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The Cry

Really good!!!
I was so excited to watch this show and it sure did not disappoint!! I loved all the twists and turns of this story. Jenna is incredible in this, but so is most of the rest of the cast! But, there were a few little things that had me wondering or a bit annoyed.
  • the first episode really flashes between moments in the present and past. For a first episode it's pretty difficult to get into the story, as you are not sure what the story is yet. I understand why they did it, but it still was annoying.
-why didn't they just labeled the medicine bottles. Yes, they poured it over on the airport, but they knew they would travel. They could have done this at home. (there would not be a story if they did it, so yes storywise I know why they did it, but logical thinking this was just stupid).

Apart from this, the show is incredible. Watched all four episodes in one night. The beautiful locations are also worth the watch. So yeah, really good show!

Walking on Sunshine

Sometimes you don't need the best, you just want happiness
A few years ago, around December, I saw this movie for the first time and I immediately fell in love with it! Soon after, I bought the bluray and watched it many more times.

Now, a few years later, I still watch this movie about once or twice a year and I realised it has been my "Need of happiness" movie." My Go to movie. The one I grab when I feel down, when all I need is some fluffy love story. When I need some eye candy, when I need my fix of pure joy, my fix for summer, beaches and just 90 minutes of holiday.

I'm honest; this movie is filled with clichés, the dialogs are at some point cringy, the dancing and singing is sure not the best of the best (honestly, far from it) and there are even some scenes I skip. Just because I don't care for them. But I always remember a radio DJ a few years ago, saying that he saw this movie and he liked it, because he felt like the creators knew they were making a fluffy, not so high on quality, movie. They weren't trying to make the movie the next big thing, they were trying to make it a happy, fun, enjoyable movie.

And that's what it is. This movie takes you on a 90 minute summer holiday to Italy, together with the great 80's music, a sugar sweet love story and a bunch of good looking people (Especially Giulio Berruti! DAMN!!!), plus, the chemistry between the cast is there, which is a huge plus!

Don't watch this movie if you are looking for the next spectacular movie! Watch this movie when you want summer, sun, joy and happiness. Cause thats what this movie is!


Made me cry
Let me just say at first; I love Sam and I love Shay! They are both such great actors. Seeing them together in one movie is just a joy!

The movie itself was great and heartbreaking at the same time. It broke my heart and I found myself crying a few times.

The only thing that bothered me soon after the movie started, was the annoying giggling of Shay. It was just too much after a while.

But apart from that; great movie and I would definitely recommend to friends to watch it!

Bohemian Rhapsody

2 hours never went so fast before!
Due to all the fan reviews, I had huge expectations for this movie, and yet at the same time I was afraid just because of that, I would find the movie a disappointment. Luckily, I can say; it was no disappointment in any way! What a joy this movie was. My gosh!!!

I've never been a Queen fan, I knew their music, I knew who Freddie was and I knew I started to dislike their Christmas song each year a bit more. But because of this movie I did research, went to play their songs none stop and finally began to see what the rest of the world see and most importantly; heard. Youtube, Wiki. I dived into it and learned more and more about Queen and Freddie. But how much can you learn in about 10 days? It wasn't enough. But enough to gain my love and respect for the band and for Freddie. What an incredible person he was.

I don't know what things in the movie are and are not in the correct time order. But I didn't care. Because what I saw was a movie about an amazing band. I heard their amazing songs and I saw things that I would never been able to see in real life, due to my age (born in 86).

For more than two hours I had a huge grin on my face. Apart from the moments that broke my heart, mostly the parts of lonely Freddie. Gosh.

Rami was amazing! OMG!!! Just as the rest of the cast! The casting is just insane! It was a two hour ride, but I've watched movies that were shorter than this, but felt longer. This movie went by in the blink of an eye! I can't wait for this movie to be on Blu-ray, cause it deserves a rewatch. Many, many times!

How It Ends

Surprisingly, I liked it!
I started to watch this movie mainly because of Theo James. I had read the other reviews and even though 99% of the people said it's bad, I still wanted to watch it. Just like somebody else said; I like to make my own opion about a movie, as it usually happens that I dislike the huge blockbusters, but like the small movies. Even if they are badly reviewed (It could also say something about my taste in movies, but okay).

Anyway, I liked this movie. It surprised me how much I liked it. The mystery, the unknown. Yeah sure, after a while a got a bit tired of the road trip stuff. But it wasn't bad. Some moments really reminded me of The Walking dead and I almost expected a Zombie invasion to show up. Sure, it had some cliche's, but the movie worked for me. Even the ending. After reading the reviews I had prepared myself for the worst. Like the movie ending in the middle of a scene, in the middle of a sentence. But this ending wasn't bad and to me it felt like an ending. Okay yeah, we don't know what will happen to the characters, we don't know if they eventually survived. But does that really matter? I have seen tv shows and movies end worse than this.

