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For what it's worth, not bad.
Personally, i thought this movie could have been much better, as do the majority of people who commented here, but basically, for what it's worth it was a good action flick.

I had some plot troubles.

*Here be spoliers*

Such as why didn't the wolves use the UV bullets more often? You never see them get used, only see them put into the guns. Also, the vampires themselves reminded me of decandant children who's parents are away for the weekend and they're throwing a goth party... Gee, that's a sight to inspire terror.

The acting of the hero(?) Was good, and i'm not talking about Selene, i'm talking about Micheal, i think this was his first movie? But it was good, and in regards to the main comment about this movie, LICHEN are moss, and Lychan are not. Put's the movie in a completely wrong state of mind for people who going to see this.

If you're going to see this movie, then don't expect lots of deep introspective scenes, accept it for what it is. A hollywoods director chance to make money by cashing in on the Matrix and Blade, after all, this movie is little more than a mixture of them both surely.

There were a few problems in the beginning, i firstly thought "Bland bland bland" and then started to like it. I loved the wolves, thought they were interesting, and the directors even tried to make the vampires more human by *only* drinking Animal blood, but then again, guess that didn't work in the case of Selene's family huh? I'm guessing with all the effects from the wolves the directors didn't have much money left over to change the vampires! But it was a good change, they at least got the teeth right...

But in general, i liked the story. It could have been SOOOO much better, but it was a good story line i think, secondly, i think the acting, while slightly over done in several cases *coughVICTORcough* it was good. The main characters were good and convinced me that they earned their salary, considering the story they had to deal with they should off. And finally, all that science stuff, call me a skeptic but tracing a pure family line from over 1400 YEARS ago? Slightly hard.

But i enjoyed it, would recommend it to those kids who have goth inspirations, and more importantly, would tell them not to expect the matrix with fangs, or blade with bullet time. It tries to be one or the other, but it doesn't quite meet it...

I liked it, shame that's as far as my emotions strech for it. Would be interesting to see how Underworld2 comes out and Micheal fully in his power...

Bob & Rose

I watched this show with growing horror, the more and more i watched it the more i wanted to turn it off and put on something where it doesn't depict Gay lifestyle as hopeless, and that doesn't show that if the str8 women perserves then she shall recieve the holy grail of marriage and children, this series left me thinking "What the F***"

One of my major complaints is that now you can just hear the thoughts churning in every other gay parents head thinking "Ohhh, that could be our son!" Don't think so! I had nothing against the acting, nor the way the story was presented, i just didn't like the story itself. The idea that a gay man can go str8, and then leave it all behind while his gay friends are turning into old men and still shagging whatever it is they can, is horribly depressing.

I watched this with friends, they both liked it while i could utter what i thought was wrong with it, a gay man, shagging a str8 women in a train? And then he's completely horrible to her afterwards so Christ knows what happens next!

Most of my complaints with this series is that basically it is everything which most gay guys dont' want their parents seeing, we do not want our parents thinking that it just takes "the right girl" to snap us out of being "gay". Apparently it was written, or based on some guy and girl that the writer knew, well... Are you sure he was totally gay in the frist place? Most gay men consider women fun playful things, but never would consider sex with them EVER.

I don't like this series, i personally think that it should have never been made, but, i can't find a fault with the actors, their acting or the way the story is portrayed, it's a nice piece of work, it's just a terrible shame the story has to be about something which makes my blood want to boil.


Dull and generally rather crap!
I didn't like this movie one bit, wait a second, i tell a lie, i liked it for its comedy vaue. I liked the fact that it was TERRIBLE!

There was nothing brilliant about this movie, if anything i just wanted to turn it off and go back to sleep, but there was something so terrible about it i just couldn't help but watch!!!

The storyline is rather crap, but i'm not sure if a dodgy paradox is the correct word. There IS a possiblity that more than one "tau" line can exist therefore meaning the A.P.E.X units from one time-line could be sent to another since both "tau" lines could exist. Its all very complex and i don't thing the film producers actually understand this.

