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Call Me Fitz

Nice Surprise
As a Canadian ex-pat I am always sure to check out some of the TV offerings from north of the border and usually I am very disappointed by all the shows I see, both in comedy and in drama. Other than "Orphan Black" there hasn't been too much to rave about from my home country on an ongoing basis since the days of Kids in the Hall, etc. Even "Hockey Night in Canada" is not very reliable any more since it moved to the new network with new personnel (seriously, I like George Strombo but as a hockey host he is terrible, terrible, terrible!)

So I was very pleasantly surprised by this show, "Call Me Fitz." I hadn't even heard of it and a friend from Toronto turned me onto it, so I figured why not try it out, and it's great! Very funny and Jason Priestly (a Canuck don't-ya-know) is great as a morally bankrupt car salesman with mental problems/visions.

It really flew under the radar but lasted a few seasons and is well worth checking out!

Train 48

I remember this show but I am positively definitely not at all glad that I do remember it because it sucked.

Train 48 was an awful daily show with some of the worst story lines and acting I have ever sat through in my life.

I saw it from the first episode and tried to get into it (it was kind of like a soap opera) and I desperately wanted to like it because there are not very many good Canadian TV shows especially comedy wise so I pulled for it but after three weeks I was done, I couldn't sit through another minute of it.

You'd think after that long I'd be hooked on a story line or something but no it just sucked that much and I hated it. The writing was just terrible, even though it was mostly improvized on the spot apparently still they write the stories they don't just make everything up, and it was very bad.

I tried watching again the second season but it had not gotten any better, it was a really awful show.

Dan for Mayor

This show is stupid. It is way worse than Corner Gas even in the end when Corner Gas was not very good any more.

The character is the same Hank character as the above poster seemed to have noticed already too.

I don't like the show mostly for the characters who are not very believable and are just real shallow. I don't even really get the premise how he is supposed to have been cornered into having to run for mayor just to impress his ex girlfriend.

I don't like the acting and the jokes are not very good. This was a real disappointment to me.

It is much better than Hiccups but that show is just terrible, the Brent Butt comedy special was also really awful. Why are they making such bad shows after Corner Gas?

Julie & Julia

Not Bad
This is not a bad movie. There are better movies and I am a Meryl Streep fan and this is kind of just fun and pointless and not her best work but it is good.

If you are a Meryl fan this is definitely worth seeing, a good movie with some funny parts. Obviously this is more for the ladies but guys wouldn't hate this necessarily.

Streep is obviously a great actress but she's more just going through the motions here, not to say she's not good because she's great but this movie is just a fun movie to go check out. I was not a big fan of the other main character, not a bad performance but just kind of annoying from a character point of view.

Slumdog Millionaire

Danny Boyle
I am a Danny Boyle fan and I love his other movies, this one was not as good but I still say it's worth seeing if you like his other movies, and who wouldn't?! Just kidding some people don't like him and they won't like this movie, but if you like him it's worth the cost of a ticket to see it in the theatres. Don't wait until it's out on DVD or on TV because it's worth seeing on the big screen starting with the credits at the beginning! The story is good and engaging it kept us interested through the whole thing. Maybe it's a bit predictable depending on what movies you've seen before but it's still fun to watch and not Danny Boyle's best but still good.

Good Morning World

Pathetic Doesn't Begin to Describe "Good Morning World"
"Good Morning World" is such a pathetic show I don't even know how to begin to write about how pathetic it is. The entire show is two guys who make their own morning show that looks like it's in their basement or something. Most of the jokes seem to be about how they are closet gays or maybe gay for each other or something but the jokes aren't funny. Also they have very red spray on tans that leave big white circles around their eyes and they wear almost the exact same suits. The show could be funny and they are performing an original idea in that there aren't other over-the-top-happy Morning Show parodies on the air but the bits just plain aren't funny and the way the show is cut together is just confusing nonsense. The two hosts sit at their desk making small talk then they look off to the side and go to a reporter or guest that is actually them. No other costumes or anything it is just supposed to be them cutting to them somewhere else, but it's never explained and the skits are painfully unfunny. I hope the show gets better, I only watched two episodes and like I said they were painfully bad but it could improve. I should say they also have other guests and it's not always just the two of them, for example the shows I saw had a lady with animals and an exercise expert.

Corner Gas

Slow. Dull. Boring.
This show isn't all bad. Brent Butt as the lead actor in the show can be very funny and so can his parents, most especially the way they play off each other. But the show is so dull and boring I can't stand watching it for very long. The jokes seem predictable and way too easy for TV. To be honest I don't see why so many people like this show so much but I guess to each his own as they say. It's not like I have to watch this show so I also don't understand why people bother to come on these forums and bash it, especially when it is already announced the show won't be renewed for another year. It is a lot better than other comedy shows in Canada and especially on CBC. Comparing it to Air Farce, Little Mosque et al makes it look like a work of complete genius. Way worse shows out there and I don't want to seem like I'm bashing it like I said but I think the show is dull and kind of stupid. Just one gal's opinion. Maybe it helps to be rural to understand the humor but I just don't 'get' it.

Date Movie

Bad Movie!
This movie was terrible! One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I really like Alyson Hannigan but even she was horrible in this film.

Somebody needs to stop these guys. I didn't mind a couple "Scary Movies" but Date Movie is so incredibly bad it is unbelievable.

All the jokes are horrible, just pathetic.

The spoofed scenes are just a combination of fart and butt jokes for the most part, with a few falling down jokes just to keep things a little 'different'.

I would not recommend even watching this for free late at night on TV unless you are very very very very high and have absolutely nothing else to do or watch.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Hated It....
I remember when I was a kid my mom got all three Star Wars movies at the library (the original ones not the ones where they redid the real looking puppets with awful computer generated images, and the extra scenes that never should have been shot in the first place), I remember she kept saying "I can't believe I haven't gotten you this to see you, you gotta see it, you gotta see it!" I remember thinking "yeah whatever" but then it actually lived up to the hype, three great entertaining movies with great characters and a great story throughout.

I watched them many times.

That's why years later I went to see this movie as soon as it came out thinking "this won't be as good but I hope it's still okay", and walked out feeling I'd been ripped off.

Awful story, crap characters, dialogue a kindergartner could write and worst of all Jar Jar Binks. I couldn't stand the kid either. But none of the characters were very good. I don't blame them though, I blame the director and writer who showed none of the brilliance in the first series of films.

You spent how many years on this project and had how much more money and THIS is what you came up with?!?!


Awesome Movie!
A lot of people have told me they either love this movie or hate this movie personally I loved it and so did my friends I went with. More people have said they loved it than hated it.

Of the people that hated it most of them say it was because it was too unbelievable and cartoon-like. Well, hello but it is based on a comic book! Not too unbelievable then! It is very violent though which some people seem to be squeamish about so don't go see this movie unless you can stomach a lot of harsh violence. I wasn't too bothered by it but sometimes it was a bit too much, part of the reason this gets 8 from me and not perfect 10. It is a great story but no of course it's not realistic because it is remember based on a comic book about an ancient myth! Better than Sin City for sure and Sin City was very good in my mind. If you like Sin City you will like 300.

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