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The Kominsky Method

Lebowsky for retired people.
Lovely characterdriven series. Nice with a show that embraces the idea of getting old and adds a lot of humour to seniority. The cast is exquisite and the dialogue never bores you, this is Big Lebowsky for old folks. Douglas and Arkin are great together, and the other parts are fantastic too. I even liked Nancy Travis, an actress I haven't paid much attention too in spite of her long career. This is great fun. The show doesn't need any plot really with a cast this good.


The Outer Limits 2019
With this title I expected a movie about corporate america laying off thousands of workers, man was I wrong. As a fan of the original Twilight Zone or more accurately the first black and white episodes of "the outer limits", I surprisingly found myself enjoying this movie much more than I had expected. It certainly has an interesting premise which I'm sure you already know by now. What's sad is that for the moviemakers it's somehow easier to imagine people get "downsized" on a molecular level than imagening the removal of the capitalistic system. After you've miraculasly have shrunk human beings the old failed society will continue exactly the same just on a smaller scale. That I think is the biggest mistake of the movie, if one may call it a mistake. At the end of the movie a line from one of the characters hints that the producers indeed thought about this but ignored it. If this shrinkening was possible it would certainly be free of charge, it would probably be offered mainly to poor people until they could guarantee safety for more "important" people going through this risky experiment. And the miniature society I assume would basically consist of daily health checkups and reporting to the real world. They would hardly need or even have time with stuff us normal people do. I very much doubt someone would have another job beyond reporting to the real world. With that being said. It's worth mentioning the lovely actress Hong Chau which to me was a new aquaintance but she totally carries the movie. Christopher Waltz was also very good in a supporting role. I applaud the bravery of Damon of appearing in this. Certainly no masterpiece but these types of movies with this much artistic freedom are fun to watch no matter how they turn out.

The Twilight Zone: Eye of the Beholder
Episode 6, Season 2

Dated and predictable
**warning may contain spoiler** As another reviewer already stated: This material isn't enough for a half hour episode. But that's mainly because we've grown up with movies and TV and have trained eyes and minds. Even if I hadn't seen it before, I'd seen versions of it, with similar twists. This story would've been better if it was 5-10 minutes long, since it looses its audience during that half hour. After about 5-10 minutes you notice something strange about the way the movie is shot, then you start wondering if it's deliberate and the longer the story goes on the more you start wondering why it's shot that way. Soon you come up with a theory and the last 15 minutes you just sit there and wishes you are mistaken since there is nothing more sad than to watch an ending you've already figured out. This happened to me with another movie as well - secret window with Johnny Depp. Only in that case it was even worse because there I had to sit through 96 minutes. I've got no doubts at all that this episode was dynamite when it came out, and I envy those fortunate people who were young 1960 and saw this with a less experienced and critical mind. Surprise ruined.


Uneven but astonishing and very gripping at times
Vastly Underrated, unnoticed (at least internationally) and forgotten Swedish drama.

**warning might contain spoilers** Story: A Reporters son is suspected of child molestation, and he is forced to do something he's never done: getting to know him.

The acting is top-notch of all the important characters in this movie. That's why you get somewhat disturbed of the bad acting in some of the minor parts, which is easily detected when it's put next to the other performances in this superb drama. But those small flaws are easily forgiven given the overall psychologically and humanly insightful material.

This picture is a frustrating, gripping portrait of human suffering of practically all characters involved. It is frustrating because the well intentioned, intelligent people get ignored, mocked, isolated and driven to solitude, early retirement from work, and even suicide or attempted suicide. (there is a haunting realistic scene in this movie where one of the studio executives coldly speaks about one of his employees of how she has to take tranquilizers just to cope with her daily life, and how they plan to get rid of her and ruin her life. The evil and cruelty in that conversation is so sickening that it's in a way equally scary or even more so than child molestation, because it's harder to detect, stop and deal with.

The most realistically disturbing portrait of abuse in this movie is not about pedophilia. It's how it all starts, in schools and at work. With evil gossip by people playing God, and punks in school that no one dare to stop.

The bad guy in this movie isn't, as you might expect if you'd read the storyline on the cover, the child molester himself. The truly bad guys are the network executives who instead of embracing, and bringing people together stab the weakest in the back. Their protégés who instead of taking a moral stand decide to kiss their superiors behinds no matter what they say or do, and the perversely narcissistic, egocentric father of the abuser, who is so wrapped up in his own career that he's developed a disgusting attitude towards his fellow human beings, his coworkers and even his own son and daughter-in-law.

