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The Rocket Post

A beautiful, moving film.
Mainly set on a remote island off the coast of Harris, called Scarp, the "The Rocket Post" is a well made, acted and plotted film, slightly based on truth. It follows themes of: mail rockets, which were being designed and tested just before WWII; of romance; and of life on many of the Scottish Islands. The film may not mean much for people who are not familiar with Scottish landscapes or pre-war history and political ideas in Europe in the 1930's, but those who do know Scottish landscapes and something of the period of this film, hopefully, will find the film entertaining, intriguing and emotional.

I particularly warmed to the main characters, the Rocket Scientist Gerhard Zucher and Catriona Mackay, who will soon leave the island on which she has grown up to study at St Andrews. The relationship between the two is sweet, if a little predictable, but to just wait and watch them throughout the film makes it more exciting and beautiful. The scenery of the island and the depiction of life around croft farming is well done and give the viewer an idea of the hardiness and traditions that have almost gone from Scotland and its Isles, but which I'm sure many from those parts of Britain would like to keep.

I recommend this film to those who know something about Scotland and Nazi Germany before the War, and for those who wish to watch a moving, partly romantic story.

Nimbus libéré

Creepy, but very interesting historically.
I rate this tiny little cartoon 2 out of 10 because it was, basically, made by the Nazis as propaganda, using a cartoon studio in occupied France. Here, we see several familiar American cartoon characters, including Goofy, Mickey Mouse and Popeye - presented in an entirely new light, which is not surprising considering who wanted them made.

The animation is of surprisingly good quality, considering this was done in Europe in the midst of its biggest war, World War II just in case the word "Nazi" doesn't immediately make you think of any particular modern historical period. It is disgusting and completely cringe-worthy in its depressing plot, painful execution and dodgy subject matter. Don't watch this for entertainment, seriously. If you do wish to view it, view it with only historical and animation interests in mind.

Napoleon Bunny-Part

Boy, it's been long!
A few years ago, I went through a huge phase of reviewing Looney Tunes cartoons on this website, and I thought, "Why not do another one, for the memories?" So I did. I mean, I will. I mean, I am. Whatever.

This is an amusing Bugs Bunny cartoon, not the best by any means, but certainly enjoyable. The backgrounds and the surprisingly realistic portrayals of French architecture were pleasant and Bugs Bunny's lines were funny, his schemes almost as so. Napoleon, the little man maltreated by Bugs Bunny, is a stereotypical and only vaguely amusing character. His guard provides a few giggles, but is nothing special. So, overall, Bugs Bunny, the animation and a few of the gags, particularly the spoken lines, make the episode.

I recommend this to people who like stereotypes of Napoleon, references to old music (I don't want to give away spoilers) and, of course, Bugs Bunny! Enjoy "Napoleon Bunny-Part."

Sgt. Bilko

A VERY good film!
I have watched a few films with Steve Martin and really enjoyed them all, but this is, so far, my definite favourite. I have not watched the original series of "Sgt. Bilko", but I picked up the idea of this film pretty quickly and I enjoyed almost every minute. The humour is very crazy, similar to cartoon humour, but at the same time it is often very intelligent. I felt many "YES!" moments in this film, lines or scenes where the hilarity, words and or slapstick were just about PERFECT.

Not only were the lines and funny scenes mostly very well-written and done, but the characters were memorable and (mostly) relatable and the plot itself was engaging enough, though sometimes a little too farcical.

I recommend this film to people who love "mad," but clever humour, people who like Steve Martin and already have an idea of his acting style and to people who like to see a "unique" portrayal of what goes on in the US army (not that it's realistic of course...). Enjoy "Sgt. Bilko"! :-)

The Hunger Games

Mixed feelings about this sick film.
Firstly, I watched this film without having read the book and only having a vague idea of the plot. So I was not expecting the film to be quite as sick and twisted as it was. The fact that so many kids have to die in the film is sad and wrong. I cried when I saw one (really REALLY nice) character die. Also, the beginning, when all the kids aged 12-18 are forced to come up to risk their lives in the Hunger Games (although only two from each Province are randomly picked), made me feel very angry with the government and upper class people in the film, who are in charge of the cruel operation of the Hunger Games.

