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The Fosters

The Fosters: Callie me looks adorable.
The truth is that this type of series, never liked me. However the strength of the characters and especially the very great interpretation of Maia Mitchell as Callie. Makes the series win incredible strength. Also if I was Maia would be nominated for an Emmy.

It is a very different, the series of this thematic series. That gets produce many effects on viewers.

Warning: Possible spoilers! It all starts when we meet Callie, a girl who is much sweeter than it seems. Your host for The Fosters, as rescues his brother. As fighting Universe seems to have it certified. And above all demonstrate the evil of some people, among other things, blaming everything on it (the worst is that this is very real, because that happens in the real world, unfortunately). As I say, makes something different and almost innovative series, in such dramas.

This series also shows that the adoption system, becomes really perverse and as certain features may get a person is looking differently. Anyway not know much about the American system of adoptions, so I'm not going to say more about it.

Overall the series, is very good. Despite being a drama is different and that makes you have to do. Recommended.

El ministerio del tiempo

Probably one of the best series created in Spain in the last 20 years.
The series has many strengths. Especially the script that is of great quality.

Many nods and references to other series and movies are made. But the best thing is a more scientific than fantastic series:

Warning: spoiler of the argument!

The series is based on a simple argument regarding understand. The Ministry of Time is an entity "secret" that is based on preventing evil traveling to the past can change something that harms the future (of course, the future of the past is the present). To that does not happen there are a number of people elected from different centuries, they must complete a series of missions, traveling different times.

The characters of the series, they encounter different situations, some funny and some not so. In any case, the mixture is perfect for maintaining the tension in each episode.

The script, as I said, of high quality. The characters, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, another key point and the argument itself, together form a series of high very entertaining and enjoyable to watch quality. Highly recommended.

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