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Jurassic World Dominion

There's nothing like what those former Jurassic Park sequels. Just hope this is the last. So hollow and pointless. So boring because there's no essence in this movie that's interesting enough to hold our attention. Is put up one hand with palm forward the only way to hold off the dinosaurs, a hand gesture these wild vicious creatures would recognize and start thinking "Hmm, that's an universal traditional friendly STOP sign so popularly accepted by our species not to attack?" "Are these human traffic cops trying to direct our movements?" "No Right Turn on RED?" This is one of the most boring movies so far in 2022.


Hey, you think I'm THAT stupid!
Brand new car needs to refill a quart of engine oil? Man, that's for old car over 100 thousand miles or 150 thousand miles. All the electronic wires underneath the car chassis all break loose at the same time? Let you wife ride with stranger without taking down the license plate number, a least safety concern for his wife? The stupid husband waits so long from noon to dusk to let the car cool down? Driving from Massachusetts to California, you either take I-80 or I-40, yet the map from the very beginning just shows a route map of I-15? No wonder the general Americans are listed as the poorest people who don't know the basic geological maps, not Europe but about America. K. R. Indeed looks quite dumb in this movie, but I would not allow myself to look dumb as him.


The final episode SUCKS big time!
Before the final episode, this series was very good, but then, like GOT, the final episode was a very irresponsible wrap-up so disgustingly rushed. It was like all the actors, the screenplay writer(s) had suddenly received a final notice out of the blue from the production boss(es), telling them the budget had just drained, so no matter what, just wrapped it up!

The outcome was so unforgivable. The screenplay has turned 180 degrees, key characters killed and died, the heartless couple successfully lured every bad politicians and millionaires on board, the son suddenly loved his stone cold mother, he even took the shotgun to blow the guy who constantly harassed his parents. Everybody had a ball.

The ending just sucks beyond words could describe. There are so many TV drama series exactly like this Ozark, once the production companies decided not to go on for a new season, or even another episode, they just wrapped up so suddenly and didn't give a damn to the viewers. I was going to give this series a high 9 out of 10 before the final several episodes, but then, it just began to spiral downward and finally crashed. My 6/10 score only rewarded to those episodes that were interesting and integrated enough.


Why chose this guy to play such centerpiece role?
I don't think there's any need for me to add to the review by MovieCriticOnline on 8 June 2022:

Why are they ruining films these days trying to cater to the PC police? I didn't buy for one second Sandler being married to Latifah. Nor that they lived in a nice house but he drove an old cheap car. It made no sense. And the constant rap music throughout seemed like a favor to some rap label rather than fitting.

And don't list Duvall as starring when he is it in for 2 minutes.

And too many edits, camera movements etc. Not everything has been so flashy.

A lot of the acting was wodden from the non-actors. I had no idea where he was sometimes because they did a terrible job establishing locations. And why would Juancho Hernangomez play hard to get when approached by Sandler? It made ZERO sense. And he lives with his mom and was dirt poor? He is from Spain and acted like he had never seen western civilization before. They didn't dig him up from the amazon forest. A good-looking-talented guy like that and he was clueless to even minior things like certain foods. And then despite coming from poverty he ordered a of food and took one bite out of each thing and left it all behind to spoil. Again, nothing made any sense.


I didn't buy ANYTHING in this film. It featured every cliche ever used.

Yes, it's what I was thinking when I watched this movie. Sandler is the worst choice for this role. He just looked so tired and soul-less to me. His eyes looked unfocused, his face looked so pathetic and lifeless. He just delivered the dialog without any passion or emotion. A walking stiff and a walking dead, like a dead fish lying on the fish market floor, more like a zombie to me.

The Valet

Surprisingly GREAT!
This movie is what I think a really genuine COMEDY! Very enjoyable from the very beginning to the end. The screenplay is great, the casting is also a great job, directing, editing, soundtrack...all very good. I rarely have such enjoyable time watching a real comedy, because most of the time, those so-called comedies just turned out to be pure junk as well as certified FARCE. All the leading characters are well performed, all the supporting roles also doing a great job. This is a perfect comedy and, I love it!

