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Thank God It's Friday

Incredibly cheezy, but enjoyable
Just caught this flick on the Love Stories cable channel yesterday morning and found that I couldn't stop watching it ... no matter how hokey the jokes, no matter how stereotypical the characters. As a child of the 80s, I often wonder what it was like to party in the 70s - people who lived through that time often say they'd like to forget it, but it looked like a lot of fun to me! Jeff Goldblum plays an Italian club-owner (Tony DiMarco) on the prowl for a married woman. Although he's not listed in the credits on IMDB, I swear I saw Samuel L. Jackson deliver two lines as either a member of the Commodores or just a friend of the band. The whole movie is building up towards a dance contest at the end. The movie is incredibly shallow & one-dimensional ... but that makes it fun!!

Diamond Men

A great flick!!
The best part about this movie, for me, was seeing Lancaster's Neptune Diner, Elizabethtown's Red Rose Motel, Lebanon's Farmers First Bank and tons of other Central PA landmarks on the silver screen. It's so cool to see a movie filmed where you live, especially when you live in such a po-dunk area. But beyond the local attractions, the movie is great! The acting is superb, the plot line keeps the viewer interested and the ending does not disappoint. It's the best work Donnie Wahlberg has done since NKOTB. Honestly - he was really good!! His character was very believable. Bess Armstrong put in a great performance - it took me the whole movie to figure out who she is ... she played the mom from My So Called Life. And Jasmine Guy (Southern Princess from A Different World, as some might recall), also puts in a great performance as the Madame of a whore house. Of course, Robert Forster is always great. All in all, a great movie worth seeing.

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