So yeah, entertaining movie, sometimes beautiful shots and good acting work. I liked it!

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

I loved every second of it!
I laughed, I sang along, I cried, I laughed some more, I danced in my seat and I cried some more.

This movie was amazing! As an big ABBA fan, it was great to hear other songs then their biggest hits. It was great to hear those less famous, but beautiful songs that I loved so much!

The story has some more depth to it then the first. The first movie is more happy and more careless. Yet, this movie really touched me in multiple ways. Near the end I seriously had tears stream down my face and I really had to hold myself back from not bawling out loud. It took a while before those tears were gone. Gosh! But also at the beginning of the movie I had to fight multiple times to hold the tears back. Next time I will see this movie, I will probably just cry. When I'm alone at home. I will just ugly cry. A lot. And after that I will laugh again. A lot!

Also, I need to say.. Christine and Julie... OH MY!!! THOSE Two!!! My favorite duo!!! They are so amazing in this movie and have seriously the best lines. Their sense of humor is spot on!

I loved the movie. It was just amazing!!! And I can't wait for the bluray to come out in the winter, so I can watch it all over again! Mamma Mia did it again!!!


I only watched it for the music and the dancing
I have a thing for dance movies. Probably because I am a huge fail at dancing myself. Those type of movies just make me happy. Even if they are bad.

This movie was fine, but great? Nah. The acting wasn't that great, the storyline one huge cliche and predictable, the characters are far from original and the ending is easy to guess. It also reminded me a lot of times of the first Step up movie. Some scenes were almost a copy of that one.

But, the music and the dancing in this movie is just great. Like always. Just watch it for that. Don't expect to be blown away. Just, sit back, relax and watch for the music and the dance.


The tv show is better than the book
So, I first watched the tv show and later found out that it was based on a book. Which I quickly got from the library and read it.

The tv show really surprised me, in a good way! As I didn't know the story before hand, I went in without expectations. I loved the sweetness of the show, the drama, the original storyline, the characters. It just made me happy. And a bit sad, but mostly it just made me happy!

It really makes you think; what would I confess if there would be something like this in my neighborhood. And, even if I could; would I?

The thing that bugged me in the book, which I'm glad they changed in the show, is the age of the characters. They just felt too young to me to have such a life experience (I get the first part though, with Auburn and Adam and all, at that point their ages felt right). So having them in their mid 20's made much more sense to me.

The show is just great. Just perfect as it is!

Outlander: Uncharted
Episode 11, Season 3

Uncharted - Weird, funny and sweet!
This episode was filled with all the elements I didn't expect they would keep in the show, compared to the book. Starting with the whole Priest thing. But it was a nice surprise. I loved how the first part of the show was about Claire and her survival on the island. To see her struggle and all.

I have to say, the whole coconut thing reminded me a bit too much about Tom Hanks in Castaway (even though I haven't seen that movie in ages!).

What I love most about this episode was the reunion from Jamie and Claire. It was sweet, it was filled with love, it was perfect! The scene right after, with Willoughby taking care of her wounded arm and Jamie and Claire talking, it was a good scene!

Same with Fergus and Marsali's wedding. The last name moment was just perfect! I still love Marsali's character. She's great.

The only thing that did disappoint a tiny bit was the Turtle soup part. Cait was great as being a drunk and the penicillin scene was executed perfectly! Yet, the sex scene could have been a bit more passionate, or longer. A bit like some scenes from season 1. It was good. But as the scene in the book is a pretty big deal, the part in the show wasn't. Which is a bummer. Not saying it's bad, but it could have been more.

But overall, I really liked this episode and might even be one of my favorites of this season, so far.

Outlander: The Doldrums
Episode 9, Season 3

Surprisingly good!
Sometimes I regret reading the books. Knowing what is about to come in the episodes. Knowing where the story line is taking us. And comparing the show to the book (Even though I shouldn't do it). Which is also the reason why I refuse to re-read book 4, before season 4 starts.

I didn't really look forward to this boat episode. The voyage to The West Indies was never a favorite part for me. But this episode surprised me, in a good way. It was a lot better than I expected.

Jamie and Claire were just so sweet. I loved seeing their love for each other. Their little moments together. Especially the one at night on deck.

Marsali. I never connected with her in the books. But I love her in the show! She's awesome!

