller's comic served Mr. Snyder more as a guide, and not as the goal. The movie skillfully uses the rather spartanesquely scant, yet powerfully written comic but also manages to integrate novelties to even further commemorate the legacy that the military state of Sparta has left behind. There's further reading to be found in places like wikipedia and it's more than worth your time...I can only laugh at accusations regarding the movie and current political affairs, but to each his own.

What Zack Snyder's "300" managed to do is combine the absolute best of both the pure historical facts (the legacy of Spartans) and historically-inspired fiction (the "300" novels) to bring the mother of war stories to the big screen. He knew exactly how to do it, made the best use of every scene and moments, carefully steered away from pathetic ones, found one hell of a "Leonidas" and gave the most courageous last-stand in history just the right dose of magic to turn it into a unbelievable and unique tale...whoever knows what the REAL "300" did knows what I'm trying to was them who performed the real magic.

A great testosterone movie that surprisingly pays true homage to bravery, honor and glory.


Neither entertaining nor meaningful
"Babel" demands a lot of energy from the viewer but it doesn't even try to return the favor. I found it exhausting and depressing and painfully meaningless: Three stories that don't seem connected at first glance basically end up staying that way...there's merely small references here and there that supposedly bind them together, but sadly there's no real point to even portraying any of these 3 stories in the first place. They are merely sad segments of different people's lives in different situations...a sarcastic "wow".

It can easily be compared to "Crash": you have similar storytelling and a similar concept of different lives that change dramatically in a specific moment in time, so the ending intentionally doesn't make any conclusions and doesn't answer questions...that's left to us. So far so good. But "Crash" I think had something to say, whereas "Babel" struggles to scrap its content.

I couldn't have cared less for any of the characters and I was glad when the charade was over (I was constantly skipping through the .torrent file as well). "Babel" can't really be labeled a bad film but it's a poor man's "Crash" or "21 grams" (sorry, haven't seen "Amores Perros" yet) wannabe.

Tu pa tam

Mitja Okorn gives "established" Slovenian directors a run for their money
I don't really care how long in took to make it nor how much this movie cost (but the low amount during a 4 year span is praise-worthy nonetheless), what "Tu Pa Tam" managed to do is come off looking rather professionally made (a term rarely found in the world of Slovenian production), and more importantly it successfully implemented some really cool shots, cinematography and editing to give it a distinct mark. The acting and the dialogues in the script are pretty natural (which is "extremely good" in our somewhat clumsy language) so definitely kudos and a big round of applause to Mitja Okorn & co. The movie, and the famous Slovenian actors & celebrities that were popping up here and there were also a really nice and unexpected touch.

This movie certainly won't make you into a Dalia-lama but if you're in the mood for a fast-paced crime action movie that successfully shows that influences such as Tarantino, Scorsese & Richie can be great influences...then definitely give it a go;)

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

My expectations were too high
I can't remember the last time I had such anticipation for something, the closest that I can describe it was when I was 12 years old, all pumped up and waiting for the Ninja turtles movie to come to the cinema. I've been a great fan of Sacha Baron's crazy comedy and especially Borat. I've watched the two Borat trailers over and over and over again like a madman, laughing just as much and pushing the bar of expectations higher and higher each time. Then I saw the IMDb rating and knew it was a done deal-I was going to p*ss my pants watching a movie in the cinema...

I am deeply saddened that this was definitely not the case:( I will not go into details, because frankly, it pains me I didn't like this movie as much as I'd hoped. It pains me I actually dozed off for a couple of minuted towards the end, that's how unamused I was. I don't know what happened, all I know is that I will reduce my cinema visits even further.

I'd like to finish off by saying that I truly hope Sacha makes more Borat clips and unforgettable comic moments, I don't want it to end on a low note.


What a great piece of cinema...NOT!!!!
Oh dear God! (and please take into account that I'm not a religious person) This movie blew harder than Tera Patrick. I mostly skipped through it and somehow it still seemed tedious and long. Somebody should have stopped letting Wolfgang make movies about 10 years ago, back then he still had some juice left in him. How can somebody make one of THE BEST movies of all time (who's the one and only James Bond, you figure it out) and this...this vile piece of junk. I haven't posted a movie review in a very long time, but I guess incredibly bad movies were always my weak spot for this...despite the fact that particularly they deserve the least of anybody's time. Josh Lucas, your name is like an omen for terrific box-office results even in pre-production, I would stay away from you like the you were the plague. Kurt Russell, you can't manage to act anything else out of you besides Kurt Russell and the rest of the main protagonists hopefully just needed the money- certainly everybody else knew this was going to sink harrrDDD, so the biggest question regarding this crap arises: Why even bother??? I've just saved myself half an hours worth of bashing and puking over this %#@*, it took great mental effort to focus my energy into something else.

