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Scent of a Woman

The story of two men, strangers at the beginning, who end up saving one another from falling down.
It's a captivating story that shows life as a perfect piece of art, despite all the drama, the pain and regret. And all these meanings are concentrated in the tango Al Pacino dances in the restaurant.

Al Pacino shows once again an incredible talent, and I believe his secret are his eyes. This movie, he acts with his eyes...quite amazing because eyesight is exactly what his character has recently lost.

"Scent of a woman" is one of those movies one has to see several times, not because it's too complicated, but because it seems to be new and different every time you see it. Once at the age of 18 and then again after 5 years...It's the same plot, the same story, but something seems different, new...and that is YOU!

I feel this movie moves along with the person watching, tomorrow...and so on, and so on...

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