I saw it with a group of friends, including my sibling. My sibling told his best friend, who was with us, the basic plot of the film before we watched it. After we had all watched "The Hunger Games", my sibling's best friend told said that he had thought his plot synopsis was a joke. He had thought the basic plot, (kids being picked to kill each other) was a joke! This goes to show that even tough kids will be shocked by the premise of this film.

So, yes, the film has its moments. Call me cheesy, but I did enjoy the romance scenes, probably because they were some of the few scenes in the film where people show any degree of humanity or feeling. I also thought the acting, the character development, the designs and the costumes were brilliant. But most of the film just turned my stomach as they were so inhumane, barbaric and irritating, because of this.

Pinky and the Brain: Das Mouse
Episode 1, Season 1

A very good start to an absolutely brilliant series.
Considering this is the first episode of "Pinky and the Brain", I reckon they had the characters, main plot idea and humour very well sussed out. I am not sure if it is my all-time favourite episode (although admittedly I have not watched many), it is nonetheless very amusing and entertaining.

In every episode, as you may well be aware, Brain, a lab mouse, tries to take over the world each night. In each episode he fails, usually due to the foiling of his plans caused by his rather less intelligent companion Pinky, another lab mouse whose genes have been spliced. Despite their differences, Brain and Pinky complement each other. While Brain is highly intelligent, yet has surprisingly evil intentions, dark sarcasm and not much niceness about him, Pinky is very stupid, mad, crazy and very nice indeed, he never means to hurt anybody unless Brain tells him to.

In this particular episode, Brain's plan to take over the world involves hypnotising people by giving them a particular substance, then Brain can mind-control them. Pinky randomly suggests something along the lines of a pancake feast for the people Brain wants to mind- control and just as Brain becomes irritated with Pinky's ramblings, he realizes he can put the substance into the pancakes, so attracting people to be hypnotised. So he can manage to put this plan into action, he also needs to procure some crabs which only live at the bottom of the Titanic. It is the start of a dangerous adventure for Pinky and the Brain...

I recommend this episode to anyone who loves Pinky and the Brain already and for those who have not, it is a brilliant introduction. I recommend the whole series to children and adults alike, there are many political or scientific jokes here that adults but not kids will find amusing. Enjoy "Das Mouse"! :D

P.S Since I wrote this review I have discovered that before this episode, there were several small episodes of Pinky and the Brain in the series "Animaniacs." I still enjoy the episode just as much, but now understand how the pair managed to be as good as they were.

Fool Coverage

One of the better episodes.
Well, "Fool Coverage" does contain a great deal of predictable slapstick, but it still remains one of my preferred Looney Tunes cartoons. This is partly because it has a clever plot idea: a Life Insurance salesman and customer story. It allows Daffy Duck to continuously try to damage Porky Pig or his property, driving the plot and for Porky Pig to be a strong character resisting Daffy's wishes (mostly, anyway). There are a few humorous verbal jokes, particularly towards the end and the cartoon has good pace, music and pretty good animation.

Basically, in this cartoon, Daffy, who works in Life Insurance, is trying to sell Porky Pig a good deal. Porky Pig has no interest in Daffy's sales (even when Daffy Duck offers Porky a million dollars for a black eye) and so politely sends him out. Daffy Duck, clearly desperate, is determined to have some money and has a few plans up his sleeve to make sure he procures a customer...

I recommend this episode to all who like Daffy Duck in general, he is in his more greedy state here, but not so much that he is purely despicable, as in some other episodes. I recommend this also to people who like Porky in general, who is in his normal state of affairs here. Lastly, I recommend this to people who love Looney Tunes overall and like having a good laugh.

Enjoy "Fool Coverage"! :-)

The Stupor Salesman

Interesting cartoon, one of the better Daffy Duck cartoons.
I first watched this cartoon quite some time ago and forgot almost all of it. I have just viewed it again and is much better than I remembered. Despite it being full of predictable slapstick, Daffy here is crazily hilarious and there are some quite witty/slapstick gags. Some parts of the cartoon are a little disappointing, which I cannot reveal without giving the main plot away. Overall, the aspects of this cartoon that I liked were: Some of the animation, the idea of the the plot, Daffy Duck himself, Daffy Duck's determination in the cartoon, some of the products that Daffy tries to sell.