Crap, sickness and cruelty runs downwards, it starts at the very top of society (power-wise not intellectually), for every carrier it grows bigger, and when it finally reaches its final destination in the last link in the chain – a helpless child – the evil has grown to unspeakable proportions. This movie focuses on all the steps of the way, how evil starts by the bullies in school and the Nazi-like executives and how everybody are victims. That the people who can stop it don't want to, and the people who can't - suffer in silence.

I applaud that few or no images are shown of the rapes or molestations themselves. That is not what this movie is about and it would've confused the viewer. Movies like "the woodsman" that many people think deals with the same thing seem ridiculous and shallow next to a movie like this.

I give this a 9 or 10 despite some of its shortcomings by the acting of the extras or non-actors. A very important movie that I recommend to everybody, if you manage to find it.


Beautitul production. Good work.

About a Colombian "Travis Bickle" wandering around the streets of Bogotá and getting more and more upset about how people treat him and the "filth" he sees everywhere. Both "taxi driver" and "falling down" comes to mind, although this is loosely based on real events. It is portrayed almost as though the director feels some kind of sympathy for the killer. I enjoyed it a lot. This is a good Colombian movie on par with European and American ones. The actor who plays the leading role is very good, and most of the acting is good. (except the guy who plays the raping cabdriver, what an over-actor!) It's beautifully shot and it's a stylish production. I would have liked it to be longer and with more characters. On the cover it said 132 minutes, it ended up being 1 hour and 32 minutes which is not the same thing. I found some of the scenes accidentally humorous, like when he threatens his neighbor for bugging him about the collection. And the story about the priest. As a swede living in Colombia I find this country often overly religious. People can't talk about ordinary things without having to drag God into it. I guess I'm a believer myself but I would never mention God as excessively as they do over here. Everything is "Gods will", even the most trivial things. It was a bit refreshing to see a Colombian movie that dared to criticize priests or people claiming to be religious. You CAN actually be a believer without being a fanatic. Anyway that was maybe a bit off topic but all in all it was an entertaining movie. I give it 6 out of 10. (for being Colombian I could give it 8 out of 10). I hope Colombians will keep up the good work and make more quality productions like this.

Consenting Adults

Dumb entertainment, spoilers
*** Warning spoilers ahead*** don't read this unless you've seen the movie ***

I thought this movie had an interesting start but as it went on it just got more and more stupid and illogical. Mastrantonios character is a disgusting and selfish person. Imagine being married to a woman who worries more about gossip and her own reputation than you being innocently thrown in jail for murder! She knows Spaceys alibi is fake, therefore she must also know he is the real killer. Why else would he lie to the police? There's no other reason. I can't understand why Kline tries to win her back in the last half of the movie, nor how they could have been married for years. She is a woman who doesn't give a damn about him, when he's thrown in jail she turns her back on him, she is more loyal to a complete stranger and she leaves him for the closest guy around. Why would you want such a woman back? And what exactly is the "evidence" that proves kline killed that woman? That he had had sex with her? That is another thing I don't understand about this movie. If they could see that he had had sex with her before the killing that must mean that he slept with the real wife, the wife he never got to know since spacey introduced him to "olivia kamen" instead. So then either he is so stupid that he doesn't notice that he is having sex with a woman he never met + the woman is equally stupid for not being surprised by a total stranger surprising her in bed. I guess I have to watch the movie again to find that out or maybe someone here have written something intelligent about that. Anyway I don't hate the movie but it's really hard to just ignore the facts that I've been commenting here.

Nothing to Hide

A pornografic drama
I think this is the closest thing to an ordinary movie a porno ever will get. The acting is pretty good actually by porno-standards. Al pacinos look alike John leslie does a fine job among others. I actually managed to watch the entire movie without fast-forwarding. It's like a drama with some porn in it. See it if you would like to see a different porno. Otherwise avoid it because the sex-scenes are average compared to the movies that are made today.

Poison Ivy

Interesting movie, disappointing ending
I started watching this movie without knowing anything about it. I got pleasantly surprised. I had no idea what genre this movie was, it started out as a comedy but later it changed to drama and thriller. To me this movie was totally unpredictable and fascinating. I loved the fact that you had no idea where the story would take you. Actually I think that this movie would have been even better if it hadn't ended as a thriller. It would actually have worked better as a dark comedy. I think it's wrong to rate this movie as a thriller. I don't necesarily see the murder as something calculating and evil, I actually got the impression that Drew Barrymores character actually liked her friends mother and that she, in her own naive way wanted to help her put an end to her misery. I think she took the decision to do it right there and then and that it was nothing she had planned. I think it's a bit sad that this movie had such an ordinary mainstream ending. From the car accident to the end the movie looses a lot. I often confuse Drew Barrymore with Alicia Silverstone and this movie reminded me a bit about "the crush" (with silverstone) but "the crush" had no potential to be more than a thriller, this movie is superior since it's more psychologically interesting and it's "not just a thriller". The ending makes this movie look dumber than it is. Good acting and worth watching.

