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An enjoyable and interesting film
Last week a family getting ready to move gave my wife and I a bag of books and a few films. One of the films was Transamerica. I glanced at the front and back and through "Hmmm, I didn't I know Mrs. H. was into weird movies". A few nights later my wife and I decided to give the film a try. The film was great, we're so tired of the same old Hollywood stuff, action, special effects, top dollar actors who could care less about the characters. The film captured us in the very beginning, we both empathized with Bree, understood her struggle, pain, and basic desire to be herself. The road trip was a great part of the film. I enjoyed the Calvin Manygoats and the meeting with her parents (the mom was great). I grew uncomfortable with Toby's desire to have sex with his biological father, as well as the tryst with the trucker, but this was an intergral part of the story and the film was very realistic. I learned a lot about the struggle and pain that these people have in life, it made me more accepting of their lives. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good story, exceptional acting, and good dialog. It's a very good film.

Robin Hood

You must watch the Director's Cut
I saw this movie when it first was released. I was not too pleased with it as I never connected with the story or characters. Last night my wife and I watched "The Director's Cut" and there were many scenes which have been added to make the film much better. In the theatrical release the whole part about the Sherwood Orphans is edited out, as was the scene where Godfrey's men attack Robin's party in the woods. Additional smaller scenes such as Robin and Sir Locksley talking about his father and Marion helping free the ram stuck in them mud added a whole another perspective to the film. I am not why the theatrical version was so edited (butchered) but this films is much better when the Director's Cut is viewed.

En ganske snill mann

Good Character Development
I watched this film while flying KLM (on of the benefits of flying a European airline). From the first scene at the gate where the prison security officer (never call 'em guards) wishes the "hero" good luck, you know that his life outside prison will be difficult. The film lacks and special effects, shoot 'em ups, guys outrunning explosions, and other over-the-top Hollywood style film work. Instead, it was a steady pace, like reading a good novel. You will find yourself in sympathy with the main character, feeling his frustration as his resists violence and submits to the women who desire him (he seems to take no pleasure in most of his encounters, but performs as required. I enjoyed this film and will add it to my collection when I get a chance, I can recommend this film to movie fans and I think you will enjoy it.

The Young Americans

Classic London Crime Drama
Well, it wasn't that bad of a film. Having collected a dozen or so London crime dramas I must admit while this one had some flaws (low budget)it quite well fits into the genre of the Classic British Crime Drama. The violence and paranoia of the gang leaders, including the American (when he hurts the young women at the party) captures the character of these types (as far as the scene in concerned). I thought the acting was good, the camera work was also interesting and the film kept moving forward to the climax which was still unknown 5 minutes before it took place. The scene with the wedding of Chris's father, where he is drunk and is overheard by the "goon" who immediately "rats" him out was well done. The scenes of the seedier sides of London was also well photographed, the smoke, grim, and age. All in all it was worth watching if you are not expecting something "great" like "Get Carter" or "Snatch".

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