Seraphim Falls

A great western thriller, but
Some common sense of the survival lesson #101 are not applied appropriately in this movie, especially not possible to do like Gideon would do, a guy who's not a green horn trying to survive in the harsh wintry wildness. The guy played by Pierce Brosnan, is quite tough to be killed easily. But somehow it just looked he was not smart enough and good at doing things properly. He should never build fire in an open ground, allowing the smoke so easily to be spotted. He should build his fire under a big thick leafed pine tree or any kind of tree with thick leaves, so when he start the fire, the smoke would have to sift through the leaves, spread and dissipated, making the bluish smoke not so easy to be spotted. When building a fire in the snowy wildness, he should also check the wind blowing direction. I can't believe he would be so stupidly built a fire in the wild open to have his BBQ, but he actually did. Anyway, the scene that he used his Bowie knife to dig out the bullet in his left arm, then used the hot knife to char that bullet hole to block the God, it looked so real, man. That's why I have to add one more star for the score. Sylvester Stallone did the same sh*t in Rambo, Liam Neeson did the same in his latest Memory (2022), the gunshot wounds, the blood gushing out from the bullet holes...My God, all of them just looked so real, man. The technique used in modern day movies are just amazing!

Xuan ya zhi shang

A Big Messy & Bloody Thrill but in a GREAT form
Well, this movie is obviously another try of the CCP to brainwash its 1.4 billion subjects and at the same to whitewash and make the Chinese Communist Party was the sole entity that fought against the Japanese even before China officially declared war against the Japanese invasion in the Puppet Manchuria regime. But fair is fair, other than the formulaic and cliched ideological whitewash&brainwash purposes, Zhang, the director, the whole cast, the camera work, the editing as well as the soundtrack, the song at the end, all seamlessly performed a great work.

The only miscast was actress Haocun Liu, who played the role Lan, a young, maybe too young to be a Soviet Russian trained Chinese Communist member. Her role in this movie was a huge mix bag, because sometimes she looked just too young, too fragile, too vulnerable to play such role, yet at some critical moments, she also weirdly showed a rare toughness and maturity. Her purity and decency showed in this movie are exactly when Zhang ZiYi was just an unknown young girl auditioned for Zhang Yimou's My Father & Mother 1999. Could she enjoy a bounty future as Zhang Ziyi? Only time could tell.

After watched this movie, an afterthought inevitably came up. If those founding members of CCP were exactly liked what they have shown in each and every propaganda movies including this one, then I have to say, that the once passionate and patriotic first batch of the Chinese Communist vanguards were long gone. If they knew what their beloved Party has become since 1949, I think all of them would turn in their graves and cry their hearts out.

Gui lai

Great movie but
Some of the dialog at the very beginning not quite correct and right during the Chinese Culture Revolution. The Chinese people in that darkest ten years torment, many jargon would not be said like what we heard in this movie. If the protagonist is a "Spy" as his daughter called him, he would already have been shot instead of banished to a far away poor farm as a labor. Such labors at that time were tagged as "Anti-Revolutionist" , "The Left Extremist", "Stinking Old Nine" or "The 5th Black Category Member". There were many carelessly written labeling names or words that didn't comply with that atrocious era. I was just amazed how the billion Chinese would let go of such torturous and treacherous when the Culture Revolution lost its goal and suddenly ended after 10 years living hell. Most Chinese are not like the Jewish people who had suffered so much that they would never let it go and so easily forget what their ancestors suffered. But the Chinese people are such weird species with extremely short memory. When every absurd but cruel movement ended, what they had experienced was just like the old Western saying: "Water under The Bridge", they just took it for granted and awaiting the next movement coming up to torture them. This is also explained why the CCP regime still exists so far, and again, the Chinese people are suffering the prison-like deadly control during a lightweight Omicron virus crisis. They are whining, crying and complaining, but I guess when the CCP decides to end the siege, they would immediately forget what they once suffered, just like what their parents and grandparents had suffered during the Cultural Revolution. Living under the iron fist of the CCP, Short Memory, Letting Go and Moving On maybe are all must-have for the 1.4 billion Chinese subjects?