Requiem for a Dream

Pretentious and overrated
I really can't see what's so great about this movie. It was a big disappointment to me. I really tried to like it but I just couldn't. I think after seeing the reviews on here my expectations of the movie was way too high. The first 20-30 minutes of this movie was incredibly boring, I thought that maybe it was just to make us get to know the characters so I gave it some more time. Then after an hour had passed I realized that this wasn't going to get any better. (somehow the same feeling the characters have about their own lives in the movie) It seems like the moviemakers didn't want to make a movie, they wanted to make a masterpiece. It's like the movie is saying "hey look at me, have u seen anything better?!? Look at these cool camera-angles and these amazing close-ups. And I don't only look good I'm deep too." Anyway I don't buy it. Just because you show close-ups of an eye and pills thrown into mouths it's not automatically a great movie. I'm not impressed. Anyway I've noticed that with IMDB the newer the movie is the higher ratings it gets. If you want to see a movie about drugadiction watch "panic in needle park" or the german movie "christiane f" both those movies are far better than this one (and rated lower). I don't hate this movie but I can't for my life understand how so many people can love it. I'm giving this a 1. That might be unfair but it's just as unfair as the 8.5 that it has on here. If I see it again I sure hope I discover something new since it feels like I'm the only one in the world who's not impressed with this. Over 40% voted a 10 for this.

Doing the Harlem Shuffle

God I love Taija Rae, my teen fantasy!!
Some really nice scenes in this movie. Taija Rae is gorgous. It takes place in the 30's or something. I love it, I saw it when I was a teen and I inmidiately fell in love with taija rae. I wish I could find this movie somewhere I haven't seen it since it was new. Pornos were better in the 80's. At least if you talk real movie-pornos and not amateur flicks. It's a classic. I think I actually could watch this entire porno without fast forwarding half the movie. That's a very good grade in my book. :)

L.A. Takedown

Nothing wrong with this movie
This movie is basically the same movie as HEAT. To say that this movie is garbage and that HEAT is a masterpiece is plain stupid, but that's almost how the IMDB users voted. Last time I checked this movie had an average rating of 5.7 while HEAT had 7.8. Anyway I don't need any Pacino or De Niro to recognize a good movie. HEAT might be a little better but it's not THAT much better. Had I seen this movie first I don't know if I had bothered seing HEAT, but sadly the big remakes get all the attention. Soon the remake of another excellent movie "manhunter" will come up in the theatres, and it will probably make people forget about how good the original is and if there are people that still haven't seen it, they will only see the remake. I don't think you should do remakes of movies that are less than 20 or 30 years old. I think I'm against almost any remake. If the original is good then why do a remake? and if it's bad well even less reason to do it...Anyway both movies are good and I like them both even if I don't like the remake phenomenon.

Star 80

Eric Roberts is fantastic
** warning possible spoilers don't read this unless you've seen the movie ** This is one of my favorite movies of the eighties. Eric Roberts should have won an academy award for his role in this movie. He is totally believable as paul snider. Never have I seen someone portray someone broken hearted so well. He is proud and confident but he just won't accept that he lost his love dorothy stratten. So he tries to win her back and in doing so he starts hating himself and the whole world. He wants to be able to turn his back on her but he can't and that makes him hate himself and become a dangerous violent madman. I really felt sorry for Roberts character, it's not often where u see people commit terrible crimes and at the same time you feel sorry for them. Mariel Hemmingway was also a perfect choice playing innocent and shy before getting more confident. I don't know the real story behind this movie so I can't and won't talk about wether it was true to the reality of these events. But as an independent movie it's great. I think the scene where snider asks the actor "bad scripts huh?" is something that eric roberts could ask himself about some of the rest of the movies that he's been in. In this fine movie he's brilliant. Overall it's an excellent drama.

The Appointment

Silent people are mysteries to each other
Federico falls in love with Carla but is not sure wether she is a prostitute or not. And he has got to find out. Beautiful, slow paced movie. A little silly with the salutes in italian and the dialogue in english though but I'll survive that.:) The name of Sidney Lumet in the opening credits made me watch the whole thing. And I didn't regret it at all. I liked it a lot.

