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The Devils

Ken Russel's Best
I would honestly say that this is beyond anything else Ken Russel has made.... Having watched this maybe 20 times, it is a film, like most of Stanley Kubrick's films grow on you over time. Ken Russel is beautifully constrained and wacky at the same time. The most balanced film of his career!

Blade Runner 2049

I liked this more than the original
It will be years before you can stand back and see this for what it is... an absolute work of art. Yes it's a sequel, but the mood, the atmosphere, the risks taken, all stem towards a perfect film. I don't compare this to the original, because that's not the point. I like this more than the original because it has more artistic risks than the original, and i LOVE the original. Like a fine wine, this film age well.

Space Command

I was horrified watching this.
I don't like to write bad reviews, but my goodness, this is the most pompous over-hyped thing i have ever seen, and I can handle low budget films, etc, but this is something quite else.

I donated to this campaign with all the promises of great Sci-Fi with great writing and great production design. Years, later, this is all we get?

Firstly the directing: I cannot understand how the director(s) call themselves professional, as they have some amazingly good serious TV credits, but something here has gone horribly wrong. There is one scene that will illustrate this: when they set about on their big mission, the Captain starts telling a story about a pirate. It is so horrible and yet humorous, that you would almost did this to be perfectly bad. Go look at this on youtube, where it's officially free to watch. It's textbook what NOT to do as a director every sense.

The writing is ok, but it completely rips on Star Trek Next Gen and DS9, but not as good. The old Android slave trope... Nothing new, and badly re-purposed for this new vision of the future.

The production design, if you would call it this, looks like it's inspired by 50's Coney Island.

The actors are solid and good. The music is good.

The worse is the CG. It looks like a cartoon, and I don't mean in a good way, but something seriously went wrong in the producing of this. For example, there is a scene in an country childhood home. For some insane reason, it's all green screen. Why would you do this, when you are in California, and have access to farms everywhere? Or a scene where they are driving down a country road in a convertible. Green screen?

The sea thing is, when I donated to this campaign, it was on the promise of good CG spaceships from the guy who did Battlestar Galactica, and even solid directing from some Australian guy who had a lot of experience. But these people are good, and we are left with a disaster film in the worst way.

The Runaways

A wonderful film that showcases the magical town of Whitby, Yorkshire. Heartfelt, warm, and child-like... reminds me a bot of the old Enid Blyton stories. Leaves me warm... worth every moment, if you want real drama, and no VFX. Wonderful shot!


If you don't like this movie the first time you view it, watch it late at night!. Jake Gyllenhaal is rapidly becoming one of cinema's great actors, and this is perfect proof of how good he is getting. The film is a waking dream.


Film gets better over time
This is a film that you want to watch over and over, and every time, it gets better. The score is haunting and I think, like a good song, it helps with the repeated viewing.

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