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Ratched: Got No Strings
Episode 6, Season 1

First bad episodes
Ignores the themes and threads set in previous episodes. Whoever wrote and/or directed this one has no idea how to tell a story.

Too Young to Die?

Don't be deceived by the cast, this movie is crap
I understand the intentions of the producers, they wanted to show to the viewers, that there was a few kids that have been charged with murder and put to death penalty... but that is only theoretical truth, on this page you can see all the people punished with death sentence, for the crime they've committed, when they were under aged... as you can see all the defendants were 17, not 14, when they committed the crime... And by the time they were killed, years have past. 4ex, Joseph Cannon had waited 21 years for the crime he committed, when he was 17, and i'm sure he made a lot more terrible things by the time he was 38. So i think that it is bullshit, trying to soften the viewer, by showing this 14 year old putted to death, cause it will never happen in a normal country.

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