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Oral Fixation

Not that bad, give it a chance
As a fan of horror and B movies, I wasn't expecting much. That being said, this movie is not that bad. The acting is decent (not over the top) The story has a realistic feel to it because it involves "stalking and obsessive behavior". Stuff like this really happens which in my opinion is a lot more disturbing than a "slasher/monster movie". It has that "B" look and feel to it, but it gets the job done. The lead actress plays a great psycho and her self-mutilation techniques were disturbing. I hate to typecast, but I can see more parts like this for her in the future. Yes, there are parts that will make you roll your eyes, but because they deal with a realistic type of issue I found it entertaining. If you're a fan of low budget B's, its worth a rental.

Year One

This was Funny!
You gotta know what you're in for when you see Jack Black in a Caveman movie. Fans of Black and Cerra will enjoy this movie. It has funny lines and sight gags. Yes, it low brow, juvenile humor......a lot of laugh out loud moments. To me, cavemen talking like regular people using words like "dude" and "bro" is funny. Cerra plays his usual "naive nerdy character" and does well alongside Black. You must be a fan of this "type of humor" to appreciate this film, those looking for substance and "intelligent humor" should avoid this movie. I laughed a lot, check it out. I don't understand all the hate for this movie, you cant be seriously looking for Oscar performances here.

Zombie Strippers!

This movie ROCKS!!!!, a Cool, Fun Flick!
A very different spin, add a strip club and Dawn of the Dead and you got Zombie Strippers! A black comedy with plenty of intense gore scenes to satisfy the most intense B movie fan. The casting was great, Englund plays his character great, and he will have you laughing throughout the film. The girls are "drop dead gorgeous" and the patrons in the club are very funny as they prefer to see the "undead girls" dance! If you are gonna pick the film apart and criticize the acting and the simple plot, you shouldn't even think of watching a movie with a title like this. If you take it for what it is, or are a fan of B gore films, you will enjoy it. A great movie for a bunch of guys to watch with some beer and pizza!

Day of the Dead

Not a bad Zombie movie
I cant believe all the hate for this film, I think its because its being compared to Romero's movies. I went into this with an open mind and actually enjoyed it for what it was. It really has nothing to do with Romero's movies although it shares the title of one. A flu like virus sweeps thru a small Colorado town and the military seals the town off while they try to "control" it. The infected eventually turn into our beloved flesh eating zombies, which can only be killed with a headshot. The makeup is good, some cool kills and there is plenty of gore. The zombies are the fast moving "maniacal" kind like in 28 days, or the Dawn remake. As far as the acting goes, it is fine for this kind of movie, I've seen a helluva lot worse zombie flicks. And to the people who are complaining about "no plot"....are you kidding me? what kind of plot do you need other than the viral outbreak, and trying to survive the zombie onslaught? Come on people, sit back and have fun, its a zombie movie!....lol!!

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