In "The Stupor Salesman", we see a bank robber stealing from The Last National Bank (I'm sure there is a joke here of some kind which I am not totally getting). We then see policemen trying to search for the bank robber and radio presenters through radios alerting his robbery. The robber arrives safely back at his house in the middle of the woods and Daffy Duck, a very determined and practised salesman, arrives at the robber's house and tries to sell him some of his various products. The robber keeps threatening Daffy and refusing everything he sells, but in no way is Daffy getting the hint...

A very amusing Daffy Duck cartoon. It is not a gem, but it certainly is not mediocre either! Definitely worth watching for every Daffy Duck fan, particularly for those who like him in his transition from craziness to greediness, as in this cartoon. Enjoy "The Stupor Salesman"! :-)

Thumb Fun

A very funny episode.
For some reason I really like this particular Daffy Duck and Porky Pig episode. I guess it is because the idea of the episode is an interesting one, the cartoon has a good mixture of slapstick and witty jokes, it has only a few predictable ones and mainly unpredictable ones. Both Porky's and Daffy's characters are very well-developed and the ideas of the plot are well-devised. Daffy Duck is not exactly greedy in this episode, but he is very horrible to Porky. Luckily he is pretty crazy here and my favourite type of Daffy is a crazy Daffy. Porky Pig is very likable here and until Daffy Duck butts in is a very safe respectable driver.

Anyhow, basically here Daffy Duck wants to go south for the winter but cannot be bothered to fly like the other birds. He reckons a good way to travel south is by hitch-hiking, so he begins to attempt hitch-hiking at the start. After a few cars pass him and do not let him ride, he manages to make his way into the car of none other than Porky Pig... Will he manage to travel down south by hitch-hiking...?

I recommend this episode to Daffy Duck fans, or fans of the crazy Daffy Duck, to Porky Pig fans and to those who like Looney Tunes in general. This episode has an interesting plot idea, which is the subject of hitch-hiking, something that I have not watched since in a Looney Tunes episode before or since I first saw this cartoon. Enjoy "Thumb Fun"! :-)

Mary and Max

A truly unusually brilliant film.
I was tempted to give this film ten stars, but "Mary and Max" seems to give the message that Aspies and Autistic people shouldn't be "cured" in any way, which is not the case.

I was lucky enough to watch this at a pre-release screening in Scotland and I must say I am very glad I watched "Mary and Max". Not only is it well-animated, but the ideas presented, the ironic, black humour and the storyline are simply spectacular. When I saw an advert for this film the animation reminded me of Tim Burton animations such as "The Nightmare Before Christmas", but it is a totally different from anything like that. There are many adult themes and black jokes presented in this film, meaning I would not recommend it for anyone under the age of twelve, simply because it is too good to misunderstand.

I will continue this review by commenting on each of the aspects in turn.

Dialogue and storyline: This film is very well written. The idea of a young girl writing to a 40 year old man with Asperger's is one which is not only very unexpected, but very clever. It allows not only an intelligent, at times funny script, but it also allows the viewer to understand more about Aspies and the world in general. Some of the humour included is very funny, but at the same time this film also has very sad parts. Overall, this film is not to be taken lightly.

Animation and filming: This film is almost solely plasticine animation, which gives it an appropriately nostalgic style, along with the sepia and black and white filming. The life of the Australian girl is sepia, in browns like her birthmark and eyes. The life of the American is black and white, reflecting how gloomy most of his experiences are.

Themes: The themes presented include: Asperger's Syndrome, Depression, Alcoholism, Homophobia, Communism, Psychology, Processed foods, Sweet foods, Blindness and Suicide, among many others. Some of these may not be apparent to younger or even very Aspie viewers, to truly understand this view one needs quite a wide knowledge of the world. The themes are either dealt with in a comic or melancholy way, each leaving its own imprint on the film and making it more entertaining.

As I mentioned above, the only thing that I disliked about this film is how the makers hint that people with Asperger's should be left pretty much as they are. Some Aspies can do with therapy or guidance in life to make sure they cope with normal people. The therapist that Max has in this film is shown to be a bad therapist, but now there are many different methods for teaching Aspies and Autistic people how to become more normal, while still appreciating many of their Aspie traits.

Overall I recommend this to anyone who wants more of an idea of people with Asperger's, Aspies themselves, or pretty much anyone over the age of 12 who can deal with a rather depressing film. I hope you find "Mary and Max" worth watching! :-)

Hop, Look and Listen

Another good cartoon with Sylvester but not Tweetie
Don't get me wrong, I love Tweetie, but I'm so used to associating Sylvester with Tweety that I find it good to watch cartoons with Sylvester and different characters once in a while.