Ju ji shou

The CCP is relentlessly rewritting the history
There are several things that I really have to make clear: 1) Zhang is once a great director who usually turned Chinese common people into larger-than-life memorable characters. But what he did and has been doing recently were those things completely to kiss the behind of the CCP. A director who totally lost his dignity as a faithful movie maker and sadly, pathetically turned himself into not just a mouthpiece, a henchman, but also a tool of CCP's propaganda tool, by using his skill and know-how to rewrite the Chinese and international history. Anything which was not cool or against Chinese Communist Party then and now are been thoroughly wiped or twisted to brainwash his own people and mind-twisting all of the foreign people. But should we or could we blame this old horse? No, guys, don't forget he and his folks are living under the control of CCP. The guy simply couldn't but do everything CCP required him to do for the Party.

2) When CCP decided to get involved in the Korean War, they never thought that war could be so tough, they just rushed into the Korean peninsula during the harsh winter without any proper logistic preparation and backup for winter battles. So what we saw in this fantasy at the very beginning that a small company of Chinese Liberation soldiers were equipped with machine-washed clean white camouflage shawls, successfully ambushed an American convoy and wiped them out, we immediately know that this movie is a miraculous fantasy.

2) There were many white supporting crowd who played the American G. I.s, so what can I say to them? These people were a bunch of shameless sold-outs who had no conscience, no morality, no guilt to participate in such history-rewriting made-up. Guess they needed the money rewarded to them for helping rewriting the Chinese history after 1949. I don't blame them at all, because Money always talks louder and clearer.

I'm terribly sorry for not liking this lying movie at all, even by Zhang's usual standard, especially after what I've seen how the CCP treating its own people during the pandemic time.

Silicon Valley

Didn't you ever get tired of this pathetic series yet?
This series at first seemed to be quite interesting and funny. But gradually, it began to turn out being very tiresome and so repeatedly boring that continuously to wear your patience thinner and thinner. Almost every episode we got these same bunch of do-no-good guys, a nervous wreck who couldn't even finish a complete sentence all the time, with a bunch of parasite-like YoYos sitting around, talking in manufactured dialog, trying so hard to make some comic crap. It's definitely a comedy, but when dragged itself into the 2nd season, these guys were still just a bunch of losers, especially the leading character, it's just so annoying, so disgusting to watch, too much for any person to continue. This series only got very low taste of comic effect without any genuine sense of humor. Almost all of the characters in this series had become more and more unbearable and disgusting!

Sukutte goran

A rare but so bad movie
The whole movie just feel like watching a bad manga adapted into a movie. The acting (or overacting or under-whelmed acting?) is just terrible by a very unlikable non-talent male guy who looks more like a Korean actor with male Korean forehead covered hairstyle. The whole movie just make you feel that it was made for the teenagers instead of the matured adults. Recently, I've watched many very good Japanese movies, but this one definitely is excluded.

The Northman

Don't know what's the purpose of making this lame version of Vikings
When the TV series Vikings started the trendy flow of making one after another movies or TV drama series, the world seems never to think it's enough to produce such stuff again and again. But this one indeed is the worst outcome with Vikings historical or legendary fantasies.

The story itself sucks, the scenarios, the plots, the directing and the acting all turned out to be subpar to most of the movies or TV drama series before it. I just don't know what this reproduction is really good for. Some of the dialog such as "Shut your trap!" and the blonde woman with dark pubic hairs really need me to push the logic out of my brain. There are so many unnecessary scenes which we usually named "Fillers" in this tedious movie. It only shows how hollow the screenplay is. There's nothing worth spending your time and money to watch this bore-to-death repeat. Just Terrible!

White Rhino

Lots of Blah, blah, blah
Although there were some nice surfing pictures in this documentary, but most of the footage was wasted in non-stop self-indulgent blabbering. The blah, blah, blah simply ruined the whole nine yardage, making it such a boring viewing experience. These beach bums grown-ups, some of them were almost reach the middle age with sunburns. They were no different from those sitting in front of monitors playing video games 24/7. They were thrill seekers and addicts, only focused and interested in riding big waves. The whole documentary just gave you a very hollow and superfluous feelings about a bunch of do-nothings seeking meaning of life out of nothing. One of the most tedious and boring documents I've ever watched. It still felt so slow even tried to fast-forward with the mouse on video player.

Doraibu mai kâ

Not just boring, it's pretentiousness is overly prolonged
After watched this movie and perused carefully all of the reviews by people who really have the patience and completed the 2hr59sec long movie, I cannot but have to say how people are like this movie, so pretentiously pretended that they again, really got something out of NOTHING!