They don't seem to understand that if the different timelines were to remain seperate and at the same time they would interact, somebody in the first timeline would still be able to do something about the units going back! They wouldn't have been sucked into the other world like that since some OTHER people (duplicates) would have been created in the second time line! And why would the people in the first timeline shrink away into nothing if another timeline was created!! Its all very odd.

The A.P.E.X units, were very dodgy, i didn't like the fact that they looked like simple bits of plastic thrown on together with some sticky tape keeping all the bits together!

The acting was below anything i've ever seen before, i didn't like most of the soliders, and the scene in which the two soliders (the big black dude and the small white one) have a bloody conversation in the middle of a battle with shots going on in the background!? ARGH! LOL

Don't watch this unless drunk, stoned or just plain bored. Its something that you wouldn't watch unless u've got nothing else to watch, i wouldn't recommend it otherwise...

Defying Gravity

Rather dull and boring without much charm...
Erm, this movie was good i guess... If you like dull boring movies which are just plain BORING. I dunno, there wasn't anything about this movie which was good... It just played two guys showing what "could" be. I dunno, it just wasn't interesting and i only just forced myself to watch the rest of it since i saw most of it and just thought "WHATEVER!!!" Admittidly, it does deal with some of the issues which face "str8" frat guys in frat houses in the US, and it also shows the drama which they have to go thru having to pretend to be something their not when they fancy blokes instead of girls. But it just isn't "deep" enough for my liking. It just seems rather poor and pathetic. The acting was "OK" i guess, but there was nothing of not or spectacular standing here. And when i saw the ending i wanted to throw the remote (and a few other things as well!!!) at the TV again shouting "WHATEVER!!!" since i doubt VERY much that not one, but TWO, gay and lesbian couples would be accepted so eagerly and also be able to "break" out and be who they are. I'm not saying that the IDEA wasn't bad, it was however gay frat life through a "rose tinted" gucci sunglasses. It just seemed "too" perfect and too well joined together for my liking, i didn't like the way that the parents and the other frats just siliently accepted it for some reason, their passive behavouir just made me think "are you REAL people?" And the gay guy in purple!?!?! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?!?! He has GOT to be one of the most gay/campest figures i've EVER seen in a movie! i don't think i've ever seen a person like that in real life! So as i say, it just seems this movie has good intentions, but it just doesn't have the charm required to take on something like this. It just WASN'T INTERESTING in my eyes. I've watched Gay movies before like this, and they had something good, like gay characters? I think that a str8 person playing a gay character is about as convincing as a guy playing a girl in some situations but hey, what do i know? Watch this movie when you have NOTHING better to do since you'd be better off watching something else on TV, or if nothing else is on, go watch something at the movies... you won't be missing much.

My Little Eye

Erm, did i miss something here?

Ok, i won't slash this movie, or give it a rave review, i would rather just forget about it which says more (hopefully) that those willing to rip it to shreds etc.

I'm not gonna repeat the basic premise as i'm sure you all know it, 5 people, 1 house, 1 million dollars (each or shared? I never got that) and then some mad person starts hack/hack kill/killing all the people in the house *YAWN*

I thought, (like most people) this movie might have some sort of glimmer of orginality (or however u spell it) we were rewarded by something hideously morphed into a wannabe "Blair Witch 3" which has just given birth to their offspring from "Big Brother" Shudders all around.

I like the angles of some of the webcams, i like the fact that they used night vision, i liked the fact that the people were total no bodies and we wouldn't be suckered in by the promise of good acting. Note, i did not say for a second i liked the acting. These people are probably no-bodies because plain and simple, i don't think they can act that well? I'm sure it doesn't take much to gibber and whimper insanely but at least PLEASE try and have more than ONE emotional context? Grr, rather annoying to see the same person do the SAME THING over and over again... I mean, i didn't know these people, i never got to know them and already i got annoyed just by watching them!!!

