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The Trial of the Chicago 7

The performances are breathtaking
I would watch this alone for the performances of Sacha Baron Cohen and Eddie Redmayne.

To catch that balance of humour and seriousness in so many scenes by Sacha is incredible. It's such a fine line, I just couldn't believe how well he pulled it off.

Eddie and Sacha both were incredible. I would be surprised if one of them didn't at least get a nomination for the Oscars.

The story is brilliant and there are a few shocking scenes where you are just horrified at what you are seeing.

Hubie Halloween

Exactly what you would expect from an Adam Sandler movie
This movie is Adam Sandler being Adam Sandler from the 90s. He has managed to create that likeable character that you feel compassion towards and sorry because of the unfairness he endures. Hubie is a great character and probably best compared to his character Bobby in The Waterboy.

The humour ranges from your silly farts to word play. There will definitely be at least one moment where you laugh out loud.

Story is actually pretty decent. First the movie does a good job of introducing the characters and building Hubie's character. As halloween comes the mystery begins along with the best moments of the movie.

Although, there were moments where you just think this is silly and they haven't tried hard enough with the story. It's best to just get over it to enjoy the movie as it is not meant to be taken seriously but, to just have a laugh and leave a good feeling with you.

It was a good movie which left me with a smile at the end and kept me intrigued throughout.

Vampires vs. the Bronx

Light-hearted with underlying message
The plot is not original but, the execution is decent. The kids performances are pretty good. The humour is at times cringe but, there are some moments when you might find yourself laughing out loud.

There is clearly some symbolism in place with the Vampires. They represent the rich who take advantage of the poor in the real world. There is a message that is being sent throughout the film in regards to this.

The kids also, have their own small storylines going on and even though it doesn't get too deep it tries to also, send a message to the viewers of good and bad.

If you don't take it too seriously and just try to watch it casually it's a fun movie.

The Debt Collector

Self-conscious B-movie
Great partnership between Scott and Louis. The partnership between them feels natural and both show good acting. It's not an iconic partnership like Mike and Marcus in Bad boys but, you get a similar vibe.

The humour is on point. It's not over the top and the timing of the punchlines are executed fairly well.

The movie is more than the action and comedy though, there is still a well thought out character development which doesn't leave you questioning decisions that characters make. The story is compelling and you are looking forward to seeing the next stage throughout.

On the other hand, there were some bits where I felt a bit of cringe. The shooting scenes especially were dreadful and lacked common sense.

All in all, it is an enjoyable movie and has good laughs in it.

Ted 2

Reference filled comedy with a Teddy Bear
The first Ted was a good comedy film with a bunch of references and adult humour. Ted 2 is exactly the same but, just with a less appealing plot.

Starts off very jolly with Ted living a normal life and then he gets into a life changing dilemma that needs to be solved so he can return to that normal life.

The overboard humour was very well pulled off and had me laughing throughout. Most of the people enjoyed the sexual jokes in the cinema too. Ted 2 probably classed very highly when it comes to execution of humour.

The only downside was some of the actors. It looked very static and emotionless. Although, definitely a hats off to Mark Wahlberg for performing so well in a comedy where he is partnered with a Teddy bear.

Overall, it is definitely a film worth while watching. I'm sure most people will leave with a few moments in the film that they thought was clever/genius.


What's new? Nothing.
This film has no originality or self respect.

There is nothing I would say is good about this film. It was barely a horror movie. I only saw a few people twitch in the cinema because of the unexpected loud noises (one of which was an engine revving too loudly).

The movie is so back in time with the plot that it would probably be classified as a B-movie even in the 70s. Young adults, looking for adventure, finds a possibly dangerous place to travel, they succumb to peer pressure by their friends and so on it begins.

It will probably air on your local TV channel pretty soon if you really want to watch it (or something extremely similar to it which can just be a replacement).

The only thing I can praise is some of the actors seemed to put an effort.

Içimdeki Ses

Pretentious but, can make you laugh
A lot of mixed feelings for this film. It has a lot of high points and low points throughout. The first half of the film is pretty good with quite a few good scenes that can make you laugh out loud or at least chuckle.