This particular Looney Tunes episode features a joey kangaroo, in a zoo, who manages to hop out of his mother's pouch, out of the zoo cage and into the big wide world. After one or two scrapes with humans, the joey arrives at Sylvester's house, where the cat is using a fishing rod to pick up mice (yes, very strange...). Finding the place where the mice live, the joey tugs on Sylvester's line and soon he's up against one big mouse!! At least, he thinks it's a mouse...

I enjoyed this episode because of some of the remarks from Sylvester, the very cute joey and the way the cartoon turns out in the end. The episode was quite slapsticky and predictable in places but I liked it all the same.

I recommend this episode to people who love Sylvester, to people who like a mixture of slapstick and verbal jokes in Looney Tunes and to people who like Looney Tunes in general. Enjoy "Hop, Look and Listen"! :-)

Bugs' Bonnets

A very good episode - reminds me of drama improvisation!
"Bugs' Bonnets" begins as a psychological study on the different clothes that people wear and it gives examples of how the same person can change if he or she wears different outfits (which is not the case in real life). When Elmer Fudd is chasing Bugs Bunny in the woods, a van containing various hats, driving on a bridge above the pair, has its doors broken open and the hats and outfits fall out. Throughout the episode Bugs and Elmer wear different hats and change their personalities and roles dramatically throughout the episode.

I do not know if anyone else noticed (if you watched the episode) but this episode reminded me of the sort of activities one does in drama, changing your personality completely just to sort an outfit. A bit like the reviewer Lee Eisenberg with his random theories, it may have only occurred to me and not to anyone else...

Anyway, here is a list of the good things about this Bugs Bunny + Elmer Fudd episode: 1. The idea is a clever and amusing one and is used well in the cartoon. 2. The "base" characters are good in this episode and the "added" characters are also very well done and amusing. 3. The cartoon opens and ends well, parts of episodes I feel can very often be patchy in a Looney Tunes cartoon. 4. The back-ground animation is very good, the character animation could be better, but it is not an issue in this episode. 5. The music was well done and often changed dramatically in this cartoon, which I liked.

If there was anything I did not like so much about the episode, it was the quickness of some of the character changes, the unnecessary pauses between some of the character changes and the slightly racist point where Bugs Bunny starts shooting Elmer Fudd as soon as Bugs is wearing Native American costume (I thought Americans had gone a bit better about that by the mid 1950's, but maybe I was mistaken).

I recommend this episode to any fan of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd cartoons, to people who enjoy Looney Tunes in general and to people who love quick-changing personalities in a cartoon.

I Taw a Putty Tat

The second appearance of Tweetie Pie and Sylvester together.
I personally thought this was one of the better Tweetie Pie and Sylvester cartoons (even though they are all good in some way). This was because some gags were used, both in a slapstick and speaking style, that are not usually found in a TP + S cartoon. It was a good surprise to see some of the hat gags and Tweetie's animation style in this cartoon. Also, Tweetie Pie was hardly at all a coward in this cartoon, usually he is vewy quick to retweat into his bird cage. Here however, he acts as a little bit of a Jerry (as in Tom and Jerry) or Bugs Bunny character, interacting with the enemy to get him into horrible situations. Obviously Tweetie Pie has to be more careful with this kind of character approach than say, Bugs, but the role play works very well and I hope I see it in more TP + S cartoons.

The only thing that bugged me about this episode is the creepiness of it, you hear the calls of half-digested mice that Sylvester has eaten and you can tell Sylvester has very recently eaten a bird at the beginning of the cartoon. Most TP + S episodes are not quite this brutal.

Anyhow, the main plot in this episode may be familiar to Sylvester and Tweeite Pie fans, the human in the house buys a new bird from the nearest pet shop and Sylvester tries to eat him, after succeeding snacking on five previous feathered pets in his abode. Will he succeed in making a snack out of Tweetie Pie?

I very much recommend this to people who enjoy TP + S cartoons and to people who would like to see Tweetie as a bit less of a coward than usual. Enjoy "I Taw a Putty Tat"! :-)

8 and a half out of ten.

