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True story??? HAHA I think EVERY film released could have "true story" or "based on true events" - Even Cloverfield because a lizard once bit someone on the finger in New York. What a load of rubbish.

The movie is dumb. After a boring first 40 minutes when nothing really happened I just wanted the movie to end - But it dragged on for another hour! The acting was dire. Direction terrible. Effects cheap. The dialogue was laughable. Who the hell wrote this rubbish? Im amazed at the credits when a hundred names pass by and not one of those people would say "hold on here, can we change this or that as we are making a piece of crap!"

Gore doesn't make it scary! Id prefer a decent story. The ending summed up the whole thing. The guy gets away - Instead of fleeing he whacks on a home movie for a giggle! Of course you do! And that is the first time he realises that someone else is filming the killings!!! OMG! Is this guy for real! He sat through an hour of the dumb film before and he only just realised that the camera actually moves! Cue him saying "Hand-held, hand-held... who is the cameraman?" - Oh my goodness, could it really be the killers creepy mate?? The only other character in the whole film?! Utterly stupid! The film-makers should be ashamed and retire.


This is a poor excuse for a thriller.

This is a dreadful film - Terrible directing, dialogue and even worse acting. The acting was as dire as you'd get in a day-time soap. The script seems like it was written by a 15 year old for a school project, it is that bad.

Its basically a poor mans Saw with a twist that is now old after films like Fight Club and Identity.

The connection to the number three is a bit tenuous. There is no real point to it. The killer in the end is a complete joke and a massive let-down. As was the film as a whole.

The Hitcher

Good fun!
I love thrillers and horrors and Im also a big fan of Sean Bean so I was looking forward to The Hitcher - And I was not disappointed! I also liked the recent horror/thriller remakes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, When A Stranger Calls, The Amityville Horror and Black Christmas - And this is another to add to the list. I enjoyed the original The Hitcher and Rutger Hauer but this remake and Sean Bean are just as good. Sean Bean really steals the show and makes such a great bad guy as we have seen in Golden Eye, Don't Say A Word, National Treasure, etc. There is a slight role reversal from the original as the girl is the main character out of the stricken couple. Sophia Bush is gorgeous in the lead and Zachery Knight is decent although he needs a shave. The film is non-stop action and doesn't drag one bit. It gets straight into the action - There is no messing about, we all know that Sean Bean will go psycho so don't hang about - And the film doesn't. From then on there is no let up in the twists and turns. My only gripe was that the ending wasn't quite as thrilling as the rest and Sophia Bush grabbing a shotgun and giving it the clich├ęd "Im not running anymore!" was a little silly. Overall though - A very good watch.

Open Water 2: Adrift

Dumbest film ever!
What a pointless film this is. I didn't like Open Water so Im not quite sure why I sat through this load of rubbish. It's a very boring, stupid film. Not putting the ladder down - Dumb. Throwing your mobile phone away - Dumb. Banging your head - Dumb. Getting stabbed - Dumb. Trying to top yourself after finally getting the ladder down - Dumb. Based on true events? I very much doubt it! All through the film I was wondering why the lads didn't just help up one of the girls - Like getting on their shoulders. Unbelievably that was the end of the film - How they finally got on board - What a joke. Don't bother going to see this film.

When a Stranger Calls

Good stab at remake.
Im a big horror fan and I quite enjoyed this remake. With all these horror remakes floating about I think this is one of the better attempts.

I watched it with my two little sisters and I think it made it even better as they were quite scared. Also with the shouting at the screen "Dont do that!", "Not that way!", etc. I thought there were some good little jumpy moments and it built the tension well.

Camilla Belle is absolutely stunning in the lead role and a very good actress - So she holds your attention well.

Overall a decent film.

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

Lets The Trilogy Down
I loved the first movie and actually enjoyed the second as well but this really lets the trilogy down. They changed the beginning slightly to differ from the original but then go and copy so many other little things which seemed stupid - like the gang not seeing each other for the last year, one of the girls splitting up with her boyfriend, the two main girls getting pally again after "missing each other", one of the lads surviving an attack but damaging a limb, etc. I actually thought the first hour was decent as Im a sucker for horror films but the ending was just plain dumb. Making the killer be some sort of legend coming to life and can only be killed with a hook? Come on! Thats not what the other two were about. The direction was poor and the constant picture flashing was annoying and you find it harder to follow what is going on. The only saving grace was Brooke Nevin in the lead as she is very easy on the eye. Over all very disappointing - Could have been so much better.

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