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The Walt Disney Christmas Show

Wonderful Christmas Special
For a long time, I have wanted to see The Walt Disney Christmas Show, and I have finally gotten my wish a year ago, and let me say, that it is a dream come true.

In this enchanting follow up to Walt Disney's previous Christmas special, One Hour in Wonderland, this story takes place at the same studio and features characters from the next animated film, Peter Pan.

It was quite remarkable how we were visited by Bobby Driscoll, Kathryn Beaumont, Paul Collins, and Tommy Luske dressed as the characters of Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael Darling respectively.

This special had pretty much the same plot as the original with Hans Conried's portrayal as the Slave in the Magic Mirror introducing cartoons (some in different languages for this one) from Snow White, Mickey Mouse and Song of the South along with Bambi here, and we were introduced to a new character named Wiloughby, portrayed by Bill Thompson (who stars with Conried in Peter Pan as the voice of Mr. Smee, with him as Captain Hook)

One thing that this special didn't have like the last one was a clip from the film, which would have been something special, but it was magical all the same.

For those who don't own it, maybe Disney will surprise us and it will be a possibility that it might be released on a future Peter Pan DVD/Blu-Ray.

It was quite a treat to see the stars of my favorite film of all time in person, something very grand, indeed. A remarkable treat for the Christmas season.

Producers' Showcase: Peter Pan
Episode 7, Season 1

I received a DVD of this episode from Producer's Showcase, and it was quite entertaining.

Peter Pan was played by Mary Martin of course, and along with Captain Hook, Mr. and Mrs. Darling and Tiger Lily reprised the same roles up until the TV production in 1960.

With the Darling children, it reminded me of the Cathy Rigby version, just for the fact that they were played by actual children and not grown-ups who were trying to pull it off.

The film itself reminded me of something out of '50s TV, specifically The Fred Waring Show (excerpt found on Alice in Wonderland DVD) Along with the Disney cartoon, the musical is quite entertaining and magical, and this is a great movie to add to your Peter Pan collection, if you have one.

Return to Never Land

Charming Sequel
Of all the Disney animated sequels from the Golden Age (The Walt Era: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians, Sword in the Stone, Jungle Book), this is by far the best!

As a fan of the original Peter Pan from 1953, I can prove a good point when I say that this is a perfect follow up.

For one, the animation is superb. Has a really great effect with the CAPS system. Makes it very lively. Of course, anything is possible in animation with computer work nowadays.

Second, the music and writing is wonderful. They used "The Second Star to the Right" from the original film and it was sung in this film by a singer named Jonatha Brooke (sounding like Christina Aguilera)

And lastly, the voice cast was great. Blayne Weaver did a terrific job of voicing Peter Pan (of course, there is now competition with Adam Wylie, who supplies the voice for Jake and the Never Land Pirates). Corey Burton and Jeff Bennett really took the cake the doing the roles of Captain Hook and Mr. Smee justice and I have to say that Hans Conried and Bill Thompson (the original voices) would have been proud. Also, Disney did a very accurate job with the Lost Boys. Having them sounding like actual little boys was great, and I have to say they were a lot funnier in this film than in the original. Jane was given a very sophisticated voice, as did Wendy, though as many say, Kathryn Beaumont should have voiced her as an adult and that would have been something special.

Also a fun fact was that it was made almost fifty years from the original. If Disney had waited until February 2003 to release this, that would have been something golden! (little pun)

All in all, this is a great follow-up to the original film and a must see for all those to enjoy.

Rocket Power

My all time favorite until Disney's Peter Pan entered my life
Rocket Power has been a favorite of my since I was 10 years old and in the fourth grade. I was obsessed with the show and collected a lot of stuff from bedding to dolls. When the show ended in 2004, at the end of my eighth grade year, my tastes have changed. I still liked the show, but didn't have the obsessed feeling about it anymore.

Perfect example arrived in March of 2007 when I purchased the Peter Pan Platinum Edition DVD, and all of a sudden, I liked that a whole lot better. I developed the same obsession with Peter Pan and still do seven years later.

