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Moral Court

Good Court Show!
This was actually a good court show. It was kind of a game show/court show. I like Judge Larry Elder because he was actually a nice guy and acted like he cared. He wasnt like a normal TV Judge where they just sit there and yell, he was really nice. I am so sad FOX took this show off.


One of the best game shows!
I love this show. I hope they didn't cancel it. It is such a smart show. It is even fun to play along with. Please don't cancel this great show! I think it is now on at 4am on USA. I give it 10/10. Watch this show!

Watching Ellie

Great and Cleaver Show!
This show is a great original show. Its not like other shows where one episode can take place in a week. It actually shows a clock at the bottom of the screen and shows what she goes through in that 22 minutes. The first episode the timer represented how much time she had left until she had to sing at a club. You shows alot that she has to go through in 22 minutes. Like the first one where she has he toilet overflow, her neighbor gets knocked unconcious while trying to help, she has to find a doctor which is really a vet, she has to get dressed and get to the club with only 6 minutes to spare. I totally recommend this show. 10 out of 10 stars.

That '80s Show

All I can say is one word "Hilarious!"
I saw that show the first day it came out and taped it. I didnt think it would be as good as it was. I watched it about 10 times it was so good. I couldnt stop laughing. I think That 70's Show is good but this is hilarious. I give the show 10/10 stars. I recommend this show to everyone. It was as good as The Tick but they cancelled that. I hope this show makes it and I think it will because I read it had really high ratings. It was a really great show.

Crossing Jordan

This show is wonderful!
I saw this show just last night and I wasnt exspecting much but I have to tell you it was very good. I just watched Law and Order with her in it right before the show started and I thought it wont make it. I thought it would never be as good as Law and Order but I was wrong. This show is a little easier to understand. Its not all Drama, there is alot of humor in it. I think Jill Hennessy is a very pretty girl. She is coroner in it and she try's to investigate how the person died. She gets advice from her dad who used to have that job. I definitly recommend this show! I give it 10 stars out of 10. I will watch this show every week. Great show! Matt, CA

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