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Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

*This might be counted as a spoiler*
Well, it was good, but there are a couple of things that could have been better.

1. They made this movie waaaaaaay to early. It canceled in 2002 and only came uncanceled in 2005 when they made this. The Simpsons movie was made after 20 years of airing the show.

2. The plot was hard to understand. I mean, Stewie was in the present and future. I'm not gonna explain. If you haven't seen it you would not get it at all.

3. Stewie is 1, right? Then he goes 30 years in time, but people say that he's 35, right? So if its 30 years ahead, he'd only be 31, right? It makes no sense. But no matter.

Well, i liked the movie. Its about $20 dollars here in Canada. Its cheap. I would suggest it to anyone who likes odd humor.

Madeline: My Fair Madeline

A good show for aged 2-8
Well, i just stopped watching this video with my Cousins (aged 4 and 6) I must say, it has an interesting plot. It's about Madeline and her 11 friends going to the Louvre, and Madeline, of course, makes a mess of the joint. So, they Send her to London to go to finishing school. There she makes an Enemy (Emma) She also uncovers a plot for a couple to Steal the Royal Ceptar, the same couple who tried to Steal the Mona Lisa from the Louvre back in Paris. So, yeah, thats about it. The plot is cute enough, my cousins enjoyed it, and i lived. Its a cute little show that i rate 5/10. Enjoy!

P.S. Some of the stuff might be difficult to understand for like, baby's. So yeah. C-Ya!

Madeline: Lost in Paris

Kind of Boring...
Madeline: Lost in Paris, Eh? First off, Its for kids aged 4-8, maybe 9. I had this when i was little, and i watched it today because i wuz bored. I wuz alone, though. I have just finished watching it, and i must say, its a little boring, but, well, its for kids age 4-9, so, what can i expect? The songs were a little catchy, (in an annoying way) So anyway, it shows about 5 new songs, one sining about familys, another for the grown ups entertainment done by the girls etc. So anyway, if you have little kids aged 4-8, i'd suggest this movie. If you cant find it on the shelfs or in a bargain bin for 5 bucks, i'd go on E-bay or Amazon. So yeah, thats about it.

Recess: School's Out

I used to like this movie, but when i tried to watch it today, i could only sit still for half of it! Its boring, and its for kids aged 4-9. I'm sorry, Recess fans, but whats true is true. I give it a 1/10 because its a bad film. However, i have nothing against the series. But anyway, the music is old and bad. I mean, what wuz the point of the song incents and peppermint's? God! Well, i don't agree with anyone who likes this movie. That plot is lame and the voices are too deep. And you barely see Spinelli or Mikey or Gretchen or Gus or Vince. You only see TJ, who i never liked. Well, I'm gonna let you go read other comments now, so, yeah.

The Simpsons Movie

EXCELLENT! (Spoiler for Simpsons Fans under 10)
Way to go, Matt Groening! The brutal wait from November 2006-July 27, 2007, was completely worth it! I saw it opening night, and IT WAS PACKED! Also, you could barely hear it because of so much laughter! But people had a reason to laugh! You couldn't stop laughing at one joke before you start laughing at another! But thats a reason why i liked it! I have 2 favourite parts, both i think are the funniest. But since its only been out for 2 days, i wont say anything. But even though its really funny, it has a reason for being rated PG-13. There's a lot of violence, dangerous stunts and a bit of nutidy. If your under 10, maybe you should wait a year or 2 before you see this movie. Well, don't just sit there reading this comment. GO SEE IT!'

P.S. I don't give it 10 i give it 15.

Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade

Recess taking the fifth grade
Recess taking the fifth grade was a great show! I loved it. The voices were different, but 2 me, as long as there is Recess shows, the voices don't matter at all. The first part was about TJ protesting against the school board of education. It was okay. The second part was a secret club for grade 5 and 6 graders only. The show was funny. The 3 and last part was Halloween. Spinelli decides she is to old trick or treat, so she stays at home. Then TJ, Mikey and everyone goes out by them selves, and thinks they outgrew it too after a while. Fans of the TV series will love this show. Any way, the best parts were when Spinelli went to the pumpkin patch, when Spinelli set the rest of the gang up, and when at the end TJ stopped and waved good bye from the door, and Miss Finster sighed and slammed it in his face. I thought it was funny because on the TV introduction, just before the show starts, TJ waves to the audience and Miss Finster slams it in his face. This show was so funny! Its the best recess show ever! So go and watch it!

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