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Should be a History Channel Documentary!
Even Clinton's inside cronies marveled at just HOW accurately he was portrayed here, which is why I call it a documentary. I read the book first, and the movie is at least as good. I remember when John Travolta MADE NEWS because he went to President Clinton and ASKED PERMISSION first to portray him in such negative light! Can you imagine?

This movie is key, KEY, to understanding our most recent criminal president, Slick Willy. They should show it on the History Channel!

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

A social icon!
Yes, I admit to really liking these guys when they were popular in the last Century. Oh, man, I could do the best Butt-Head Laugh, and I still catch myself going "Are you threatening me?", "You Dumba**!" and "UH-hhhh, huh huh, I don't know." sometimes. Well, I loved it then, and now, well, I watched it recently and it is still good, but I found myself yearning for an episode of Aeon Flux to be on after the movie was over. Instead, I popped the tape out and a rerun of King Of The Hill Was on!......The truth is out there...

40 gradi all'ombra del lenzuolo

Being part Sicilian didn't help me understand this! B+
Wacky! Boobies and some girlbutt, one full frontal shot. No guyparts.

A set of skits that it helps to understand Italian humor. One scene though, where Marty Feldman is in the pool with his 'version' of a periscope, is HILARIOUS! ;o)


perfect in all respects. Like Reagan.
Get it? Everyone voted for Reagan (TWICE!), then made fun of him for eight years, and only now are people beginning to realize what a phenomenal president he was. I SAY, reading these lackey pooh-pooh reviews that slam Cameron for his ego, slam the script, and slam DiCaprio, that you all are just repeating history. You can't stand it when a truly GREAT cinematic opera is placed before you. Go ahead, pan it now that the 'hype' is all over! Shoot the wounded! Have your fun.

Because history will cast 'Titanic' in it's true form - a modern day operatic romance (for the ladies and girls) telling the historically accurate tale of the famed ship (for the guys), by weaving created characters through the events that changed the modern world at the time.

Don't like DiCaprio? - Go get a job acting and do better! Winslet's boobies and sex scene immoral? - DON'T WATCH IT THEN! Cameron's ego? - You are just jealous of his bank account. The man oozes talent! Cheezy lines? - Find a movie without them. Or better yet, then YOU try to write one without them! Oh, and everyone else gets to judge your work! So shut up if don't like Titanic (now). You did then, and your grandchildren will later. DEAL!

I was in 4th grade when I learned of the Titanic. I read books, built models, saw all the crappy movies about it (and there were many!), have every possible coffee-table book about her, and cried when she was found by Ballard in 1985. A guy. I cried. Now, along comes Cameron using a vehicle near to my heart. Using modern effects, better than the original Star Wars, and faithful to the events of the night by 99.999 percent. Do I try to find fault? No, I simply wept throughout the movie. The tragedy, the loss of life. Yes, sometimes I see the 'nerfing' of the deck, and the dummies, CG's etc. But I still cry every time I watch it. It's so emotional an experience for me I have to limit myself to once a year, just to take it all in.

You panners of Titanic, you are missing the point of the tragedy. A true tragedy, worse than most any modern day loss of life event (except Sept. 11), yet James Cameron brought love, renewed life spirit, and passion into it. The man is a MASTER, the movie, a masterpiece.

Still Don't believe me? Go watch "Raise The Titanic". Compare, then come tell me Titanic was overblown! ...Trolls...


Campy musical Underscore, BUT.....
Why is it that in the 70's they even underscored DOCU-Drama's with that campy musical underscore???? UGH!

Having said that, this film contains what I consider to be the BEST coverage of several disasters, namely, the Hindenburg. I have watched entire programs on cable devoted to just that ill-fated zeppelin that did not contain the amount of footage and detail here! I think as we move farther from an event, we tend to soundbyte everything; try to crunch it down to three sentances. Call it revisionist history if you want, it just stinks. This movie was great because it was 'closer' to the events that it chose to cover. I liked it a lot.

Rap Master Ronnie: A Report Card

A Political Satire gone horribly wrong...
See, I actually REMEMBER break-dancing to this song with my cardboard and boom-box (nee 'Ghetto Blaster') in 1984. Back then it was cute, poking fun at Reagan who was rapping to try to get more of the black vote for his re-election bid. If Gary Trudeau has made this today, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have protested and boycotted Doonsbury, the comic strip that Gary writes! But we are discussing the video here.....

It is a campy, musical/sketch oriented video follow-up to the song released in 1984 (mentioned above), by the Doonsbury Break Crew. Depicts the former Commander In Chief as a complete bumbler, a bigot, a man only out for the rich, and a manipulator of facts. It has a definite bent against Reagan.

For instance, we saw a skit about how he supposedly couldn't remember the Iran-Contra affair, but yet there was no skit about him taking down the Russian Empire with his Stratejic Defense Initiative plan. This would have made a great sketch, if they had done it, but one gets the feeling that Gary Trudeau (the writer), wanted us to despise Reagan, not like him.

The movie has some great songs - Notably "Counting, counting, counting", which is hilarious! That sketch alone is the best part of the whole video! But if you like Reagan, be prepared to see an opposing viewpoint!

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