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great movie
This is a movie that should be seen by everyone if you want to see great acting. Mr. Torn and Ms Farrel do an outstanding job. I think they should have it on TV again so a new audience can enjoy it. Wonderful performances.

It gives you a real feel of what the pioneers had to go through both physically and emotionally. Great unheard of movie.

It was done when Ms. Farrel was very young. I had always thought of her as a comedian, but this certainly is not a comedy and she is just wonderful. There is very little dialogs, but that just make it seem more real. Mr. Torn as always is a great presence and just his breathing has great feeling. I must see movie.

Ladies in Lavender

should be seen by everyone
This is one of those movies that you have to call a Gem. The story, the location and the performers are all wonderful. Judi Dench and Maggie Smith just make you smile they are so wonderful in their parts. How Judy Dench makes you see a wistful young girl glowing in her face is just amazing. Maggie Smith shows a strength and tenderness at the same time that just makes you wonder is there anything this actress cannot do? Why this movie was not given more distribution is beyond me. These are the kind of movies we should be promoting to the younger people so that they can see acting as it should be. Loved it every time I have seen it on Cable.

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