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Good movie, worth watching
There is something in the original film that makes you watch it again and again. From the trademark sound effect when a Predator switches vision to the tension of being stalked.

Both and more are used to good effect in this latest instalment. I am a huge fan of anything to do with this storyline/universe, so I may slightly biased in what I say.

Acting was decent, effects were good. I was looking fairly closely at the 'dogs' and they were pretty neatly done.

Storyline was perhaps a little predictable, but then there was enough for this type of movie. Only thing for me that could have been better would be the main characters weapon. It looked to me like an AA12, but it didn't contribute very well to the image of the character. Something that looked a bit meaner perhaps?


Not entirely sure what I missed
As mentioned in the title I really have no idea why this movie is held in such high regard. Did I miss something obvious? The plot was insubstantial and then the movie seems in a hurry to wrap itself up. The humour for me was perhaps a little to quirky and I did not find it funny in the least.

I should have been warned by the mention of an Oscar, that tends to mean its going to be rubbish.

I have read that its primarily a love story, I would like to ask how, where and when?

The one redeeming feature was...wait a sec there wasn't one.

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