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Doc Martin

Series finale - what a letdown!
Well, I waited in anticipation of the series finale only to be left with a cliffhanger! Sure, this leaves open the possibility of a new season on another network (Netflix? A&E? Sky?) or movie (hopefully better than the first two) but I'm not holding my breath. A real letdown after one of the best TV series ever!

Never Say Never Again

Simply the worst
I just watched this again for the second time in 35 years. This is definitely the worst Bond movie ever...... almost on par with "our man flint"!

Thunderball still is exciting and fresh after 55 years...... why they ever felt the need to re-do this I'll never know (well, I do so please don't waste space here repeating the awful story).

Tin Star

What a disappointment!
I watched the first season of this series and, depite a couple of quirky turns, quite enjoyed it. I was so looking forward to the second season. What a disappointment! The story lline sounded like it had been written by three writers who didn't talk to eash other throughout. Flashbacks, flashforwards (( a tell tale sign of a desperate writer), disjointed and discontinous plots, gratuitous violence and the obligatory (though weak) cliffhanger.

I may of may not watch the third season.

The Equalizer

Great show, great actor, wrong actor.........
I loved this show and I loved Edward Woodward as "Callan". He would have been phenomenal in the Equalizer........ when he was 15-20 years younger. Unfortunately, he was really just too old to be the tough guy battling crooks and thugs on this show.

Enjoy it, just don't take it too seriously. Denzel is also approaching retirement for this role, too. Hopefully, the Equalizer II will be his last.

First Among Equals

Nostalgic look back at British politics in the 1960s
A low budget studio production of Jeffrey Archer's book "first among equals". Takes place in Britain in the mid 1960s and you could be forgiven for thinking it was actually filmed back then, rather than 20 years later. After all the political shenanigans and backstabbing en route, a rather poignant ending. Worth a watch if you can find it.

Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars

Simply awful
I can't believe they spent more than $50 on the computer graphics for this movie. Like a poorly done first person shooter from the 90s. Story bland. Total waste of time.

Watch the original - it's a classic. Don't bother with any of the sequels.

Strike Back

Took a while to really get into the show but I'm glad I persevered. Scott and Stonebridge couldn't be more different, complementing each other perfectly. The stories are contemporary and believable and, aside from a couple of gaffs (this isn't real life after all) one of the most enjoyable shows I've seen in a long time.

I thought it funny to have an Australian playing an American and an American playing a Brit - they pulled it off pretty well, though.

Mickey Dunne

Benign 60's British drama/comedy based on the movie Alfie
Story of a young cockney lad struggling to make it in mid-60's Britain. Heavily influenced (maybe too heavily) by Michael Caine's character, Alfie. Shown over the summer of 1967, and later in the evening because of some (then) risqué content, it only lasted 14 weeks. A victim of the BBC's early videotape debacle, being erased along with many other early-mid 60's TV shows in order to save a buck on reusable media!

Produced by John Frankau it included some famous guest stars of the day - Liz Fraser, Charles Tingwell, Nigel Davenport, Jack Watling, Imogen Hassell, Clive Dunn, Ray Brooks, Judy Geeson, John Scott-Martin, Jennie Linden, Georgina Hale, Ronald Radd, Jack Woolgar, John Junkin, Isla Blair, Glyn Houston, Dudley Foster, Nosher Powell, Patsy Ann Noble, Anna Carteret, George Pravda, Denise Coffey, Desmond Llewellyn, Judy Cornwell, and Johnny Briggs.

High Risk

A 25 year old sleeper!
This is a great movie for 30-40-50-somethings and anyone who remembers Borgnine, Coburn and Quinn (probably won't appeal to the youngest generation - they won't get it). Great performances from James Brolin, Bruce Davidson, Cleavon Little, Chick Vennera and Lindsay Wagner. Cameo appearances from Ernest Borgnine , James Coburn and Anthony Quinn. Pretty much non-stop, roller-coater action from the get-go and it just keeps building up until the very end. Best of all is the ending. I won't spoil it, but you don't often get a drama/action movie with a such a happy ending. And that final quirk!? Watch it - highly recommended! Be warned, however, that the DVD transfer is absolutely awful.

Life for Ruth

Wonderful movie about a father's conflict between his daughter's wellbeing and his religious beliefs.
Location scenes at the beginning at Marsden with the (now gone) Marsden Pit Village and Souter Point Lighthouse in background. Typically good performance by Patrick McGoohan as a zealous, if misguided, physician. Excellent performance by Michael Craig playing a father torn between his love for his daughter and his religious belief. Disappointing performance by Janet Munro coming off her starring role in "Derby O'Gill and the Little People".

Craig refuses a life-saving blood transfusion for his daughter who is injured in a boating accident and she dies from her injuries. McGoohan spurs a legal investigation and Craig is brought to trial for the manslaughter of his daughter. Amazing how ones prejudices change from the beginning of the movie to the end! In a climactic ending, Craig is found innocent of manslaughter but renounces his innocence and tries to commit suicide.

The tone of the movie is highlighted by the dreariness of the early '60's working class lifestyle in the Northeast of England, a dreariness accentuated by the black and white filming.

"His action - guilty as hell; his reason - innocent as heaven itself."

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