Ok, try and praise the movie now... Erm, i liked the fact that this movie TRIES (however poorly) to show people that there are risks no matter what u do online, and that there are some stupid and sick people out there with more money than wealth. There wasn't much that freaked me out, but the total and utter role reversal of the blonde guy when he says "can i kill her now?" made me jump up and scream "WHAT!!!" THAT was something totally unexpected on my behalf (i thought it was one of the girls) and from there on in... *snooze* (oh, and the way that he killed her was rather nasty wasn't it?)

The bad points of this movie i don't want to dwell on, but the problem is that this movie doesn't have enough good points to cover for them! I would not call this movie "the scarest movie of 2002", i would call it one of the worst perhaps? But not the scariest, just wait for it to come out on Tv, its not worth going to the cinema to see this or even paying to rent it... If it comes on, just leave it on, it takes more energy to switch it off than it does to watch and follow this movie...


Night of the Living Dead

Ok, when you try to remake a movie such as this you do NOT expect another great master piece and at the same time you just watch this with lofty amusement I personally think. It is NOT as good as the original in some aspects, but I think its better. The acting for example was better since this time they went to acting school!

The story line I felt was NEVER truly explained and as a result I couldn't understand WHY these creatures were coming back from the dead, and am I alone in thinking WHY!!?? Hehehe, I liked the whole `doomed humans struggle valiantly against those who want to eat them' bit, but in this movie there was at LEAST an attempt to show people that its not just your usual southern redneck moron who can be stupid and LOVE to shoot anything and everything that comes into sight. I didn't mind watching this movie, if anything it was, well I thought it was, a p*** take of the original movie. It almost said to me `well, we can't beat the first one but hey! Lets at least have some fun with it!' shown by the amount of old ladies and naked bodies (hey! Some of them WERE funny!) in this movie. I'm not saying for a second that this movie was a joke and designed to make you laugh, but I couldn't help it sometimes! I just hope to dear God that this movie was just about making you feel scared, because it just soooo did not succeed if it wanted to scare you, at least with me!

This movie had two things going for it in my view, it had two actors which I REALLY like and will stomach ALMOST anything for, the guy from `Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyyyymannnnn..' and also the telepath from `Babylon 5.' I will watch pretty much anything with these two guys and gals, I think that they have good acting skills and wish that they could get more roles. (Coincidence that both of them at one point, though not at the same time they were in B5!?) But really, back to the movie, it was fun and well, not just a little bit silly! It had me giggling sometimes, just who REALLY shoots a God damned gas pump!? Even out of frustration! Now THAT was stupid! Hehehe, and also, the makeup on some of the zombies.. Was it makeup or lack of coffee on the scene which caused some of them to look like they'd just got out of bed? Ok, I KNOW I'm gunning a movie which I SAID I liked. but I can't take this movie serious.

I mean REALLY, who CAN take this seriously?! It was not inspiring, it was not good, it was actually rather crappy. The budget for the bloody extras I'm sure was higher than the budget for this movie I'm sure! Ok, I'm in a morbid mood and as a result I'm ripping this movie to shreds but REALLY it was bad, and the final few scenes.. Oh LAWD have mercy. I just could NOT understand it. and that whole impromptu `wrestling' scene. oh God, think I'm gonna leave it and tell you plain and simple, I like this movie for its status as a `B' movie and it has two actors who I love, but otherwise if u don't like `B' movies or more to the point if u don't like actors who can't act very well, steer well WELL away, but otherwise. Sit down with the popcorn and have fun, just make sure your either stoned or very drunk when reviewing this. I think it would help. Hehehe ;)

Jeepers Creepers

This movie was FANTASTIC! I had my hand over my mouth and often covering my eyes, all the way thourgh this! I will admit though, if you can sit down and watch the first 20 minutes of this without having to turn it off, go outside and think happy happy thoughts then you are a brave person indeed!

This movie had everything that i personally think takes to make a good movie, the acting was absoulty PERFECT! I loved the way these kids were doing their best and were actually able to look scared and not like they were just doing it for the sake of it, their own acting made me feel like i was more scared as well!