The protagonist narrates throughout the whole movie while writing his book and going through the different stages of the period of life that he is going through.

The acting is above average by most of the actors and it helps that most of them have great timing with when to say or do quotes or actions. A few great scenes in the film where the acting shines and gives you a good feeling inside.

The lacking part I felt was the story. I felt like I was left hanging and no real ending to the film. Though this is no real surprise as the protagonist is also a confused individual as he states during his narration during the start of the movie.

Overall pretty decent film just needed a bit more flair and some thought over the story.

Ask Sana Benzer

Not suitable for people with stress incontinence
Extremely disappointed with this film. It was exceptionally bad from start to finish, from acting to music, from whatever you can think of to whatever you can't think of.

The film started off joyful at this point it sort of hits you that it's going to be a movie of stupid and unrealistic turn of events, decisions and mistakes by the protagonists.

Cheesy quotes, exaggerated reactions, unnecessary scenes etc. You get the point.

It was bearable until the second half of the movie when you can no longer understand or come up with a logical thinking pattern to the decisions characters were making. Makes you sigh, pull your hair and want to cut yourself.

The music didn't make it any better either. The woman protagonist sang a couple of the songs herself and I really don't think her high pitched squeaking while trying to sing helped the cause.

In the end, I was glad it was over and would steer away from movies that are written by Bedia Ceylan Guzelce for the remainder of my life.

Fetih 1453

Revolution in Turkish cinema
A lot of reviewers have mentioned that this movie is historically inaccurate and that is correct. However, for the entertainment of the viewers this is acceptable. Primary intention of a movie with the exception of documentary's is not to inform viewers of the facts but entertain. Movies such as Braveheart and Gladiator are both historically inaccurate but are both one of the greatest films to date.

In my opinion this is an entertaining movie but it is flawed. The story moves along extremely slowly. There are unnecessary monologues and scenes that do not affect the story which makes the movie longer than necessary.

Directing of the movie is exceptional in some scenes but very dull in others; lacks consistency.

In terms of acting performances are really good. Devrim Evin, the actor who brings to life Sultan Mehmet II does a really good job to show the confidence and determination of the character.

The reason I believe this will revolutionise Turkish cinema is mainly because there has not been a drama that has excelled as much as Fetih 1453. The fact that it has reached an international scale is a huge step forward for Turkish cinema. This is not an all time great but is certainly worth watching.

Isler Güçler

For the new generation
This comedy series is currently one of the best shows on Turkish television. The humour may not appeal to everyone because there are a lot references to movies, actors and some things that trend on the internet.

The story progresses very well with the characters trying to find a way to thrive in the acting career. Character development however is limited. Which in my opinion is fine because the characters each have their own characteristics that put something very good in to the show.

The acting is incredible. Ahmet Kural's performance is spectacular. He really makes the viewers laugh with his facial expressions alone. Most of the actors seem to do well with the exception of a few female characters.

Directing of the show is not at a Martin Scorsese's standards but at a high standard for a TV show.

All in all, this is a very entertaining show and if you could understand the references and appreciate the performances of the actors you will very much enjoy it.

Xing ying bu li

Average movie, not so original either
The movie tells the story of a man who has encountered a series of misfortunate events that has made him lose hope. This certainly isn't the first time seeing this kind of story line. What the writers have done is combine a few story lines together to make something "new".

The first 20 minutes of the movie lays down the ground very nicely but from their it seems to go down and then back up due to the many twists that happen right to the end.

The acting was awful. Kevin Spacey didn't seem at the top of his game and Daniel Wu's was just average. The rest of the cast didn't do much in terms of acting to help make the viewer feel the emotions of the characters.

Directing was also average nothing special.

Although there are many down sides to this movie it seems to have a charm about it that kind of makes it enjoyable. I don't think it is a must see but if you like to be surprised when watching movies this could be a good option.

The Tall Man

Different from expectations
The Tall Man had its ups and downs. The ups were the brilliant acting from most of the actors; especially Jessica Biel. The directing was good most of the time.

The bad part of this movie was how they told the story. The sequence in which they told the story to the audience was very deceiving. It was back and forward to different parts. I believe their aim was to make the movie unpredictable. However, the technique used to accomplish this took away the movies thrill and made it unpleasant for the viewer.