This skeleton-like movie has built and gaining its absurd but purposely lengthened hollow movie on two boring and outdated plays, Waiting for Godot is a play by Samuel Beckett as well as Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov, by endless rehearsals at two different locations and theaters, from totally meaningless auditions for these two plays' characters and then many scenes on the stages. The airless vacuum-like screenplay then inserted a hollow marriage lifestyle between the leading male character, the so-called reputed director and his wife by spraying some love-making scenes to colorize the boring in-between scenes, i.e., auditions, rehearsals, on-and-off stages, and of course, the never-ending to and fro drivings from his temporary staying place to the rehearsal theater and its office. A major mechanic but absolutely indispensable character, a classic red SAAB 900 turbo. And so, a three hour long skeleton movie was then achieved.

I imagine that the purpose of the screenplay writers and the director who decided to use Waiting for Godot was to symbolize people who try to wait Godot as their hope to resolve their anxiety and those answers they couldn't solve would end up in despair since the titular Godot will never come.

As to use Uncle Vanya, the purpose was to its melancholic study in bitterness and regret exactly as the protagonist, the director's deep regrets, his respective failures as a husband who failed to go home by purpose and missed the final moment of his wife's demise. His hanging onto a red SAAB 900, although a classic, still in premium condition, but still already outdated somehow. The final scene when we saw that car driving by the female chauffeur, it hinted the guy finally freed himself from the past and moved on.

What ridiculed itself was the characters chosen to play those roles in Uncle Vanya. I think Anton Chekhov would be speechless if he knew the characters he created were globalized and became an UN assembly, not just played by Japanese, also replaced with Mandarin speaking Chinese, Korean in silent pantomime sign language.

Did Not Resonate with Me evanston_dad17 December 2021

"Drive My Car" did not resonate with me at all. It's objectively a good movie. But it's just too static and long. This is one three-hour movie where I felt every minute of the running time. I can understand why other people would respond a lot to it, but I personally didn't connect.

JoBloTheMovieCritic19 March 2022

6/10 - if you are able to stick out the three hours, you might find some true wisdom, but I found myself more bored than anything else and felt like we could have cut out at least an hour of rehearsal scenes and not really have lost anything.

Slow, pretentious and boring. 1 point (Chekhov) + 1 (landscapes) + 1 (Sonya)

We also have to kowtow to its Japanese production people by hard-code English subtitles for the easy viewing of those voting Oscar members, allowing them to understand what's exactly about and what's really going on of this movie. Its hollowness and boredom might be the main reason got itself awarded. Why not, since almost all the nominated movies turned out to be as bored as you could imagine. We should thank to Chris Rock for his innocent joke to Will Smith's wife, and thanks to Will Smith for his dumbfounded vicious slap on Chris Rock's face. Otherwise, this year's Oscar would have become the most boring Award ever.

BTW, if you really want to know how deeply the regrets of a failed husband would have, I highly recommend you to check out a much much better Japanese movie: The Long Excuse (2016)

Infinite Storm

Not just boring
Anytime when movies shown "Unnecessary Scene" such as brushing teeth, seating or standing peeing, love making or wild behavior to each other before loving making, kissing uncontrollably with tongues protruding, burials or funerals, gory or bloody killings, lame dialogue, talking to himself or herself...I'd immediately spot the weakness of their script, directing and editing too cliched and uninspired. This Infinite Storm is no exception when I saw the leading actress getting up, doing the morning rituals of some of the above-mentioned activities. I could almost ensured this movie would be a boring and tiring cliche.

These scenes are usually overly used by most of the Hollywood directors. While Japanese directors and screenplay writers are obsessed with the funeral scenes, the burials, and the paying respect to the dead, the Korean directors usually like their actors, especially the female ones talking to themselves to show that they are actually thinking loudly (but thinking loudly by talking to oneself usually is an inevitable aging process of the seniors). But by the ratio of overly used such stupid scenes in movies, Hollywood directors are more common in such cliches. Once the scenes or one of the scenes as such appeared, the movie would be immediately doomed.

Another immediate and or afterthought of this movie is that once Naomi Watts showed her face on screen, she reminded me how time is flying fast, how people would become old so fast between her former movie and her latest one. Sigh....

