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The New Normal

I was laughing in my seat.
I really enjoyed this show. It has a great mix of the comedy and reality that goes into being a parent and dealing with a society that has issues with this situation. Like any comedy, the characters larger than life and make the most of the theme of the show. I was laughing out loud quite a lot.

While most of the characters are Stereo types, that is normal for any funny comedy. Which is also what makes it so funny the Grand Mother is hilarious with all of the stereo typical comments from a bigot. Having heard all of these type of comments and having raised kids myself with my partner. This really hit home for me. I'm looking forward to more episodes.


A great backwards told tale thats funny and grabbed my interest
I ran across this film one afternoon and was drawn in. Its style is a present day telling of a story of events past. However, most of it takes place in the past to build the whole story leading to the present situation. The cast is filled with excellent works for the actors involved. I have to say, the 90210 guys were my least favorite, but at least they were a minor part, if not even important.

Keira was amazing as was Micky and the other main characters. The director did a great job of catching the feel of the life you would have expected this person to have. The random flashes and alternate replays of events feels like your inside the head of Domino.

A pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Its worth a look.

Angels in America

Beautiful Movie
I've watched this several times. The script is adapted to it's time in a way that can't be challenged. The acting, The acting is amazing from the unknowns to the super stars in the film. I just wish the younger generation could relate, and I hope they never have their own plague to live or die through. To me its a seminal work of art which i think gained a lot of recognition , yet was not appreciated by the general public. My self, i experienced the aftermath of the plague and hope i never have to deal with such a thing again in my life life time. But should it happen, this will be an excellent reference to the emotional toll taken by those afflicted

A Very Serious Person

Don't bother
I have to say, its not very good. Polly Bergen is fine in this film.The rest are so so. I'm gay and honestly , there are so many cliché's for this time in history that its just sad. We started watching it then turned it off, then decided it would be fun to make fun of the rest of the film. But all said, the basic idea of the film is good. If it was re-written with less contrived lines and better acting it could have actually been prety good. Over all i would not recommend it. IN additon the this is coo coo thinking line is so lame. On top of that the fight in the hair salon is funny because its so bad. The lesbian sister in the room with them while they are trying to get it on is so weird its sad.

Poster Boy

good acting , poor writing
I felt the script for the movie was lacking a sense of reality most of the time. There were to many lines that were total Cliché's. For example, when the small group was planning a protest the one girl suggested. "why done we form a human chain around the auditorium and confront the senator with Poetry". There were 5 of them, and the suggestion was Laughable, and no one laughed in the scene. There's a lot of lines like that but not funny, just out of context.

The acting on the other hand was quite good. Even with the lines they were given.

I have to say i'm not a great fan of constant close ups which this had tons of. I it was hard to tell what was going on around the characters since there were so many close ups.

My Life

Like no other Movie
This is one of those movies i watch so i can feel like life is worth living. It truly makes you think about why your here and what will it be like when your not. The last scene in the movie is perfect, and if you have kids you'll get it. If not, then try again after you have them, if your ever lucky enough. Michael Keaton is my favorite actor. From this to Pacific Heights to Batman, he's truly versatile and displays a humanistic quality in every character he portrays. I don't know many people who've scene this , i think its one of the rarely know jewels, but at the same time , i think its one of those movie that people relate to only if they look at life in the same way.

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