I can tell you that this show is still a childhood favorite and still my favorite as an adult. Twister and Reggie are still my favorite characters and always will be for years to come, but once Peter Pan came into my life, I just liked that better. And still do.

Rocket Power- still 10/10 for being my favorite TV Show!

Peter Pan

Excellent, Entertaining, Imaginative, Magical, Inspirational Fun Film!
Peter Pan is my most favorite Disney film of all time and the best one in my book. This film, being 60 years old has the exciting youthful feel I'm sure it had in the beginning when first premiered in 1953. Walt Disney was a man of imagination and this film proves it for the entertaining, imaginative, and magical moments that go on in it.

The film is the following: Excellent, entertaining, imaginative, magical, and inspirational, and I can put them all together.

Wonderful story, excellent animation, outstanding voice cast (you couldn't pick anyone better in the day than Bobby Driscoll,there couldn't have been a better Peter Pan for the way he was portrayed: cocky, fun, exciting, imaginative, a fighter, though there he had a soft spot and was there whenever his friends needed him. Kathryn Beaumont, you can't compete for a better Wendy. As far as I'm concerned, Kathryn Beaumont was the best Wendy ever. Here, Wendy knew all about Peter Pan and was an optimistic female for there weren't many I'm sure in that day, also, she knew how to spin a perfect Peter Pan tale. Hans Conried was a magnificent Captain Hook. I really love how they Disney-sized him to be still evil, but not the type where you would actually murder someone and get away with it, so there he's different than the Captain Hook in the novel, and actually better. Bill Thompson was a hilarious Smee, they downsized him to be as sweet as sugar and complete opposite of the captain, which is the stereotype of a sidekick anyway. You couldn't have chosen a better Tinkerbell than Margaret Kerry. I think who deserves the most praise here is Paul Collins, the voice of John Darling, who is hardly recognized. He knew how to put the role to work without making it dull and boring, and John became one of my favorite characters of all time. Moving on, lastly, there is a wonderful score! The Second Star to the Right is a wonderful ballad, even the remakes were good (especially Jonatha Brooke, singer in the second film sang it like the ballad it is, but actually no one can compete with the Jud Conlon Chorus who practically sang all of the films' songs) You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!, whimsical and can put you on the edge of your seat, A Pirates Life, fun. Following the Leader, can have you sing along and make you laugh. What Makes The Red Man Red?- comical song, and can have you laughing your head off. Your Mother and Mine- a nice lullaby. And last but not least The Elegant Captain Hook, entertaining song, having kids enthralled by what goes on it a pirate's life, and being scared to death when threatened to walk the plank.

If you own the Disney Classics Video to the Platinum Edition DVD, you will see the color is very beautiful and very experimental in the You Can Fly sequence drawing characters to fly.

There are a lot of entertaining parts, especially concerning Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Peter Pan when taunting Captain Hook the most throughout the film.

The movie is both imaginative and magical at the same type because it's so unique. It's nothing like the original book and I'm sure that's what made it the huge hit it was. It's a shame that it didn't win anything, but it's still a 10/10 for me.

The movie is also inspirational, because fans of Peter Pan can be free to make up their own stories.

Peter Pan- Excellent, 10/10 film! Thank you, Walt Disney for bringing us the best of your masterpieces!

Hunger Point

A film on eating disorders, but no life lesson or moral value
This movie is absolute craziness! You heard, as I said, it's a film about eating disorders, and being anorexic yes, but is there a life lesson? Moral value? No. First of all, the mother in this movie insists her daughters be stick thin which is not a real body type at all (my mother's parents are the same way), and puts pressure on her daughters for how they look. With that, Shelly is driven to anorexia, and in a mental hospital and drives herself completely insane, and gets all these websites, and kills herself and is alarmingly thin. It shows no life lesson or moral value, because nobody talks to her about her anorexia. I, for one was anorexic at a young age, but I'm well now because I had the help I needed.

So, I really wouldn't recommend this movie. It can screw you up if you believe the crap that goes on in it. What this world needs to learn is positive thinking, and that magazines and junk like that aren't real. It's all airbrushing and camera angles. Not the real thing.

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