The "creeper" itself was made perfectly as far as i am concerned, it was scary and also when we first see it, the scene where he's dumping bodies down the tube made me want to crawl back into bed with a very big flashlight! It was fanastic, you don't see much of the creeper but you don't have to in order to enjoy this movie. I think that it makes a break from the other "fright" movies of today as it actually tries is best to give u a good storyline for once and not totally rely on its CGI for people to enjoy it, it was "old fashioned" and brilliant as a result of it!

See this movie and LOVE IT!! I did!

Dog Soldiers

Ok, i saw this movie in a special viewing in Sep 2001 as well... And i REALLY didn't think that this would make it to the cinema! Its just so bloody gory!

This movie DOES have its good bits, i won't spoil them but they were rather amusing, and the monsters looked like they were actually rather menacing for once! Not some guy covered in latex and bad fake hair! The script was rather amusing, and you really get a sense that these peeps aren't gonna make it out of there alive and their paranoia actually starts to infect you towards the end!

The end of the story was rather disapointing, as was the beginning. I didn't like some of the characters because i thought that they were just plan stupid and at times, i felt like cheering when people were getting their heads bit off etc. but it was amusing. I didn't like the "girl" she just annoyed me. And towards the end, i just wanted to go home and stock up on sliver bullets and make sure everyone that came thru my door was someone i knew!

This movie was rather well put together, it had everything that a horror movie should have and it manages to make a balance between showing you too much, and at times too little. You don't actually see the muts for some time and when you do, it slowly builds up. I have to admit, the acting of the MAJORITY (not all) of the lead roles were rather good and at times, quite funny as well!!!

I would recommend this movie to someone who just wanted blood guts and action, but to someone who wants to see a good movie? I wouldn't go THAT far! Its something that you'll enjoy on a dark night with a full moon and cuddling up with a bowl of popcorn in one hand, and the biggest knife you can find in the other! Watch it and enjoy, but PLEASE don't expect to see the next aliens or spellbinding drama, its just not that good...

An Unexpected Family

Surprisingly good?
Ok, I make NO BONES of this, but I don't really like Stockard Channing, I think to be honest that she's quite a bad actor... But in this movie she was actually rather really very good! She manages to portray this role with some emotion and also manages to prove that perhaps she CAN take care of kids (not to mention her own career!)

I liked this movie for what it was, there were some bits that I didn't agree with and since I wasn't actually paying my full and undivided attention to it (although I DID watch it again afterwards) it was something that made me think `ahhhhhh.' This movie IS heart warming and designed with children and family in mind make no mistake! It's something that you sit down on a night and watch with your family and spend half the movie thinking that the mother was right! Don't you wish you could just drop your kids off sometimes and run the hell away? I know it isn't a good moral, but Stockard manages to carry off the portrayal of a person who has no idea what to do with children, and she manages to say some VERY cutting comments during this movie! I never realised the old girl had it in here!

The acting was rather good, Stockard was VERY good, and child actors… well, what else can I say other than `child actors' with deep sarcasm. The man was good, he managed to play the role of a caring `father type' without the problem's people now associate with a man who `likes' children… The mother of the children did her best, but looked like she belonged in a rehab clinic more than on stage of a movie set (which was the point I guess…) but it was rather good I think.

The story line was something that was rather good even though I thought that it sped along rather fast sometimes. The end with the court case was something that I could have gone without and the `Shock' revelation towards the end was something that I was expecting. It appears that Stockard can't do a movie lately without her being some sort of drink crazed women at one point of her life or another! I guess she just has that look about her which says `I've been in rehab fives times and I've been clean for the past 5 months.' (Stockard fans forgive me!)

This is something I would watch and forget about in the next five minutes after it being on, but I give it credit. For a TV movie it was rather well thought out and done and the acting (for what its worth) was rather very good indeed. Watch this if your feeling low about your family and realise that no matter how bad you might think you are at parenting, you could be worse! And at very least sit the kids down and tell them that if they're not good you'll leave them with your drunk aunt `so and so' for a few years' Hehehe, should shut them up for a while! But otherwise, sit back and enjoy, this movie is just rather nice, not good! But nice.

