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Curtis Movie Shows He Can Play Dramatic Roles
The late Tony Curtis shows as an remorseless and arrogant killer who shows no sympathy and does not repay back on people who show him mercy and that he plays the cold hearted and callous Louis Lepke Buckhalter who is the only mob boss to get electrocuted in Sing Sing Prison along with his two henchmen.

The supporting cast is quite as good as it shows the late Milton Burle in a very rare dramatic role there. If this movie were a hit, it would have really skyrocketed Curtis' career.

Sing 2

Music Makes Up for Pretty Weak Plot
Despite local success as a music theater, Buster Moon dreams of bigger things despite a snooty scout's rejection and goes with the rest of the gang to gamble everything there.

And that they find demanding wolf tyrant and owner Mr. Crystal. Who has a daughter that wants to be a star. As they not just put their musical lives but their own lives on the line and risk everything for "Out of this world" concert.

While trying to conceal they know a Clay Calloway who has not been seen in fifteen years due to the death of his beloved wife there.

As it will take everything and everybody to pull it together. Not as good as the first but still a dandy.

Doing Life

Tony Danza Debut as An Dramatic Actor
He plays small town hood Jerry Rosenberg whom he and an accomplice would be sentence to death by electrocution there at Sing Sing Prison due to killing two cops.

But before he is about to be put to death, NY abandoned the death penalty all together. Jerry would be called the first and only so far jailhouse lawyer to earn a college degree and law degree.

He helped to negotiate the Attica prison uprising and that sadly he never got to taste freedom due to his criminal ways and despite his proclaims of innocence in the two murders of the cops.

Really Danza's performance proves he is not just a comedic performance.

Around the World in 80 Days: Episode #1.4
Episode 4, Season 1

Passepartout Must Deal with His Friends or Freedom and Riches
As that he is being abused by Phileas there. And how Passepartout must decide over in his freedom and riches or that in staying true to Fogg and Fix.

They get stranded in India. Where the guide who is a soon to be groom and an British Army soldier that gets arrested for desertion there.

As Fogg tries to really help the man out, shows his humanity there. It is said he used to be in love with someone named Estella.

Auoda who is the love interest in the book and in the original movie and 1989 miniseries there. Is a mother of the bride there.

Now the trio must try to get their guide back from the facing desertion charges.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Return of the Shadow Assassin
Episode 1, Season 2

Peter's Kung Fu Skills Advanced
Peter becomes the center of an investigation with four women being found dead and by the return of the Shadow Assassin who brings along ex-James Bond one timer George Lazenby as the assassin's mentor.

After Caine has been gone for six months to think about what was going on there in finding his son. How he had to use the kung fu studio in the first season to attract the Chinese emperor in the season one finale.

Caine goes up against the ex-James Bond actor while that of Peter goes up against Karate Kid's Martin Kove in the main antagonist of this episode. Peter will learn to decrease his gun skills and depend on kung fu.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Redemption: Part 2
Episode 22, Season 1

Only Just the Beginning
Despite getting the name restored. Still assassins lurk and that it comes from an unexpected place. Caine is in a homeless shelter there on purpose and being undercover there.

Peter and Caine must also in the preventing the attackers from getting to the young emperor there. They do but it again the would be assassin is someone both men know all too well.

We see in the second season Peter would decrease usage of his gun and rely upon his newly kung fu skills and Caine would indeed close his Kung Fu school and open some kind of center over in medicine and herbs.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Redemption: Part 1
Episode 21, Season 1

Ernie Reyes Jr First Appearance
He plays the heir to the China empire and he is not a weakling as a martial artist but has not in the seeing over in the real world. As he befriends Peter who along with Caine becomes his protector. While fending off attackers who want Reyes Jr dead.

Peter is pulled out of a stakeout to help restore the family name and really I guess Caine must had pulled some strings with Blasidell to get him off. As Peter will need to not use his gun and rely over on the kung fu skills that will get better from here on out there.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
Episode 20, Season 1

Caine Tries to Help a Rose Garden
When one of his students Alicia, is kidnapped over in a sex trafficking thing. How that her grandmother who has raised her since her parents were killed, stopped tending to her garden.

Alicia and the rose garden are the only things that give her life there. Peter and Caine both are in the needing to rescue her and others like her as they will be taken to another country for payout.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Shaman
Episode 19, Season 1

Stopping a Casino
Peter and Caine go and help some Native Americans that are in the going to in the having an evil white casino owner as the Native Americans take a stand as a reservation is being built on his land.

Both men want to take down the owner and his men to make sure those Native Americans, one of which is a Caine former student from a physic call Caine receives voice is indeed heard.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Dragonswing
Episode 18, Season 1

Solo and Steed To the Rescue
I mean Patrick Macnee and Robert Vaughn go back to the spy roles about that made them famous. As they form a rag tag rogue team including Caine, Peter, and the Ancient to rescue one of Peter's friend Kyle, at the orphanage girlfriend there.

As she is kidnapped there by some mercenaries there. With a showdown looming, these mercenaries may have met their match.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Reunion
Episode 17, Season 1

Woman wants to escape the Mob
Peter and Valerie both were in the temple and both meet now as adults. As it took awhile for them to meet. One of Peter's potential and future love interests there.

But Valerie wants to see Kwai Chang Caine there. As her life is now endangered and she is put in protected custody by Caine and Peter to testify against the mob. But the mob want to silence her for good.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Straitjacket
Episode 16, Season 1

Group of Men Harass A Young Woman, Nobody Believes her
As a group of men harass her and that they make her life a living he*l there. And in the process wrecks her apartment there.

