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Boogie Nights

Damn well near perfect
This film is one of the best films ever made period.It tells the story of the rise and fall and rise again of an adult movie star.I have nothing but love for this film,i always used to doubt it but one day i gave it a chance and its one of the best films ever made.The thing that makes this film so unique is that it is nothing like you have ever seen before,trust me there is no other film like it,if you had to compare it to any film it would probably be goodfellas,because everyone trusts each other,yes imagine goodfellas in the porn business.One of the reasons why I love this film so much is because the acting is so well done and perfectly executed,you really like the characters in this film particularly Mark Wahlberg's character as Dirk Diggler there is something so likable about him and his acting is superb and strangely something humorous.Sadly this film was overshadowed by Titanic at the time of its release but still this is easily the best film of that year and indeed one of the best of all time.I would give this film 6 out of 5 stars if i could.*****

The Ghost

This film is bad even for an action film
Now this is one of the worst films I have ever seen,its one of the worst martial arts films i've ever seen.Everything about this film sucks the acting the plot the dialogue even the martial arts choreography sucks and thats terrible for a martial arts film.Now i no what your going to say,"jackass, story isn't a big deal in a martial arts movie or any action movie its about the action and fight choreography."Yeah but thats my point the fight choreography sucks and seeing as action is a big part of a martial arts movie that is really pathetic, the entire film is unwatchable.The story isn't that bad its an excuse to just beat up hundreds of opponents, but the thing is its put together with bad acting and awful dialogue you just cant take the story seriously.The best actor in the entire film is Michael Madison (reservoir dogs,kill bill)and i cant even take him seriously,yes the actor known as the tough guy in films and i cant take him seriously.Back to the fight choreography, it sucks.Some of it doesn't even make sense,There's a part when a crippled guy with no legs on wheel chair is taken from behind by a bad guy he then just flips him over him,that doesn't make sense the guy he flipped over must have been twice his weight and with no balance on the chair seeing as hes missing his legs in theory-he should have buckled over. Look the point is this film is bad,bad for an action movie bad for a B-movie just don't bother watching this crap excuse for a martial arts movie.

Disaster Movie

OK these guys really have to stop making films the joke is over.The joke ended in scary movie 4 the comedy is so cheap its not funny its just stupid I never thought films would actually start telling bad jokes. in the end the only reason why they keep making these movies is because we keep watching them. yet they all keep doing well in the box office.the film has no plot they basically take elements from every single film released this year throw in a disaster and just TRY to make jokes out of them its just some huge cluster of films that are not related in any other way with just terrible jokes.How can u make a joke on Juno or of another un-funny film Zohan it just doesn't work or better yet how can you make fun out of a disaster,there is nothing funny about disasters its like doing a parody on schindlers list it wouldn't be funny,people die in disasters.This is isn't just the worst film released this year(i find it hard for any film in the near future to be worse than this)isn't just the worst comedy but probably the WORST FILM OF ALL TIME do not punish your self with this garbage i lost 90minutes of my life.avoid.


underrated and misunderstood
This was a highly misunderstood film at the time it was released it was controversial because its showed sex,drugs and violence as an everyday occurrence for the teenagers of new york some reviewers even calling it child porn. The thing that really made it controversial was HIV being spread by teenagers at a very young age,this was the most important aspect of the film because many found it hard to watch well too bad for that crowd because the truth hurts. That sort of thing is happening kids are having unprotected sex, kids are catching STI's.People found this very hard to except because the film shows how fast the aids virus can spread and it only takes one arrogant, reckless sexually active teenager to do it.This is a very sad film that takes place in 24hours an shows teenager with 1 mission to take the virginity of every girl unprotected little does he no is that he has caught the aids virus and his ex girlfriend also positive sets out to find him before he infects another girl. A very sad underrated and misunderstood film.


Visually stunning
This is not just one of the greatest anime movies ever made but one of the greatest animated movies of all time. This film is an amazing achievement in every aspect and really pushes the may animated movies are directed and presented.The film takes place in the a future reminiscent of art deco. It will be almost impossible to fully explain the story of metropolis in a comment alone for there are many important characters with there own back story but in brief i can tell you it is about a young boy and his detective uncle as they discover a humanoid robot with striking similarities to a human being. Wat immediately catches your attention of metropolis is the way it is presented, blending CGI with highly fluid hand drawn animation in a noir style this makes the film very memorable Wat's more striking is the character development with highly memorable characters with a great English and Japanese voice cast. You have a great deal of sympathy even for the antagonists e.g.You have the main antagonist shattered by the loss of his daughter and his right hand man born without parents adopted Duke Red (main antagonist) as a father but is often neglected and shunned by him.This is an excellent achievement for an animation and should not be missed this is a film that joins other anime greats like Akira and Princess Mononoke a must see film.

The Patriot

A good war film but melodramatic in most areas
Not all war movies are accurate Braveheart wasn't very accurate neither was Lawrence of Arabia but at least these movies try to portray what actually happened in that period of time not portraying the enemy as a sadistic race that deserve to die,unfortunately The Patriot does just that with the British army especially in the scene where the British army officer orders his men to burn a church filled with civilians,i know for a fact that this isn't historically true I do know that if there ever was a sadistic army that killed innocent women and children it is most likely to be the American army,Mel Gibson obviously has not heard of the Vietnam war which the USA were famous for killing thousands of innocent people raping women and making orphans of children.And also the way the film portrays the British as racists to African Americans despite the fact that America next to Nazi Germany was one of the most racist countries in the world, But put that all aside and you get some very descent acting and great battles fought although there slightly melodramatic. Here in Britain we are used to being the bad guys in American cinema despite the fact that some of the worlds most evil people live there ahem George w Bush,This is still a good war movie but hopefully American viewers wont actually believe what there seeing in certain made up scenes.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

one of the most controversial comedy films to date!
Never have I laughed so much in my life this is one of the funniest films I haver ever seen the songs are brilliant the story is great the way they ridicule one of the most evil men in the 2oth century Saddam Hussein is bloody funny ,I am a loyal south park fan and i have seen many Kenny deaths but the film has the best Kenny death when they replace his heart with a baked potato and in 3 seconds it explodes and kills him,I mean I never saw that coming.Also the swearing is hilarious i have never seen a movie with so many uses of the word f***,s***,b****,and b****** and how they use it like saying uncle f***** which is just genius,why didn't I think of that and boner biting cock master or was it different oh well the point is this film is just hilarious I remember watching it for the 1st time and i was like how the hell did they get away with some of the jokes I was shocked because they really pushed the boundaries in curse words.This is one of the most funniest films ever made but its not for the easily offended aka wimps,If you haven't seen this film watch it now on you tube or something if you have well watch it again.


Stormbreaker is a good film but its bad acting and short length makes it a missed opportunity
Stormbreaker was a good film adaption of the book and it keeps the story simple for young viewers but it does have its flaws such as poor acting from Alex Petyfer and his girlfriend who's real name i could not be f***** to search up,the only descent actor was Mickey Rourke as the scared multi millionaire phsycopath, also the film is rather short and the action sequences are average for me at least because I'm an action fanatic,I'm not surprised this film was a box office flop but it doesn't mean its not worth watching,The film is a bit of a missed opportunity and could have been better but still good,how ever further Alex Ryder movies should be avoided if Alex Petyfer's poor acting is to continue.

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