Just stay away from this movie, for your own good

Richard Jeni: A Big Steaming Pile of Me

Harmless fun
I couldn't agree more with a post about this stand-up show, it was a nice one hour escapism, but rather unmemorable and plain. Richard Jeni even pointed out how he was going to p** off all kinds of people, but I can't imagine the jokes being more bland, especially considering the tabu stuff that he stuck his nose into. I've never seen Jeni perform before, so I can't possibly give an objective opinion on his stand-up routines, but he striked me as a comedian who has decent, if not even rather good jokes, but perhaps fails to realize their potential when he delivers them. Too monotone for my taste, but still better than average.


2005 MTV Movie Awards

Pretty great, actually
I saw these MMA's today (yes, muy tarde) and must say I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the show. Was it the dark lit stage or the, wait, it was because there were frigging proper celebrities around to present/give out awards. Comparing it to the 2006 MMA's which I saw a couple of days ago shouldn't even be allowed, it's a totally different league. Most of the awards went to the rightful winners, but Lindsay Lohan is one over-hyped, over-publicized & talked about and definitely uber under-talented ho. Her receiving the best female performance award was too big a slap on the face. The Cruise/Holmes award thing didn't fool anybody, it was merely an excuse to see if he kisses her or something...which by the way never happened. Loved everything else though...memorable moments by Dustin Hoffman (who convinced everybody that people over 60 don't have to be "old"), the best kiss winners, Samuel L., and some wicked wicked singing and drumming from Foo Fighters. All in all easily above my expectations, especially considering recent (and sadly future) MMA's. Known and respected movie stars, a great host, funny parodies of movies and many unforgettable moments.

Don't be fooled by the shockingly low ratings here on IMDb (who the hell voted anyway), the 2005 MMA's have just improved the overall terrible streak of MMA's for the last 5 odd years.

2006 MTV Movie Awards

Well, it's official
The MTV Movie Awards now officially suck a**. The show was just full of surprises, but the biggest one was just reflecting back on past shows and seeing to what this year's awards have reduced into. It almost makes me feel too old or something (am I'm 24!!!),reflecting on the good olé days, but boy, do people not know how to have serious fun anymore??? ...apparently just the word serious stuck around. If I'd be in charge of the show and if any winner thanked any non-fictional person I'd personally ban them for three years from the show as a penalty for being such stiffs:)

The awards have become a cheap man's Oscar. With a slight difference. The sarcasm in virtually every acceptance speech was apparent more than ever before, it's just that this year the celebrities really started taking it the wrong way. It was either bashing somebody or thanking The Lord All Mighty. Jesus didn't help you get the popcorn award so just enjoy the ridiculous yet cool moment of getting the award and say something funny in return...A**hole:)

Screw that, where's the fun? Where's the laughs??? Where's the atmosphere that everybody just came to have the BEST time and chill da freak out! Not even those funny parodies stuck around. They really went cheap-ass this year and just made some really cheap-looking sets and just played out some truly bad "parodies" with jokes that never caught on. Personally, I liked the King Kong bit the best, but that's because that was the only one with actual scenes from the actual movie. Jessica Alba was actually pretty decent as the host, not just pretty. I appreciate how she went all the way and didn't care she made fun of herself. I liked the slick cartoony intro to the show, the Rebeca Romjin Famke Jannsen bit, the Gnarles Barkley performance and Jake Gylenthall's, Steve Carell's and Jim Carrey's award speeches respectively, but virtually everything else spelled mediocrity and lameness. Thank God for those known faces that stuck around, even this show's turning into hip-hop crap with faces I've never seen before.

Please get a a grip MTV, you've seriously lost your touch of unpredictability, style and most importantly, fun!

Are We Changing Planet Earth?

Am I the only one who thinks this movie's alarming message is perhaps too late?
Want to know what your future has in store?

Have you tried asking yourself a different question?........ "What does my children's CHILDREN's future have in store for them?"...or how about "What does MY CHILDREN's future have in store for Them?"... "Will I be able to cope with the environmental changes already taking place?" "Does my future come with a time warranty?"... "Will I die of natural causes?"... "Can we count natural disasters as natural causes?"


Have you ever even stopped to wonder how YOU are affecting the global warming of our planet? If so, have you done anything even remotely drastic about it, preferably reducing it? If you already have grandchildren, can you predict how many times during the course of their lifetime their lives will be under serious threat because of air pollution, natural disasters, water shortage and UV rays? Will they die of skin cancer? ...Will you?

I didn't know the overall average temperature of the entire world rose from the year 1900 up to 2005 by just 0.6 degrees Celcius, did you??? That really doesn't seem anywhere near as terrible as to call it life-threatening, does it?? In fact, how can a change so remote, averaging less that one, One! degree Celsius, create environmental mutation on such a global scale? …Ever heard of the term "action-reaction"? Does it even matter that we (people) are responsible for this? Why in the world isn't there more, MORE!!!!! done about stopping, changing and reversing all the bad we've caused into good again, and can you spare me the strong oil lobbies this time? Can we even do it? …"Why in the world", there's something truly twisted and abstractly oximoronic in using this phrase, huh?