Metri Shesh Va Nim

This great movie inevitably reminded me how I hooked up with the Iranian movies long long time ago. After I had accidentally found "Children of Heaven" and "The Color of Paradise", I was completely addicted to Iranian movies since then. A country where the movie makers, the screenplay writers who could produced so many not just pure artistic but also so deeply profound movies, the people of Iran must be not like what we have been brainwashed as an evil country. I have watched many Iranian movies, almost all of them were great, inspirational, educational, beautiful and philosophical.

This movie has shown me how the Iranian legal system works, how their detectives dealt with the criminals, their jail, prisons looked alike. How the criminals and suspects were treated and finally, how they carried out the death sentences by hanging. Everything just looked so authentic and realistic.

The last scene: Suddenly, the freeways were flooded with Iranian policemen, they spread out, stopped every car, checked and searched them.

Aobake no Table

What a waste of time
I spent about 20 minutes trying to get a grip on this movie, but found it very difficult to achieve it. The older and younger characters played by female or male all failed miserably either overacting or downplaying their roles. They looked woody, rigid, uncertain, exaggerated or pretentious. The dialog seemed not knowing what to express further, all seemed to have difficult to respond in conversation. The storyline didn't go anywhere, with no interesting or meaningful content. This one of the worse or even worst Japanese movies released in 2021. Don't waste your time trying to hang onto it, see if you could get something out of nothing. Not worth it. Avoid.

Suîto ritoru raizu

Play Down is opposite to Overacting?
This movie is not just predictable but also got some other flaws.

First of all, the wrong cast of the husband role, an actor not just a bit underwhelmed unlikable, not eye-appealing, but woody and down played that role. Watching him in this movie was like watching a male robot.

The script got some logic problems too. I could never imagine a marriage, a relationship between a couple lived under the same roof, slept in the same bed for three years, would have acted like two strangers. The screenplay writer must be a single person who never had a relationship with an opposite gender, albeit a married person.

This movie is so pretentious with two leading roles acted like a couple, either overacting to much or downplaying so less. We often saw the Japanese movies with conservative and reserved men and women, husbands or wives, or lovers, but none of them looked more ridiculous like what we saw in this movie. Marriage, living together as a couple, in this movie is nothing but a joke.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations

This Korean movie is a bit over-the-top extreme
But nonetheless still a very exciting action packed thriller. I don't think this movie would be allowed to be released in China, 'cause most of the incidents happened in a north-east China city. Both South Korean and Japanese were involved in non-stop battles against each other, trying to get a top secret from the North Korean chief of intelligence. The acting part from the South Korean actors were absolutely great. The screenplay was also carried out perfectly. All the fighting scenes also looked quite real and seamless. This movie also carried a hidden message that both North Korea and South Korea seemed to realize neither Japanese nor American government would like to have a unified Korea and, of course, neither CCP China like North Korea united with South Korea. This hidden message is just an open secret that most of the people in the world, except those naive ones, already knew such fact. This is a very unique and exciting thriller, even it's a bit absurd, still highly recommended.

Tokyo Vice

There is a serious logic problem
Like one of the reviewers has pointed out, I do have the same problem with this JDrama series. If the leading character Jake is so fluently in speaking and writing in Japanese language, when he works with a major Japanese newspaper, when he talks to all the Japanese people around him, he should always speak in Japanese, all the Japanese around him, co-workers, cops, night clubs patrons...except those pathetic Gaijin foreign gold-digger women, they should also talk to him in Japanese. But what we have seen in this series, all the Japanese around him speaking English instead. It seems that all the Japanese in Tokyo suddenly all so fluent in English, they all can't resist to accommodate with Jake, so suddenly, this drama's dialog is mainly in English. This flaw actually made this series feel so unnaturally phony and unrealistic.

We all know that the Japanese men are crazy about white women, so this drama inevitably throws a lot of white women selling their flesh and sex in Japanese entertainment business. But after 3 episodes, I didn't see all of these white women playing any important element in it, and it really impaired the going of this series. Vice in some of the police systems mean illegal under world sex business. But why put so many irrelevant white women in this series is something I really don't think necessary, eye-candy maybe, but totally irrelevant; just like all the Japanese speaking English absurdity.