****warning spoilers don't read this unless you've seen the movie.****

I thought this was an interesting movie. All the characters in it only give hints of the truth since they are too embarrassed or afraid to say it out loud. The people in it are having difficulties understanding eachother, and so are we trying to understand them. Everything is done in silence which opens up a big mystery. This wouldn't be a movie if the characters in it were more frank and to the point. But since they are shy, proud and embarrassed it becomes interesting. There are a couple of scenes that you can interpret in many different ways. Especially the ending. It's one of the better, most disturbing endings I've seen. It reminded me a whole lot about the ending in "the pledge" with j.nicholson. The ending doesn't kill your curiosity, on the contrary you are even more interested about the truth after the movie has ended than while it is going on. I don't know if the ambiguous ending is deliberate or if it's just poor directing. Anyway it turned out great, wether it was intended to be that way or not. I thought about different interpretations of the ending: 1) Carla was never a prostitute and federico had been wrong all along on suspecting her. The 100,000-lire prostitute was really someone else. 2) Carla was a prostitute but the woman on the phone only told half the truth by saying that she had had an accident but was coming back. She could easily have found another woman afterwards to take carlas place.

Federicos reaction about this phonecall is also hard to interpret: possible cases:

1) he was convinced he had been wrong all the time. 2) he was convinced carla was the girl and he got annoyed when he heard the woman on the phone saying "she still wanted to see him", knowing it was a lie. 3) he didn't care anymore about wether she was the one.

Anyway I had never heard about this movie before I saw it but I really enjoyed its brilliant ending. A big part of me wanted to see a more ordinary ending where u get all the pieces together but that movie would have been forgotten quickly, this one stays longer in your mind.

Another interesting topic of this film is Federicos reason for so desperately searching for the truth. I think he had different reasons, at first he probably just wanted to sleep with her and was simply curious. Later it became an important issue to him since he felt jealous as being her husband. Anyway a great movie.

The Spanish Prisoner

too many twists

I thought 3/4 of this movie was excellent, it only got more and more interesting. Then about 20-30 minutes before the end came 2-3 extra twists that ruined the movie. More twists doesn't automatically make it a better movie, and I thought a talented writer like mamet would avoid cliches like the "fingerprints on the knife"-scene. I never want to see that scene again in any movie please I'm so tired of it! I was surprised of some of the twists but I still don't think I or anyone would be fooled like that. And I would NEVER call the same FBI-agent that just happened to be in the same place as the suspect. If you think a minute about it you notice many more plot-holes, like other reviewers already have written on here: in order for this scam to work they would have to know exactly how "the victim" would react in every situation and that is impossible. How would they know that he would contact the same FBI-woman instead of calling someone else? What would they have done if he had called a real FBI-agent? If they were that strict on not letting the secretary see the safe how would she be able to study the book long enough in order to remember what it looks like and find an exact identical one. She must have an extraordinary memory or the book must be very common. Why would anyone risk a billion-dollar formula for catching someone who, at that time, still hadn't stolen anything from him? The easiest safest thing would be to forget about it and not contacting him anymore. Well there are tons of more plot-holes that the other reviewers on here have pointed out better than I have. In spite of it all I think it's a good movie but it isn't as intelligent as it first seems.


Totally unbelievable but entertaining
For those who hasn't seen the movie I'm just going to say that it's entertaining and worth seeing. Its direction and acting is good in spite of its unlikely story.



I Remember first time I saw this movie I thought it was fantastic. Then when I saw it the second time it struck me how unbelievable the story was. Is a man only a face and a memory? Even if it was possible to make such a perfect, identic face would that be enough to fool as good as all your acquaintances? His body, voice, height, weight, temperament, everything would have to be identical too. Well if he was that identical to her husband in every aspect I'm surprised she had an affair with him in the first place. :) This maybe sounds like I hate the movie but I think it's a very entertaining movie and I like the fact that they experiment with movies, this is a very fun and smart story and how boring it would be if all movies were realistic. Then we wouldn't see great fantasy-stories like this. (6.5 out of 10 although I would rate it higher first time I saw it. )