Star Trek: Armada

Not bad...
This game isn't THAT bad... The only problem that i have with it is that

it keeps CRASHING!!!

The graphics in this game are totally mindblowing, i like the fact that

its simple and easy to play and also able to keep but at the same

time!!! IT has everything that you need to have a good time as well as

get involved with a good story line, each of the ships are balanced

against each other but what really sets the species apart are the

different special abilities of the respective ships.

This game is good and is a good play, not something that i would go out

and play non stop for ages, but its something that i would play when i'm

bored and have nothing else t

Fainaru fantajî VIII

Good, but HIGHLY overrated
I liked this game, after a while and in a fashion. The criticisms of this game are all valid just as are the good points about it, but to me, after you've finally finished it and you've done EVERYTHING it kinda bails out on you.

Firstly, the junction system is something that i'm divided about, i like the fact that i can control what stat goes where etc. but once you've got some high class magic you've junctioned it and therefore can only use it if you draw it,(i'll get to that later) but my main criticism is that if you learn how to junction the best stat effects, ain't NOTHING gonna stop you... Most of my fights end with Squall hitting each enemy ONCE, forget the rest of the team! All i need is Squall!!!

Secondly, the characters kinda annoyed the hell outta me... I DIDN'T like Irvine, personally i wished he would commit sucide (kinda weird as i turned him into my +healer!) and the girls... URGHH talk about stupid? I got very skeptical when it was like "but we've all meet before but forgotten!"

As already mentioned i didn't like the draw system, i don't like the fact that your allowed a MAXUIM of FOUR commands to use in battle, i mean, like what if you need both the "item" command, the "magic" command, the "Restore" command and the "revive" command?!? Its just plain annoying, + the GF's also kinda made up for this (when you EVENTUALLY got them) but the problem is that you spend the first part of the game wishing you had more, and then you get to disk 3 and you've suddenly got too many?!? That sucks (i do like the fact that you can cast them as many times as you want!!!)

In whole, i've played ALOT better than this game, but shouldn't dismiss it due to a few flaws, it has alot going for it, but the pity is, like all FF games, once you've done everything, you've REALLY DONE IT, and there's nothing to hold your attention...

Ahh well, role on Final Fantasy 10...


Very funny!!!
This show was one of the better things that i've actually seen Bette Midler in! I thought that it was funny, and not like all those other "wannabe" shows...

The only problem that i have with it, is that there is nothing to distinguish with alot of the time :( I didn't like the fact that it appeared (on the surface) at least, another crude attempt in order to raise falling royalities and also appease those who want to see her in another role. Don't get me wrong! I LIKED this show! But it had the ring of all those other shows (like the DREADED Geena Davis show!) in which they just want, one last bit of fame :( I kinda wished she hadn't stooped this low :(

I enjoyed this and i thought that it was actually one of the better things that i've seen on comercial Tv nowadays, i only hope that IF she does something like this anything, its WITHOUT the commercial overtones of "GIMME MONEY!"

Kyôshoku sôkô Guyver

I liked this...
I thought that this had ALOT going for it! I wasn't *that* into Anime when i first saw this buttttt it was quite a good show! I just didn't like it after eposode 6 when the animation got really crappy :(

This show has ALOT going for it and i remember watching it and thinking "WOWWWW" hehehe, it was something that you can watch and then go racing off into the sunset as lil' kids pretending who you were! LOL

I didn't like the fact that the guyver (at times) appeared TOTALLY INVINCIBLE against the normal types, and the fact that Guyver 3 was SUPER strong, but when fighting the ONE boss, all types of things would happen to him? I mean, the unit has got TONS of weapons that it could use, and then it gets its but whipped? (Btw, i DID like the wholesale cloning done at the end of eposode 6!! Highly orginal i think!) Butttt like most Anime that i've seen recently, it seems that your SUPER strong, until something comes along and then gives u a good but whipping, and like all good guys you just come right back again and kick its but... Fun?

