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You Stupid Man

Loved It....
This movie was not what I expected when I saw the trailer on HBO. It looked kinda just OK! I saw it once loved it so much that I bought it. It wasn't a really promoted movie, It was kinda hard to find!

It's a movie that you can watch over and over. It may not compare to when "Harry met Sally" (I wouldn't know, I never saw it.) Definitely, worth renting, if not buying. I've recommended this movie to a lot of my single female friends who have a good sense of humor and they've all loved it! One of my friend, has to replay one part over and over b/c she thinks it's hilarious, she laughs so hard she can't breathe.

I've watched other romantic comedies where they show the previews of all the funny parts, then you get to the movie and you all ready saw all the good parts. I say just give it a chance you may really like it! and if I've steered you wrong "I'm Sorry"

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