Also, this movie is not a horror movie as listed. The viewers are made to think that the movie is about a mythological creature called "Slenderman" which is false, just a heads up.

In conclusion, I believe this movie could have been much better if the story was told in a better sequence.

No Saints for Sinners

Irish Gangster
For a low budget production this seemed to do a decent job. It wasn't the greatest but it was plausible.

The start of the movie was very strong and had me pumped. It was intense and felt like the rest of the movie was going to continue that way however, I was wrong and the intensity stopped there and it became more of a slow paced action movie.

The actors are not well known but most of them did a good job. Directing was appalling. The shaky cam, dull close shots etc. If the directing was better this would could have been much better.

The soundtrack choices were suitable for each scene and it seemed well placed.

One thing that really bothered me was the accents. I am not an expert on Irish accents but it didn't feel right and seemed like the actors were trying a "wii" bit hard.

Not a movie you will likely to remember or want to see again. I wouldn't advise anyone to watch this movie as I found nothing unique or worth watching.


A piece of everything
This TV Show is unique in most aspects and exciting. It has almost everything to appeal to all kinds of audiences. Romance, thriller, drama and more.

The story begins with 4 children aged from about 8 to 13. They make a mistake which alters their lives forever. They are put into a prison occupied by children where they will have to serve a sentence for their crimes. They experience rough stuff which are shown in flashbacks during the episodes.

The 4 children now grown swear to get revenge from those who had wronged them during this time. Trying different ways to achieve their aims(legally and illegally).

The acting in this movie is exceptional. The actors performances allow the viewer to feel what they are feeling exactly and feel sympathy for them.

It has similarities to a previous Turkish TV show called Ezel. This is an ideal show for people who enjoyed that particular show.

Overall, this is an excellent show and highly advise people to view it.


With great power comes great responsibility
This is not your average superhero movie as you may think because of the characters inheriting superpowers. It is more of a story of innocence, friendship and evil taking over.

The movie kicks off with showing us the life of each of the characters prior to their inheritance of the superpowers. The struggles and the bond of friendship is shown throughout the movie. An insight is given on how the characters gain these superpowers but no explanation on how and why so we are left with a mystery but not an unpleasant one that will make you feel this movie is stupid or intolerable. The bond of friendship grows as the characters start to learn more about what they have become and stretch the limits. However, as time goes on controlling this power becomes a struggle and the friends face challenges that they need to overcome.

The acting in this movie was absolutely brilliant. You can feel the struggles of each character although they are all experiencing it in a different way.

The story line is magnificent. Unique which makes it exciting for viewers.

Really enjoyable movie. 8/10

13 Hrs

Good, Bad and Ugly
This movie is not the greatest as you would guess with not a very good cast nor an original story line. To start with the acting. The actors performances were all average apart from Isabella Calthorpe's, her acting was awful. Directing was average, nothing special.

The film starts of with Sarah Tyler coming back to England from the United States after a long time. We find out about each of the characters personalities and their previous relationships before Sarah left for USA.

Then the action starts with the creature appearing and the family trying to survive. Trying alternate solutions to find an escape or protect themselves from the creature.

The ending was surprising. It could have been better. No explanation was given on why such events happened which was frustrating and made things seem pointless and too simple.

Pretty gross scenes with gore. Stupid decisions and bad storyline. Maybe you can have a laugh with friends while watching this but I don't think it's much more than that.

In Time

Exciting, Enjoyable and Frustrating
In Time, is a very exciting movie. A thriller that has you rooting for the main characters and hoping nothing bad happens to them. The acting in this movie is not very good. Justin Timberlake's performance was average but he may improve has he continues in his career in acting. Amanda Seyfried's performance was disappointing and really didn't feel like she was a correct cast choice for the role she played. However, the story of the movie is different and keeps you thinking about how the world they exist in works. This is where the frustrating part enters as you start to find plot holes in your mind and certain stupid decisions characters make. These may be easy to overlook by some viewers and may not be for others. I gave it 8 out of 10 although there were flaws within the movie because I really enjoyed watching it and it kept me on my seat wanting more.

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