Watch this even if you don't really know what Anime is all about, its a good starting point, and then you can move on after this to more "harsh" stuff, at very least when you watch some other Anime, you won't have to worry about things like "What the HELL was THAT all about!?!?"

Smack the Pony

Just bloody bizairre
I think this is one of the "new" comedys which at times is really quite good, but like alot of new stuff, its VERY hit and miss, to be honest, alot of time during my time watching this i was just thinking "What?!?!" You just have to keep in mind that these girls aren't your normal ones...

It does have some very good aspects to it, i like the ending which always has a paraody of a song! Now THAT was funky! hehehe! Just watch this and make your mind up at the end of the day, but don't get your hopes up if you don't like comedys like Ab Fab, it won't ever replace "Eddy" and "Pats" but it'll do till another giant comes along to knock them off the top!

Deep Rising

And nothing more than just that...

This movie (as already mentioned) WASN'T about trying to be the next *thing* it was more concerned with letting you waste around 1 1/2hrs of your life, nothing orginal and nothing mindblowingly fantastic (tho i thought the creatures were kewl!)

I liked this movie because it had no pretensions, i didn't like the ending tho, after all that and then, THAT?! What a bloody dissapointment!

I liked the acting in this movie as far as you go, it wasn't nothing to make me sit up and pay attention, but it was something that i liked because they knew what they were doing and also they could do a passable act at being "scared" (not so easy when you see movies like "the mummy"!) I didn't like the sterotyping in it however, and also at times i just thought "WILL YOU JUST DIE ALREADY?!?!?" But it was something that i had a good laff over!

The storyline was fun, and the graphics (to an extent) were REALLY good! I'm just glad that i can't afford to go on one of these liners! LOL Its good and fun, i liked the bit when the guy fell out of the creatures stomach (sorry for spoiling that bit!) but it was KEWL! Not to mention slightly sickening!

I would give this movie a 7 becoz it wasn't nothing special, but it was something that i can watch more than twice without the urge to go out and do something stupid with it, like throw it thru a window! I liked it and i would recommend it to those who just a nite in with a good horror, nothing major, just good, wholesome,(?) fun!!!

Give it a twirl if you like "B" movies, but don't have THAT high expectations, i believe that you WILL be dissapointed if you think this is the "end all" of movies.


Well, i won't criticise this movie, it wasn't that bad at all, i'm sure for when it was made it was kewl, there was just nothing there that was interesting.

I will give the orginal idea behind this credit, i DID like the idea of "creatures" (i use that word loosely) being set loose in order to kill the enemy and then "evolve" and manage to turn themselves loose upon their creators and then end up killing everything on the planet, not a bad story, pity there wasn't enough effort put into making it what could have been a GREAT story.


The acting was ranging from plain bad to quite good, the only problem with this was that after the shooting of the first kid and then the killing of the last N.E.B human, everything just kinda "clicked" into place, it did get kinda dull towards the end and i think everyone just figured out the ending.

This movie wasn't soo bad, it was just due to lack of money, i liked the premise of this movie, its just a shame that i didn't like anything else in it, i'm thinking, perhaps someone would do a new version of this and hopefully include some better graphics etc. I would like to see that!

Disturbing Behavior

Not bad
This isn't one of the best movies that i've ever seen, but at the same time i don't think that i can say it is one of the worst as well, it was good and did have some good things going for it.

I liked this movie and the whole idea of parents wanting "the best" for their children and instead of sending them off to bootcamp or something like that, they're brainwashing them!? Well, that's interesting. I liked the basic premise behind this movie, it was something that with a bit of effort coulda been fantastic, but it just kinda "went" after the second part of the movie.

The acting in this movie was surprising good, i was rather impressed in what i saw and the albino stoner kid was REALLY good, but the storyline just went from good to mundane after a while. I liked this movie, but to be honest with you, i wish that it had just got abit more darker and less teen horror flick, i was hoping that it woulda gone from paraniod state to paraniod state but instead after the first high (or low?) this movie dissapointed me :(

I liked this movie, and the idea behind it, but it just wasn't borne thorugh and i hope that if someone ever decides to redo this movie, then they realise that some blood, some screams and tits hanging out of a blonde school girl don't make a good movie :( Atmosphere on the other hand counts for alot!

