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Entertaining summer blockbuster with some flaws
I'll keep this short, because people don't want to read long posts.

Here goes:

The good:

+ Visuals, stunning.

+ Acting was OK. I liked that it was serious in parts. Everything must not be "funny" and Disney all the time. I think it took itself less seriously than The Hobbit though.

+ The action -especially when Gul'Dan was involved - was really epic and well choreographed.

+ If you like magic, you get plenty of mage action in here.

+ Obviously some fan service here and there. I heard lots of people laughing and clapping hands throughout the movie. + The set- up for the sequel was nice.

The bad:

  • Pacing. The beginning is very fast. The first 20 minutes jump back and forth between locales. I'd rather have an slower pacing in the beginning, and then go all-in later.

  • Some of the characters have very interesting back stories (especially Khadgar and Garona), but they're skimmed over. - We never really get to see much of the orcish world.

  • The movie feels a bit short. You could easily add 20 minutes without the audience feeling bored.

So, all in all: Are the critics right and the audiences wrong? Well, I do think that some critics should question themselves. This movie CAN NEVER GET 1/5. That is blasphemy. A lot of love and care was put into this movie. My girlfriend, who knows nothing about Warcraft, thought it was a good time.

Solid 3,5/5 from me. A movie worth watching in cinemas. You will most likely have a good time. It's no masterpiece, but it's an entertaining summer blockbuster.


I'm hooked! Great talents behind this show!
Based on the pilot, it's safe to say that this show has potential. I loved it's brooding mystery and the world it sets up. This is a show from Carlton Cuse, one of the masterminds behind the TV show Lost.

It stars Josh Holloway (always great) and Sarah Wayne Callies (from The Walking Dead), but here Holloway doesn't play a jestful wise guy. He's a family man with a suspicious past, and together with his wife and children, he lives in an a dystopian Los Angeles under military occupation. A high wall surrounds the entire city, and we get hints about what has happened. There seems to be an alien invasion going on and our main heroes (Holloway and Wayne Callies) are in the middle of this, looking for their lost son. Without spoiling too much, I can say that the husband and wife are not entirely who they say they are, and they are forced into a position of being double agents.

The pilot was great and I really hope that his show continues being as good as the pilot was. It may feel slow to some, but remember: This is just the beginning. I for one think the pacing is perfect, and it sets up the characters and the storyline in a thoughtful way. Two thumbs up!

The Amazing Spider-Man

Heartwarming, beautiful with fantastic performances. This is Spider-Man!
I will keep it short, because that is what you guys want. Short, spoiler-free impressions are the best.

So firstly, Andrew Garfield was terrific as Spider-Man/Peter Parker. From this day, he IS Peter Parker. What an amazing performance. Two thumbs up!

Secondly, Emma Stone was great. She embodied Gwen Stacy in a way I never could have imagined. She and Garfield had a perfect chemistry on screen.

Finally, the movie itself was beautiful and tear jerking. I almost cried a couple of times. Sure, it probably can be picked apart my people wanting to find plot holes, but the feeling the movie leaves you with is warm and heartwarming.

Marc Webb and Co.; you did a great job! Two thumbs up!

I give it a solid 8.8/10.

The Wolfman

Excellent film for werewolf/monster lovers!
In contrast to the belief and the whine of many critics, there is an audience out there for dark, gritty and atmospheric werewolf movies such as 'The Wolfman'. I will, however, not go into detail and debunk critic reviews. Instead, I'll try to be brief and express my own feelings towards this film.

This movie is an instant horror classic. It has everything a werewolf fan would want: Gore, blood, atmosphere, great soundtrack, great looking werewolf and good actors. This movie is not like 'The Wolfman' from 1941. Instead, the makers went ALL-IN with this interpretation and really exemplified what's in our deepest fantasies: Intense werewolf-action. This movie doesn't try to be original in any way. What it does, however, is to take a basic story, a basic concept and develop it in an interesting way. This movie doesn't have any werewolves that are cute and look like wolves (See: Twilight). In that way, it manages to break the monotony of modern horror movies (ghost movies or torture movies). This is a RATED R, Universal monster film that should be taken for what it is: A tense adrenaline rush through the werewolf lore with great effects. This, my friends, is a movie FROM HORROR LOVERS to HORROR LOVERS.



Exciting, tremendous and splendid!
Cloverfield is one of the best movies of all time. I say this with my hand on my heart. I have seen plenty of movies, both in cinemas and on television and I can, without thinking twice, maintain that this "monster-of-a-movie" was phenomenal in every aspect. Before this movie, I did not have a horror/monster movie on my top 5 list (which by the way includes film such as "The Godfather Trilogy, Dollar Trilogy, One Flew over The Cuckoo's Nest and Scarface). After watching Cloverfield, however, I must admit that this movie is among my top 5 films. Cloverfield stunned me; it was something new, something that none of us have seen before. This, together with the outstanding performance of the actors involved, makes this movie a real roller-coaster, filled with thrills, goose bumps, emotions and excitement.

Conclusively, I must admit that its various dimensions make it a excellent movie in nearly all corners due to the perfect choice of characters, setting and plot.

>> WARNING. Some people may see this as a minor SPOILER. <<

One very pleasing thing about this movie is that the "monster" is rather "anonymous". Why? Well, first of all, we have already seen films where an "experiment has gone wrong" or some kind of "mutation" has affected the creation or development of a creature. Cloverfield breaks this trend by not telling us anything specific about the monster. Secondly, we can ask ourselves what WE do if we were placed in the same situation as the characters in the movie? We would certainly not do any kind of research to find out how the monster was put on this planet. We would run and try to save our asses. These things make the movie even better.


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