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Knocked Up

Just hit 60 minutes.....I haven't laughed yet
I'm obviously getting old and wise....

Love Heigl, but sorry these two have no chemistry and there's just no laughs!! While the Stone character is a nice guy I can't see Heigl falling in love with him because he's sweet...and the premise that falling preggers and the guy will do the right thing is not really based in this day and age.

I don't know who did the marketing on this one but they were worth every penny...because the movie certainly doesn't deliver.

If you haven't seen this wait for it to be on's not worth buying the DVD.

The Mummy

I voted nine because the average is so low..but would have voted 8
I just saw this again on TV last night and thought I'd check IMDb.

Why has this movie only got a 6.x rating? OK it's not an 8 movie but it's certainly worth a solid 7.2-7.3.

Then I looked at the previous voting scores and as of this date (June 06) 46 of the top 1000 IMDb voters had only given this movie a score of 1 and the median for the top 1000 IMDb voters was only 5.5.

Crikey you'd start to wonder if there were professional companies employed that 'load' the voting on IMDb? (I'm not suggesting for a moment that IMDb do though).

The movie itself is a damn good Indiana Jones type romp...nice mix of action and some good comedic's definitely a top mark popcorn movie (i.e. not going to stretch your brain cells too much) and as I said earlier certainly worthy of a Solid 7.2-7.3 on IMDb in my opinion.

I think IMDb is a great resource but have to wonder when I see stuff like this if the voting stats are getting manipulated by studios or other companies that have an interest sometimes.

Eleventh Hour

This is going to be very good....
Watched the first episode tonight.

Patrick Stewart brings the gravitas and presence that he brings to all his roles (on stage and screen). The first storyline is interesting and well developed, as well as asking some interesting questions about the morality issues involved (many Americans will hate part of this programme).

I think this show will run well, as long as it keeps interesting story lines and brings forward one or two strong support characters.

I suspect this show will even get picked up in the States (which means the Yanks will get to see the British version of White Trash...we have them too!!).

Good job to the production team, and you'll be pleased to know this is the first original show I've watched on ITV in about 4-5 years, keep em coming.

The Dark Hours

Truly original and interesting film
To anyone wanting to watch this film I have the following suggestions:- 1. Watch it with'll be debating the ending afterwards.

2. Don't expect glossy effects or graphics....this is a true psychological thriller.

3. Pay Attention....The more you put into this the more you'll get out of it.

4. Have an open mind to where the film leads you.

Frankly I have to say I think this is a little unknown gem. It was done on a shoestring budget and I suspect not many have heard of deserves wider release.

To anyone on the crew or cast who may read this can I offer my compliments. Well and believably acted, good lighting, good cinematography, appropriate score, well written and a Director who has pulled it all together to produce a great tight crafted product.

Good job made my weekend.


Commander in Chief

The writing just isn't up to it.....West Wing light?
I've been a big fan of Geena for a long time, and have no problem with the concept of the show with a female president. However the show lacks the gravitas of the West Wing and I have to observe that the requirement to focus on the kids seems to me to have been decided by viewer demographics rather than plot development.

However all that said it has potential, with tighter writing, better plot development and 'harder' story lines it could run.

To the earlier posters that have stated this is a H Clinton push for the presidency I really believe that's naive. I'm sure Hillary will run, but in response the republicans could put forward Condie who's Black, Female and has no obligated 'history' of accepting donations from power groups and probably has the best intellect in the Bush White House.

Will it make a 2nd season, i'm betting no better then 50-50 unless it improves.

Gangs of New York

Just couldn't get into it........
Sumptuously filmed, fantastic cast, great sets, detailed costumes.

But I just could not get into this's slow in parts and I think it's failing is I don't care about the characters. Actually while writing these comments I think I've worked out why it doesn't work for me, perhaps if we'd seen more bonding between DiCaprio and his father at the beginning I could have understood the passion for revenge.

I read somewhere that the score was changed at the last minute and the original cut was an hour longer, I'd like to see that version to see if the whole thing jells better then.

Shame...I wanted to like it.

Sgt. Bilko

I'd seen this before....and forgotten!!
I'd seen this movie before and didn't even remember till the wedding scene....and then couldn't remember anything else about it.

It's really sad when they try to take a character created by a stand up comedian (don't believe for a moment that Nat Hiken created Bilko....Nat Hiken created a character based around Phil Silvers schtick) and then say someone else can play him. In the real world where we live (rather then Hollywoodland) certain characters are the people that play them and vice versa (can you imagine anyone else playing Indiana Jones?) and this is a sad attempt to just cash in on the character.....well it makes me feel better to see the movie looks like it lost money!!

Also on a final note after Steve Martin did this once wouldn't he have learnt better before trying to play Clouseau?

Ho Hum...maybe they'll never learn!!

The Ex

This is really really really bad
The material is poor....the script's dreadful....the acting mediocre at best and the music telegraphs what the scene is supposed to be communicating like a kick in the head.

Give this one a miss....even Yancy Butlers not hot enough even in the semi nude scenes to save this tripe.

I'm amazed people rave about Yancy Butler.....given what I've seen here and in the couple of other things I've seen her in she hasn't got the depth or presence to be a star...and her off screen behaviour would tend to indicate she knows that as well.

Last thing is where was this shot? I don't recognise the externals.

Ground Control

Oh dear.....what a mess.
Really good cast in this movie let down by V. poor writing. While I never worked in ATC I am familiar with ATC procedures and flight procedures. There are so many technical holes and plot holes in this mess you could fly a 747 through them. Also the lack of atmosphere and tension is palpable and it's not helped by the obvious one stage set. Shame as the concept had the potential for an interesting movie.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Where's the Beef??
Making T movies 101

1. Chase scenes should have tension...not just be excuses to smash up everything in site.

2. Jokes in the earlier movies were delivered deadpan...not strung out with an implied 'insert audience laugh here' (The glasses joke would have been much funnier if they hadn't been so obviously an attempt to get a laugh).

3. The first two movies were intelligent...even the FX were intelligent (the floor morph scene was brilliant in concept and execution).

4. It BADLY missed mom (or a similar obsessed character).

5. Did anyone explain to Nick Stahl he was meant to be Streetwise?

I could go on...but frankly these and other problems have to be levelled at Mostow...the writing was weak, but the director gets paid the BIG BUCKS to deliver a finished product.

I suspect that the ending was so done so T4 can be much less Arnie focused?

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