I sound like a smart ass with my fancy lingo, don't I? Can you predict by which year the terms "green house effect" and natural disaster" will be spoken out loud more frequently than "oil", "electricity", "car" and "plastic" combined? Do you think people that have made a fortune from destroying the world sleep well? Do you count the current president of USA among them? Ever noticed any kind of information about wind power and energy stored in oceans? I bet you've noticed these question marks, haven't you

No, I didn't forget to put one there at the end, I still want your undivided attention for a couple of seconds more!

What? Have you not been depressed and saddened enough by now? Are you waiting for me to say something else?? If you've read up to HERE then I hope you also know you should, in your own special way say something as well. And better not waste a lot of time!!!;)


My strange interpretation
WOW, having the privilege to read other's people input on movies here on IMDb makes such a huge difference, especially for movies like "Spider"...

Well, the way I understood the movie really made me wonder what I was doing yesterday night while watching it, I'm rarely this far off. But since mostly everybody agrees on one particular version of the story, here's mine, just for kicks:)

Spider's dad starts having an affair with Yvonne. When his loving wife accidentally discovers the affair he, it the heat of the moment, kills her. YES, THUS FAR I AGREE WITH YOU, WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING! It was even freakishly incoherent while watching the movie, but I went along with it since Gabryiel Byrne's character seemed irresponsible and lacking respect for his family. But it all fit perfectly from here on, so please read on, who knows, it might even make sense to you too.

So OK, kills the wife, buries her, tries to convince the son that the local hooker is his mom (irresponsible and lacking empathy remember), and fails to do so. The son knows what his dad did, of course despises the hooker because she has no respect for him and then successfully kills her with CO2 emissions from the stove. But the fact that he killed her eats away his sanity, he's so out of it he literally goes insane and starts sticking his thumb up his ass (sorry for elaborating here, the movie doesn't explain those freaky fingers)

OK, so far so goo...well, you decide, myself I think I went mad for those two hours yesterday as well... He goes to some nut house, gets released to live in another nut house. The woman in charge is so abusive and disrespectful she starts reminding him of the hooker so eventually she becomes the hooker in his mind. He gets a hold of those keys and tries to kill her off for good (OK OK, it does sound ridiculous) and gets caught in the process. As soon as the woman wakes up and asks his what he's doing he realizes it's not the hooker and well, that's kind of it actually.

I thought this movie was ultra pointless, because what you've just read.........................hello, anybody still here....well, to the lucky person who's just wasted 3 minutes of his life..........................made no sense at all.

I need to see this movie again so I can up the grade, wanted to give it a 6 (for shere performance of the actors) but it sounds like an 8 at this point.

7/10 - to be on fair grounds

The Green Mile

And so we wept
"The Green Mile" is an emotional bomb that leaves a mark, just as John Coffey did. Frank Darabont's masterful direction proves once again how much he cares for his characters, it's them that always make the good stories in movies. Just enough of magic to make a head turn, just enough reality to make a head bow, and more emotions than we can afford or deserve, "The Green Mile" left me sobbing and feeling for every good soul in that movie, I simply couldn't help it. Perhaps it was meant to be, I seriously needed to shed a tear after the week I've just had.

Simply put, this movie is need-to-watch material for every quality movie fan! 9/10

Underworld: Evolution

The evolution was minor
Didn't really enjoy this sequel very much, just the fact that it was the sequel to the superb "Underworld" made it worth while. Apart from the really nice sex scene there truly isn't much that in any way improved the original. Every character from there is either dead or winds up dead after 2 minutes of screen time. And that's the biggest flaw this movie makes, it gets really impersonal, less than 15 actors are in it altogether and I don't care for anybody except for Selena. She's still fabulous and is the blue-eyed latex queen of them all. Not really sure if it's worth a try if you liked the original as much as I did, but "Evolution" won't really let you down either.


George Carlin: Complaints & Grievances

Funny sh*t
George's been around almost long enough to personally know who wrote the 10 commandments, yet this man is relentless in the energetic way he delivers his lines. Perhaps a parallel line with Bill Hicks could be drawn, as both individuals have a great fondness of smart educated intellectuals who are open-minded enough to understand both their jokes, but more importantly-their true message. Comedians truly are the most powerful and effective philosophers of our time, and laughing at something and thinking about it seriously at the same time is something not to be taken too lightly. I am a fan of George Carlin, he thinks out of the box and at times delivers profound revelations to further educate his "crowd".

Right on, my granddad, right on 8/10

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