Jurassic Park III

Oh dear, oh dear oh dear oh dear
Simple as this, this movie was:

Dull, boring, unorginal, BORING,

and those are just the words which i can be bothered to think about, this movie sucked big time in every sense of the word.

The acting in my opinion wasn't so bad as to spoil the film, it was bearable altho at times i DID want to kill Doctor Grant. The main problem with this was just it was dull and boring, i couldn't understand why exactly they done this movie they should have buried this with the second one becoz it has just got BAD BAD BAD.

I was just watching this movie and just thinking "will they just EAT SOMEONE ALREADY!!" (the dinosaurs of course, not the people) Ahh, i wished that i hadn't rented this movie out, it wasn't worth the plastic it was made out of, let alone the price of a rental.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Oh my GODDDD!!!! This movie was just one of the worst plot lines that i've seen in AGES! But dispite that, i also found this to be one of the most funny that i've seen, there are bits in this movie which had me in hysterics, it was THAT funny!

I can't really say much about the story line coz it was bad, and also the acting at times was slightly flaky (BEN AFFLECK) but there are some bits in this movie which if u have seen (and more to the point understood) all the other movies, then u will just find hysterical, i can't use any other word coz it is the only word that i think can cope with this movie.


As already mentioned, the storyline of this is flaky and dull, two guys crossing amercia in order to kick the crap outta people who don't like them? And also meeting up with varouis different people on the way.. (Princess Leia herself and BUDDY CHRIST!!!) Some bits in this movie were simply crass, like the "pie-guy" scene with James van-der-berk and whatshisface.

Also other bits such as "follow the rules guys" man... Oh dear indeed. I thought that this movie was plain and well, kinda shallow but GOD it was FUNNY!!!! I loved the sheer amount of people that they put into this, FAITH!!! My FAV on-screen B*TCH and also Shannon Doheroty? (i know i spelt it wrong!)

What this movie lacks in a good plot and also good acting, it more than makes up for with simple gags and plain funny stuff, i thought that this movie has some of the best lines i've EVER heard in a movie.

"You speak pretty loudly for a man who dresses like Shaft but gets SHAFTED every night..." Brody complains "Well i certainly don't hear your b*tch ass complaining every night"

Oh dear God, that made me laugh so much in the cinema.

The main problem that i can see with this movie is that plain and simple you would have to have seen all the other movies in order to understand a good 75% of the movies gags, there are some that you'll get if you haven't seen them, but if i'm honest, if you haven't seen and enjoyed all of his movies then i wouldn't really tell you to go see this coz you won't understand it :(

Go and see this if you love Kevin Smith, he is by far one of my more fav directors becoz he is SO FUNNY! I loved this movie and i would give it a 11 outta 10!!!

The Mummy Returns

You don't expect me to take this movie serouisly!
Ok, this movie wasn't *that* bad, but it was close, how about i make a list of what i thought was really *that* bad...

  • The acting, - The fight scenes, - The fight scenes, - The acting, - Plot loopholes, - The acting,

And as you can tell, the acting REALLY bugged me! I thought that this movie was nothing more than a joke, i couldn't understand WHY exactly this movie was intended to be serouis coz it bloody wasn't! LOL

This movie was just a comedy as far as i was concerned, i couldn't understand much of it, but when those pygmy mummies turned up... I had to stop the movie for a while coz i was laffing so MUCH! Also, the fight scenes, were just as, if not more, comical than anything else, the first fight scene when the boy puts on the armlet thingy and when the girl fights, oh dear GOD! I haven't laffed that hard in a while!

Also, some plot holes made me wonder in distaste, like HOW did they get the books, and IF they got the books then how did they by any chance manage to open them without the key!? Things like this gave me headache :(

This movie was nothing more than a joke, i loved it however, i just couldn't take it serouisly...