Upswept Hare

Very good episode!! :-)
I enjoyed this episode a great deal for the following reasons:

1. Bugs Bunny is very funny and entertaining. 2. Elmer Fudd is reasonably good here (he has a very good taste in plants, anyhow, as you will see if you watch the cartoon). 3. The animation is quite an odd style for the time but perfectly pleasant. 4. The "Rome" song is FAB! :-) 5. Elmer Fudd has an excessive pent house which makes the cartoon enjoyable (for some reason).

In this episode, Elmer Fudd is driving in the desert one day when he comes across a rare flower. He excitedly digs it up and takes in it in his car to his top-floor apartment in a skyscraper. Little does he realize that he has also dug up a rabbit, who is very surprised when he realizes he is bathing in an apartment swimming pool rather than in desert waters...

The only thing I found a bit iffy about this cartoon was the last third or so of it. It was almost as if the makers had had a discussion saying: "Oh, I've just realized this cartoon has no plot. Oh, we'd better stick one in at the end. Let's do this.." BLAHBLAHBLAH... It's not that this last part of the cartoon is bad or unentertaining, but in a way it is almost unnecessary and has a very different gag and storyline style compared to the rest of the cartoon.

I recommend this cartoon to anyone who likes Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, as well as Looney Tunes in general. This cartoon is recommended both to people who like the witty side and the slapsticky side of the animated series. Enjoy "Upswept Hare"! :-)

8 and a half out of ten.

Hare Lift

My personal second favourite Yosemite Sam + Bugs Bunny cartoon.
This was an incredibly enjoyable episode, with a good mixture of well-thought slapstick jokes, witty jokes and a few traditional but entertaining slapstick gags. The plot and the idea of the cartoon was well-thought up and the references of "Falling Hare" brought in were funny to watch and worked brilliantly in this cartoon too.

It starts with the world's largest plane driving over Bugs Bunny's home, in fact, one of the wheels obscures most of Bugs Bunny's entrance, but he manages to escape and observe the plane. Fancying a "50 cent tour", he goes on the ESCALATOR (yes, not steps, but an ESCALATOR) leading up to the inside of the plane. My personal favourite quote in the episode, that comes up here, is: "It's the Grand Central Station with wings!" Boarding the plane with Bugs Bunny is none other than Yosemite Sam, who orders the Bunny to drive him and the plane outta here...

I laughed out loud a great deal during this cartoon and it deserves to have people laughing at it. I highly recommend this cartoon to anyone who likes Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam and to people who enjoy Looney Tunes in general. Enjoy "Hare Lift"! :-)

8 and a half out of ten.

Oily Hare

Goes to show how excessive Americans were - and can be for that matter!
Ah, what splendours are the oil drills of this cartoon, giving SOO much money to the people of the US of A... That is, until one excessively spoilt man in the most excessive limousine I have seen EVEN in a cartoon, spots one hole out in the Wild West that 'as no oil drill on it. He and his "assistant" Maverick work on it right away, but soon enough Bugs Bunny comes up to see why an oil drill is being built over his home. The man heading the oil drill building (who sounds like Yosemite Sam but doesn't look very much like him) decides he's gonna blast Bugs Bunny outta his 'ole, he's determined to get that oil. On the other hand, Bugs Bunny's not so pleased and does his best to stop his hole being blown up...

This cartoon was very slapsticky and was full of pretty predictable jokes, however I could not help finding it entertaining. (Usually I do not enjoy the slapstick in Looney Tunes very much, by the way.) Just to see the excessiveness of the limousine and to see how the characters thought of the oil drills made me find this cartoon funny. What saddens me is that Bugs Bunny was all right with oil drills in principle, I would be put off them if they covered the whole of the Wild West (as they did in the cartoon)! However, I disapprove of them in principle already anyway.

If you are interested in seeing cartoon representing Wild West people hungry for money and to see Bugs Bunny up to his usual, pretty entertaining antics, I recommend "Oily Hare". Enjoy! :-)

Rabbit Every Monday

A particularly good Bugs Bunny vs Yosemite Sam.
In this Looney Tunes episode, we see Yosemite Sam assuming an unusual role (for him) as a rabbit hunter, a role that (as I know all Looney Tunes fans will know) Elmer Fudd usually takes, while Yosemite Sam is usually the gangster with a gun (or sword, possibly). Bugs Bunny is cooking carrots just outside his burrow and as he fools Elmer Fudd, he fools Yosemite Sam and does a good job of making sure the hunter does not catch him. However, will Bugs Bunny remain in his burrow..?