Minority Report

routine sci-fi
(*** WARNING SPOILERS COMING BELOW*****) Don't read this unless you've seen the movie. I didn't enjoy this movie as much as I thought I would. It had its moments and was entertaining in the end. But it showed very few new ideas. Almost everything you had already seen in other movies. It reminded me a lot about "12 monkeys" with Bruce Willis (among other movies). That movie I liked, this one I only half-liked. I predicted parts of the ending and was never really surprised. One of many things I couldn't understand was how Mr Sydows character could get away with his murder. He must have planned his murder BEFORE he hired that other guy to do the murder so Sydows murder must have been the first vision and his name must have come up on the "ball", so if they would have erased a vision for "deja vu" they would have erased the vision of the guy sydow set up and not the vision of the real murder. And what about the time? Supposedly they could see the exact time of the murder, the two murders occured at different times so they could easily separate them. I can take "fantastic", totally unreal plots as long as they have logic. But if they put logic aside as well it's not very entertaining ** out of ****

American Buffalo

Excellent if you can take it
In a way this is almost like a pornmovie, but instead of sex you have talk. The movie is a 90 minute long filmed conversation. But to me the movie is more entertaining than many actionmovies. It's definitely not for all viewers hence the bad overall ratings, but I can still recommend it. The acting is over the top. Hoffman and Franz is a very funny combination. Seldom have I seen someone make so much out of so little. As oppose to other movies the climax isn't in the ending, every scene is equally important. Not as good as Glengarry glen ross though. GGR was both a character study and a good movie. This is "just" an excellent character study, but with these actors it's enough to make it worth watching.

Theater of Blood

Very disappointing
I bought this movie on DVD and it's easily the worst movie I've ever bought. I like vincent price and since I liked "madhouse", "abominable dr phibes", "scream and scream again" among other movies I felt like this could be worth watching. The setup is similar to the other movies I mention, BUT the other movies are good and entertaining and this one is totally unwatchable. It's not funny nor scary. I can't believe this movie got a higher average rating than his other ones. Maybe I'm not enough into shakespeare to enjoy it.

Sitting Target

As good as get carter
I really fell for this movie when I saw it on TCM. A simple, straight forward, almost ordinary story but this movie is much more memorable thanks to it's stylish direction and good cast. A very intense movie. To me it's just as good as the more known "get carter" from the same era.

Endless Night

Very entertaining
I don't agree at all with the poor reviews of this movie. I first saw this movie years ago and it stayed in my mind and finally I had the pleasure of finding it on dvd so I ordered it. It's probably my favourite dvd I have so far. It's a low-budget movie but yet it's a movie with a lot of class. The actors give great performances, above all Hayley Mills, and Bernard Herrmans score is sensational. It's a beautiful production and at times it made me think of "vertigo", and not only because herrman wrote the theme to that movie too. I love this movie! Sure they could make a billion dollar remake of it with a lot of stars but it still wouldn't beat this. It's a piece of art.

Tracks of a Killer

Entertaining but dumb
This movie was entertaining but kelly lebrock really sucks in the leading role, her acting is terrible in this movie. The movie as a whole is above average tho. The story is without logic and they could've made more out of the last half of the movie. It has a very brief but excellent sexscene too I might add although not involving lebrock.

Act of Vengeance

"i spit on your grave"-light
I found this movie so incredibly silly and stupid it made me laugh. It wasn't meant to be stupid though or funny I think that's what made it even more funny. What seemed so out of place was the whole way the movie was presented. I mean there was so much nudity that totally contradicted the supposed message of the film. I mean not only in the rapescenes, you see a scene where the girls meet up in a bath-house and chatting and they are all totally nude and they show everything. What is the point of showing that? I think the real message was to make guys horny but since it wanted to gain some recognition it pretended to be a "decent" picture. God it was awful but I laughed at it. SOme of the dialogue was so stupid too like it was supposed to dig into the minds of a raped woman, in one scene two of the raped girls are at a disco and they talk and a girl just said no to a guy that wanted to dance with her and afterwards they talk "I'm really horny but after that thing I'm not myself anymore". WEll I've already spent too many lines on that movie I'm not gonna bother writing anymore about it, I'm very curious to read more reviews about it tho.

Where Truth Lies

Don't underestimate this movie.
I actually liked this movie although the other reviewers on here seems to hate it. It's a very interesting story on many levels, is john savages character really ill or is he being framed? Will he be able to get out of that hell-hole? Is he imagining the things he sees? What if this hadn't been a low budget tv-movie?, with a bigger budget, some editing here and there and some bigger stars perhaps? (except savage and mcdowell which are good in this movie) then this movie could be a masterpiece since the story is very interesting. The story reminded me a bit of "the fugitive" although this is a totally different movie. I liked the ending although it's very sad.

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