But nobody believes her and try to get her and successfully committed to an institution. But it is Caine that of course believes in her. And tries with Peter's help to stop the men before ruining her life for good.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Illusion
Episode 15, Season 1

Caine Going Undercover
As he goes undercover for a couple of arrogant DEA feds since he speaks the language and they can't. And that Peter must pose as a transgender waiter there to nail the drug dealers and save the woman that is a key witness and would be put in the witness protection over on it

Caine gains the trust and that he is welcomed to tag along there. In order to break up the drug dealers big payday and bring them to justice.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: The Lacquered Box
Episode 14, Season 1

Relations and Backstory
Peter is shot by corrupt cops working for gangster and Caine must try to get in his head as his son fighting for his life there.

We see why Caine decides to stay in Chinatown and running a Kung Fu school that will disappear after the first year and of course finally finding Peter as both thought the other was dead after Tan blew up their temple fifteen years ago.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Blind Eye
Episode 13, Season 1

Peter's Foster Mom Attacked
Peter foster mom Annie Blaisdell is attacked as she is blind. Paul Blasidell is not happy and blasts Caine for letting it happen.

Caine in his own magical way there gets her to add an description there of the one who attacked her there. As along with Peter find the person or people and give her justice.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Dragon's Eye
Episode 12, Season 1

Sick Girl Life is On the Line
Caine tries to find an ingredient and it works but she becomes even more sicker and needs an ingredient for the flower which grows but a mad vet is determine to use it for his own personal gain.

Meanwhile Peter goes to help out his father and the vet has a huge trap to make sure Caine does not succeed there. Of course he is dead wrong.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Secret Place
Episode 11, Season 1

Peter Must Stop A Man Blowing Up a School Bus Full of Kids
The man that has in the past Peter has dealt with there. How that over in the deranged man as mental health there. Was not diagnosed as it was now.

Caine of course is there as he hears over in officers from a different precinct to shoot his son in the league, unaware Peter is one of theirs. Peter must prevent the kids from being blown up and carnage there.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Rain's Only Friend
Episode 10, Season 1

Introducing Mary Margaret
She will be Caine's love interest and the usually night partner and occasionally day partner for Peter. As Peter shoots an innocent elderly man and quits the force thinking that he loses his confidence.

It takes his new partner Eby as that forgive me if I write his name wrong, Caine, and Mary Margaret to get him back on the force to get on some vicious robbers there.

We see Peter in his train set that would disappear after the first season.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Disciple
Episode 9, Season 1

Martial Artist Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place
As real life martial artist Peter Sugarfoot Cunningham as his character is caught between an illegal street fighting and over in how he lost his way.

It will take Caine and to a lesser degree Peter investigation reveals that illegal street fight there. To show him the way as Caine tells Peter he has a lot to learn kung fu wise but has a good right hook.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Challenge
Episode 8, Season 1

Challenge and Ancient's Life in Danger
That over in the challenge to defeat Tan and how Tan made such a huge formidable challenger and nemesis for Caine. As the Ancient's life is on the line.

Peter must leave his gun behind as he is now on Caine's turf technically but manages and that his gun will be used less and less due to the fact over in acquiring more kung fu skills.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Pai Gow
Episode 7, Season 1

Caine Tests His Gambling Skills
Of course he is not in it for the money. But that he is in it to prevent some gamblers from extortion and he and Peter go undercover as both men are a little far apart from trying to get closer. Plus gamblers are dying mysteriously over it.

But they are getting there as both men not just fight crime but really get to know each other as father and son.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Force of Habit
Episode 6, Season 1

Peter's New Partner Is Out of Control
Marty Stramm may be a great cop but he is a lousy husband and beats his wife over stress on on the job and that his loving son will do anything to protect his mother, even going against his own father.

Still it is Caine that says there are better ways than using violence there. Caine stops the boy Billy from using violence to defend his mother but later on Marty quits and seeks counseling and may get another job at another town.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Sacred Trust
Episode 5, Season 1

Peter learns his Kung Fu Training
Well we later learn that over in the making an arrest and Caine is arrested for the murder of a street punk that tried to hurt one of his students girlfriend.

When Caine is arrested and mysteriously puts himself in solitary confinement there on purpose to figure out knowing the Ancient may had been the one as he wants to kill himself. But does not.

When arresting the suspect, Peter makes a roundhouse kick and Caine is pleased but told him he forgot to duck. Peter will get better.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Sunday at the Hotel with George
Episode 4, Season 1

First Meeting with George
As Peter's foster and adopted father and boss Captain Paul Blasidell daughter is getting married and that robbers come on in to steal stuff.

As Peter wanders there and makes the mistake as they realize they have to make show nobody goes down and discovers their dirty deeds.

Leave it to Caine as nothing can ever block his way. He ends up saving the day and doesn't use any kind of weapons. He is a weapon.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Shadow Assassin
Episode 3, Season 1

First Meeting with Shadow Assassin
It is the first meeting with the Shadow Assassin and he kills without warning and without mercy and that includes a new police partner of Peter's, Kira that will be the twin sister of his future partner that of Jody.

Still wished that they would had gotten together he and Jody. They were like a bickering platonic married couple about. Caine is the only one that has stopped the Shadow Assassin there when nobody else can.

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