Red Planet

Nothing special...
Just finished watching this movie and i thought "excuse me?"

This movie wasn't anything that special to be honest, i just didn't either feel for this movie, or think too much of it. It just didn't have any redeemable features which i could relate to and in the end, it just made me want to go back to bed.

The characters in this movie, if i can be blunt, were a total mistake. Why the hell did they put so many in there?!? I could understand such big names as Val Kilmer, and Carrie-Anne Moss, but other people like Terence Stamp just baffled me? WHY were they there? They attempted the impossible, they put too many people in there and then thought that we would love them, when in reality you just streched the fabric of the movie so far that i couldn't understand why you would even bother in the end :(

The other thing which i didn't like about this movie was the fact that it didn't seem to be based in science *enough.* I like movies which are based in Sci fi, and yet somehow remain plausible, it just made me wanna scream sometimes, for example:

If there was enough oxygen for there to be a "viable" atmosphere, then the sky shouldn't be red anymore, the only reason that the sky is red in the first place is lack of oxygen! It should have turned blue in relation to amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

That one was of the things which really annoyed me, other things which annoyed me was the simple fact that this movie was it was a mediocre attempt at something which has (probably) been tackled better in other movies! I didn't dislike this movie, but at the same time i CERTAINLY didn't love this movie, i thought that there could be alot to say about this movie, but this isn't the place for that type of language!

I would have rather put something else on than watch this if i'm honest with you, i haven't seen anything *this* dull for some time :(

Let Them Eat Cake

I dare you not to like this!
This was incredible! I couldn't believe just how funny this was! I was watching it and i didn't realise what it was for a while and i thought it was funny, then i recongised the main characters and i thought "YAH!!"

This is funny, and it doesn't try to take itself serouisly, its just plain fun and NOTHING MORE! I loved this because it had the same sense of style and flair which ab fab did, it was funny and it also had everthing which made you laff.

I loved this, it was funny and it was orginal, i just plain LOVED THIS!!!

Girl, Interrupted

V. Good, V. Disturbing
This was a VERY good movie! I thought that the actresses in this were fantastic and i esp like the two main stars, like Wyonna Rider, were brilliant.

This movie has depth and is very disturbing, don't expect to watch this and come away with a smile on your face and a happy thought in your heart, i came away with a new found feeling of my own nerouses!

What made this movie in worse in my opinion was that it was supposed to be based on a real life thingy so the fact that this happens to people doesn't make me feel more secure, it also has made me resolve to be more nice to my parents! Watch this and just be prepared for the outcome...

Mystery Men

Waste of effort, time and money
I looked at the cast of this movie and i thought "YAH!!" I saw the movie and thought "how could they? They've betrayed themselves"

Yes people, i thought that this movie was something sooo bad it wasn't even worth fully watching, i had to watch it in bits amd peices coz i couldn't stand it :(

I couldn't understand why all these really good actors would do something like this! (peewee hurman excluded) This movie had no real plot, and nothing really special about it at all. It was just a plain waste of time and money renting this out, i sure as hell wasn't going to buy it!

I can't put into words just how bad i thought this movie was :( I was really disappointed with it :( I just hope that they're careers don't suffer from this dreadful move :(


Oh dear...
Quite sick this movie was, i couldn't watch most of it, i spent quite a bit of my time hiding behind a pillow and when i saw/heard of the things that the killer had done... Well, lets put it this way, i was kinda SICKENED!

This was a mystery to me this movie, i couldn't understand it for the life of me, and not thru lack of trying, i don't like movies where there is just too much killing and not enuff reason, it just seems like a waste to me :(

I didn't enjoy this dispite the great performances by Morgan Freeman and also Brad Pitt, i just didn't like the whole story but i can't fault the characters in the story, they played their part v. well, if this wasn't just so sick then i'm sure that i would have enjoyed this movie abit more, but as it stands, i won't be watching this movie again as i personally would rather go top myself :(

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