I thought this episode would be pretty predictable, as most Yosemite Sam vs Bugs Bunny episodes are (and because of that they are not my favourite type of Looney Tunes cartoons). However, some pretty unexpected gags and plot twists did occur, making this episode all the more entertaining. Possibly my favourite slapstick gag in this episode was the bubblegum was, the cartoon makers use it to lead Yosemite Sam into all sorts of scrapes. This episode did not contain as much speaking jokes as I would have liked, though, although neither do pretty much any of the YS vs BB episodes, as those types of cartoons rely almost entirely on slapstick.

I recommend the episode to people who like all Yosemite Sam vs Bugs Bunny cartoons and to people who prefer something a little less predictable in a Looney Tunes cartoon. Enjoy "Rabbit Every Monday"! :-)

P.S Near the beginning of the cartoon the Looney Tunes episode "Daffy Duck and Egghead" is referenced, when we see a member of a cinema audience starting to walk away. No-one is shot in the audience by a cartoon character in "Rabbit Every Monday", unlike in the episode where the gag was originally made.

8 and a half out of ten.

Rabbit Hood

Particularly funny. :-D
I very much enjoyed this Bugs Bunny cartoon for the following reasons: 1. The way they played on the Robin Hood + Little John + Sheriff of Nottingham stories. 2. Bugs Bunny's character and how he reacts to the cartoon's situations, here he is a very intelligent bunny. 3. The humour, it is often very witty and quite unexpected. When it is slapsticky and predictable, though, it is still pretty well pulled off. 4. The background animation, very lovely colours and animation style. 5. The cameo appearance of a famous actor at the end, obviously taken from a film.

If there was anything that I felt was imperfect about the cartoon, it was the fact that it was slightly slapsticky at points (there is one dragged out slapstick bit near the end which the makers could have cut a little).

In this cartoon, Bugs Bunny has unknowingly arrived at the castle grounds of the King in Robin Hood's time and has picked a carrot from the King's Carrot Patch. Unfortunately, the King has a strict policy for whoever steals his carrots and it seems to be the rack for Bugs Bunny if he does not manage to escape...

I recommend this cartoon to anyone who likes Bugs Bunny and to anyone who likes a good enough mixture of slapstick and witty humour in a Looney Tunes cartoon. Enjoy, "Rabbit Hood"! :-) 8 and a half out of ten.

P.S Did anyone else notice that the tune for the opening credits was the same one they used for "Duck Amuck" in about 4 years time?

The Gallopin' Gaucho

A very catchy Mickey Mouse and a very hot Minnie Mouse. :-D
Personally, unlike the other reviewers of this cartoon, I found "Galloppin' Gaucho" very entertaining and I personally prefer it to Mickey Mouse's first two cartoons before it, "Plane Crazy" and "Steamboat Willie", for the following reasons: 1. In the previous episodes, Mickey Mouse was quite a horrible, prank-playing character, who could be quite mean to Minnie Mouse or innocent animals. In this episode, he was not particularly mean to anyone (anyone innocent, anyway) and was very good to Minnie. 2. The plot in this cartoon is somewhat cliché, but I found it very entertaining all the same and is a plot change from the Looney Tunes cartoons I usually watch (where no respected girlfriend is featured). 3. As I mentioned before, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are very "cool" in this episode and they both dance very well (in a sort of slow-music style).

In this cartoon, Mickey Mouse is travelling on an ostrich/rhea, in South America and he stops at a bar by the road. There, he sees a very attractive female mouse, dancing to the guitar. She too notices Mickey and also finds him very attractive and they dance together (once both have impressed each other a little more). Suddenly, Minnie Mouse is snatched away by a huge (but normal size in real-life comparison from mice to cats) and fierce cat, who obviously plans on eating her. He takes Minnie away to his abode and Mickey quickly decides to go on after her. Will Mickey Mouse save his new love in time? I recommend this cartoon to anyone who enjoys Mickey and Minnie Mouse cartoons in general and to people who like old cartoons with a clever slapstick style intertwined with the story. Enjoy "Gallopin' Gaucho"! :-) 8 and a half out of ten.

