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A good rendition of what's to come
Interesting movie but the essence of it was much exaggerated to almost a caricaturised degree. The action is solid but the characters are very weak and light minded. Hope to see a remake that will more accurately portray the underlying spirit of the archetypes from which the movie was inspired. It's good to see good chemistry between the characters of the movie but I believe that was only added for artistic reasons. There are a lot of things I would add to this review but I think keeping it brief increases its reach. Overall I am feeling hopeful for a continuation of the series with different reworked characters with a better ending. Happy new era everyone.

Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach

Great comedy
I enjoyed this movie very much and i think that this is a classic Sean William Scot movie. I admit that some bits of the movie have been done before and there are a lot of clichés in it. The movie really could have used some new jokes.... I really wasn't expecting more than what i have seen in the last comedies of Sean William Scot and in some way it met my expectation. Also i think that Sean William Scot didn't perform at his best and sometimes the acting wasn't that great. For people who are looking for something more than a funny movie i advice them to look somewhere else.

I rate it 7/10 because it could have been better.

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