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The Great American Dream Machine

Marshall Efron's consumer reports
My family (me + wife + two young daughters) were living in Tricky Dick's D.C. when we watched EVERY episode of this remarkable series. Funny, informative, irreverent, radical, brilliant!

I found this IMDb historical record, following a link in the extended cast of City Island. Marshall Efron's name leaped off the screen as I watched the City Island cast credits. He was one of my heroes of the 70's because of The Great American Dream Machine.

Here's a fond memory, which is not really a spoiler because it appears none of us will have the opportunity to see these wonderful shows again:

Marshall did regular product reviews. My favorite was a demonstration of a home trash compactor, which he ended with, "Only in American can you get people to pay $200 for a machine that turns 20 pounds of trash into 20 pounds of trash."

No Nukes

Best concert film of all time!
Granted, Bruce is amazing and is the audience hit of the show. But the shining stars for me are James Taylor, Carly Simon, John Hall & Graham Nash singing "The Times They Are A-Changin" and "Power" (adding Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Brown, David Crosby & Stephen Stills).

The music is top-notch, the message is still relevant, and the backstage footage adds great depth to the experience.

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