Plane Crazy

This cartoon makes me realise how overrated "Steamboat Willie" is.
For a great portion of my life I thought that "Steamboat Willie", the Mickey Mouse cartoon made straight after this one, was the first cartoon of our favourite cartoon mouse. However, I discovered this cartoon, "Plane Crazy" and have just watched it on Youtube and read that THIS cartoon actually holds the fame. Why all the fact books say that "Steamboat Willie" is Mickey's debut I have not a clue.

Personally I prefer this cartoon to "Steamboat Willie", as I found it more entertaining, funny and more sweet (near the beginning, towards the end it is not very sweet, but still quite entertaining). Not to say that "Steamboat Willie" pales considerably in comparison, I enjoyed both cartoons very much.

Anyhow, in "Plane Crazy", Mickey Mouse is planning for a plane flight (in those days planes were less than 30 years old and would have probably been particularly exciting in a cartoon). With the help of another animal as an engine, Mickey tries flying the plane that a few other animals have made for him, but unfortunately it does not work very well and it crashes. Downhearted, Mickey attempts to make a new plane, starting with a normal motorcar (it is a cartoon, it is NOT realistic). His girlfriend (obviously Minnie Mouse), gives him a horseshoe for luck before Mickey takes off in his new plane. Will this flight be a success..?

I recommend this cartoon to anyone who likes or is interested in Mickey Mouse and to people who just enjoy watching old cartoons. Enjoy "Plane Crazy"! :-)

Rebel Rabbit

An extremely good Bugs Bunny!! :-D
I really enjoyed this original, hilarious, clever, America-spoofing episode! I enjoyed it for the reasons above (this episode does not spoof America in an insulting way, just really pokes at the things America loves and is proud of) and I also enjoyed it for Bugs Bunny's over-dramatic character, the animation, the plot idea and the way it is carried out. If there was one thing that I slightly did not enjoy about the episode, it is the fact that Bugs Bunny does very horrible things in this cartoon, which surely he would dislike if someone else did them, but I guess he had just gone psychotic in this episode.

Anyway, in "Rebel Rabbit", we see Bugs Bunny in the woods reading fox and bear hunting posters, which say that $50 will be awarded for a dead fox and $75 will be given for a dead bear. When Bugs Bunny comes to a rabbit poster, saying that 2 cents will be given for a dead rabbit, the bunny is FURIOUS, saying that he is "worth more" and goes all the way to Washington to complain. Will Bugs Bunny earn his revenge..?

I highly recommend this episode to any Looney Tunes watcher, anyone who likes Bugs Bunny and to anyone who loves crazy, screwball ideas in a Looney Tunes cartoon. Enjoy "Rebel Rabbit"! :-)

P.S Included in this cartoon are some full-blown (and crazily over the top for the cartoon) military scenes, including tanks, men on horses and aeroplanes. It does not need to be taken seriously (unlike some of the war references in Looney Tunes episodes such as "Scrap Happy Daffy" and "Daffy Duck Commando") and is a pretty good addition to the cartoon.

Bugs Bunny Rides Again

I've watched 11 Yosemite Sam + Bugs Bunny episodes in my life, now I've watched this one and it is my favourite of the 12!
I particularly enjoyed this Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny cartoon for the following reasons: 1. Not only were there the slapstick jokes typical of cartoons with these two main characters, but there were also an unusual (for this type of cartoon) amount of witty speeches, coming from Bugs, which I really liked. This may not be a highlight to Looney-Tunes-Slapstick fans, but I LOVE wittiness in this cartoon series. 2. The slapstick jokes were generally unexpected, fast-paced and amusing and even the farce was enjoyable (which occurs in about the middle of the episode). 3. Bugs Bunny did well, as he usually does in YS+BB cartoons, he provided most of the humour in this one, including slapstick and speaking humour. 4. There are a few memorable scenes in this cartoon which you can watch and enjoy without seeing the whole thing (e.g the dancing scene and the card scene).

I cannot rate this a 9 or a 10 because a select few of the jokes were predictable and slapsticky, but this is little to quibble over.