Mr. Willoughby. I still don't understand why he's even in the show. I liked the story he told. But I just don't see the addition of his character in the show (As a book reader, I know what's about to come. But I wonder if that is going to play out the same way as in the books).

It was nice to see that they stayed so close to the book, and yet made some nice changes to it.

Overall a good episode!

Outlander: First Wife
Episode 8, Season 3

The Outlander I fell in love with!
After last week's misstep, I was a bit skeptical about this episode. I loved the part in the book, so I was afraid they would ruin those parts for me again.

The episode took me by surprise and I could feel the good old Outlander vibe shining through! Finally!!

The characters were the characters I used to know so well. The love between Jamie and Claire was there and you could feel it! Young Ian, Jennie and Ian were perfect!

They stayed so close to the book, which made me very happy. The flashbacks in between, the White Witch part on Silkie Island, the gold. The book came alive in front of me. You have no idea how much I missed that!

The final scene was so good too! I had to get used to the fact that it was just Young Ian, Claire and Jamie, instead of the large crew. But the way it played out was perfect!

I loved this episode. And I so hope they will keep the quality of the episodes in the upcoming 5 episodes.

Outlander: Crème de Menthe
Episode 7, Season 3

The show is going downhill
After last weeks disappointment, I had hopes that this week's episode would be better. Although, even in the books those chapter's didn't do much for me. But still. I had my hopes up for a change.

But this week's episode was one big drama. Most boring episode of all three seasons (Yes, even kicking some Paris episodes of S2 of first place!). This episode did nothing for the show. It didn't move the story forward, the characters made choices that were totally out of character (Claire gets attacked and she still wants to save the man's life? Really?! While in the past she killed other men who attacked her). The love between Jamie and Claire seems to be gone, instead of passionate reunited pure love (or the Sam/Cait chemistry is gone.). The episode just didn't flow. It was 50 minutes of boring scenes.

Okay, so the Ian/Claire reunion was fun. That I have to say.

But apart from that? Mr. Willoughby seems to be added to the show, just because he's in the books. But his character doesn't add anything to the storyline (I sure hope that will change eventually, as they follow the book a bit more with his character).

Young Ian is a great character and he might be one of the few good things in this episode.

Adult Fergus? I still need to get used to him. But I haven't given up on him.

I know people probably would say: "If you don't like it, don't watch it." And I'm very close to that point right now. But I still have hopes that the show will make a positive turn and get back to all it's greatness it was before. I'm not going to give up on Outlander just yet. But it surely needs to get better soon, that's for sure.

Outlander: A. Malcolm
Episode 6, Season 3

Kind of a disappointment
When episode 5 aired with THAT scene, I was so happy and excited for the actual reunion episode. Also because this episode was hyped and in the media and on social media. So it just had to be a great episode, right?

Hmzz. Maybe not. As I watched the episode, I didn't feel the excitement of their reunion. Mostly because that special moment had already happened in episode 5. This was just a move on from that moment.

Sure, the episode had some really great moments. I loved the awkwardness between Jamie and Claire. I loved how they did find their way back to each other. I loved the nose/forehead bump and the kiss that followed. I enjoyed their sex together again, plus the sweet scenes that followed.

But the episode also had a lot of scenes that were just dragging on or were unnecessary (Like the Mr. Willoughby scene for instant. I get why they added it, but to me it seemed like a waste of time). Moments that lasted to long. That really took me out of focus.

This episode didn't kept me interested. I didn't feel the chemistry between J/C this episode. Which is strange, cause in the past it was clearly there. Not sure what happened.

The episode wasn't bad. But I truly hope that the next episodes will be better again.

Prison Break: Contingency
Episode 5, Season 5

Epic episode!!!!
The first episode of this season already blew me away. Then the second and third were kinda disappointing and I was afraid that this season was going to fail. But then episode 4 happened and I loved that episode. But nothing compared to this episode! Cause OH MY GOD! It had the Prison Break feeling I remembered from season 1. So good!!

The pace of this episode, the 'easter eggs' we got (The plane, the phonebooth where Sara was standing, the handcufs, the train.), the fighting and the brothers back together.

This episode had that feel of "Are they going to make it". That was the same feeling I had before they escaped Fox River. It's that sitting on the edge of your seat, not wanting to miss a second of the episode. Curious what will happen next, how are they going to get out.

And then there is that Jacob storyline. That part where the writers really play with your mind. Is Jacob good after all or is he still a snake? What's up with that guy. Personally, I still don't trust him. Even though for a moment I was like 'Oh good! He's not so bad! Maybe he's good after all.'

This episode was just fast. Gave us so much. Much action, a bit of answers, more questions. A typical amazing Prison Break episode. Is it next week yet?

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