Anyway, in "Bugs Bunny Rides Again," there is a huge gunfight going on in a town (reminiscent of the later "Drip Along Daffy") and Yosemite Sam steps into a bar with seemingly tough criminals, however they all cower when Yosemite Sam speaks. The newcomer manages to make everyone flee out of the bar, except for a bunny who is willing to oppose him. Will Bugs Bunny succeed in outsmarting Yosemite Sam..? I recommend this cartoon to people who enjoy Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny cartoons in general and to people who usually find YS+BB episodes too slapsticky and would prefer watching one with more witty jokes. Enjoy "Bugs Bunny Rides Again"! :-) 8 and a half out of ten.

The Ugly Duckling

Personally I prefer the 1939 "Ugly Duckling" cartoon, but only because it is more nostalgic for me.
I've known this cartoon for a few years now and I like the way in which Disney has changed round the story to fit what he wanted to say. Here the ugly duckling is not accepted as an adult by swans, but still as an ugly duckling for saving the lives of his "brothers and sisters" (I won't tell you how, you have to see for yourself in the cartoon, mwahaha).

If you know either the 1939 Disney version of this story or the original Hans Christian Anderson story, then the first part of the plot of this cartoon will come as no surprise to you. It starts with a mother chicken sitting on her nests and (conveniently for the viewers) the eggs start to hatch almost straight away. The hen is extremely gleeful as each chick hatches and the group wait excitedly for the very last egg to hatch. When it does hatch, however, out comes a measly black "thing", as they see it and the mother ushers her chicks away from it. The poor "ugly duckling" tries to follow the chicks and their mother and desperately seeks love and food. Will the chickens see him for who he really is..?

I enjoyed the animation and ending in this cartoon and as you feel so much pity for the ugly duckling, by the end of the cartoon you really love him too. The music incorporated into the animation, as with all of Disney's Silly Symphonies, works well too and helps along with the story (even though there is no dialogue in this cartoon, DO NOT watch it with the sound turned off if you can hear it).

I recommend this to people who like black and white Disney cartoons and to people who love anything to do with the Ugly Duckling. Enjoy "The Ugly Duckling"! :-)

8 and a half out of ten.

Porky's Naughty Nephew

An all right Looney Tunes cartoon, with a possible cameo appearance of Daffy.
Though this cartoon is about Porky Pig and his (horrible) baby nephew, there are a few characters created for the show in this episode and what some may consider to be a cameo appearance of Daffy Duck (even though he is brown with a yellow beak here), he appears when the race starts.

Porky, his little nephew and several other cartoon characters (mostly animals) have arrived for a swimming competition by a beach. Porky is "relaxing" on the sand before the competition and his nephew is either playing absent-mindedly with a spade and sand, or irritating Porky on purpose. When the race starts, Porky is eager to have a good time and win after his rotten afternoon, but will he..?

Personally I did not agree with the previous reviewer - sure, it is not the best cartoon in the world, but I still liked it. I quite enjoyed this cartoon, not for watching the humour, but for watching the old style of cartoon (although unlike many of the period it is one that all of us can still relate to). I also liked the simple animation style and the character of Porky, he may ignore his nephew somewhat, but he behaves as appropriately as he can when he knows the piglet is misbehaving.

I recommend this to people who like Porky Pig and old Looney Tunes cartoons. Enjoy "Porky's Naughty Nephew"! :-)

The Dover Boys at Pimento University or The Rivals of Roquefort Hall

A very well done cartoon, with unusual humour for Looney Tunes, but really good humour.
I felt the humour style of this cartoon was in many ways more similar to a Hanna Barbera cartoon than a Looney Tunes cartoon, but I still loved it all the same. It makes fun of sissy romance and heroic rescuing, while still having original and bright humour. I personally appreciated the narration, especially as it was the same narrator in Disney cartoons like "Dumbo" and "The Art of Skiiing".

Anyway, this episode is set at Pimento University, where the most popular boys are the Dover boys, Tom, Dick and Larry are going out on their bicycles in the sunshine one day, to pick up "their" fiancée Dora, a cute brunette with a squeaky voice who rides on Tom's bicycle. She is playing hide and seek with the Dover Boys when accidentally they hide in a casino where their arch enemy, Dan Backslide is playing Poole. He realises that Dora is being left on her own and snatches the girl and takes her to his hunting lodge. Can the Dover Boys save her?

I recommend this cartoon to people who love a mixture of slapstick humour, witty humour and spoofing humour and to people who like a different approach to Looney Tunes once in a while/often. Enjoy "The Dover Boys at Pimento University"! :-)

8 and a half out of ten.

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