Return to Space

Deeplay moved, yet at the same time, greatly encouraged
This is one of the BEST documentary movies that I've ever viewed so far. There were moments I suddenly realized I was holding my breath during those critical launching, docking, and then back to the earth, the blackout period, those processes were just so daunting and nervous breaking. What a journey of our space endeavor. I finally had the opportunity to share those moments with Elon Musk and those who worked together with him. What a great viewing experience, so unforgetable. Thanks to the production team who made this documentary seamlessly made, allowing us to energetically rekindle hopes during this darkest pandemic era as well as the atrocity that Russian's Putin has caused.


I was so stupidly fooled
Rarely a TV series, especially with the backgrounds of Tokyo, the cops and Yakuza, turned out so unpredictably BAD! I couldn't finished the 1st episode, then in the very beginning of the 2nd episode, my patience was completely gone, so I just quit. Jesus, what a lousy script, man. I couldn't even understand how come this brainless screenplay was proved into production. The scenarios, the storyline, the plots, the cast, the editing...almost every part of it BAD, BAD, BAD. It got so many unnecessary or heavily flawed scenes and subplots. Going to London was just a low mean to waste production budget. The family scenes, the wife's complaints, the dying and weak father and mother, the lonely and angry daughter, the crying baby-like young brother, then suddenly turned killer...WOW, what a bunch of crap, man, totally unnecessary.

Ryu san

A Slow Cooker Made in Japan cooked with Art and Thrill Ingredients
When you watch this Japanese 2017 Ryu san, you might suddenly remember there are many similar yet not quite similar storylines, scenarios, plots roughly close to what we have seen in Ajeossi (The Man from Nowhere), a Korean 2010 blockbuster.

The other similar but not quite similar part of these two movies: Ryu san was directed by Sabu, while Jeong-beom Lee directed Ajeossi, but both were also the writer of their own movie. But I am quite sure that Sabu's screenplay was influenced by Lee's movie, and Lee's screenplay was inspired by the French writer and director Luc Besson's Taken, a blockbuster of 2008.

The scenarios, plots and the storylines among these three movies are quite obvious:

Taken (2008): A retired CIA agent travels across Europe and relies on his old skills to save his estranged daughter, who has been kidnapped while on a trip to Paris. The locality is Paris and Europe. Leading role: An old guy.

Ajeossi (The Man from Nowhere) 2010: A quiet pawnshop keeper with a violent past takes on a drug-and-organ trafficking ring in hope of saving the child girl who is his only friend. But the pawnshop keeper was actually a Korean Special Force No.1 killer; a much younger secret soldier than the retired CIA in Taken. The locality is South Korea. Leading role: A loner around 30s.

Ryu san (2017): Professional hitman Long takes on an assignment in Japan. When things go awry, he has to flee. Badly injured, he takes refuge in a deserted part of a small town, befriended with a young boy. The localities: Taiwan and Japan. A loner around 35.

See the similarities and subtly changed revised or replaced racial, nationalities, backgrounds, localities, sets...?

Critics and reviewers often judged and or praised a good movie only by its director, but I have to say, without a good screenplay, no matter how great or talented a director would be, there's no way a good movie could exist. Directors are just persons who materialize, visualize, arrange screenplays to make them happen. If both the writer and director are the same person who made a movie great or good, then that director is the real deal and deserves the praise.

As to this Ryu san (2017), director Sabu obviously borrowed and changed a lot of stuff to distinguish it from the former two movie by adding many different ingredients too. But the pace is a bit too slow, the subplots also dragged its paces may be a bit too long.

There's a definite similar climax to these three movies: Fast, bloody, cruel and deadly. They all drive-you-nuts GREAT!!

Korô no chi: Level 2

This sequel sucks big time!
I gave the prequel a 9, but won't and couldn't even finish the sequel since it's just so stupidly scripted with lousy scenario. Hioka staked out in his well-known white Mercedes-Benz near the set up trap rainy alley to be ambushed by Uebayashi. The scene not only looked stupid but also ridiculously weak. He was gut shot by Chikada nearly dead, yet he could recover so fast is just absurd. Then when Uebayashi got the chance to ambush him without no one around, why he didn't finish the job killing him? A dirty reporter became the snitch to Uebayashi and provided him with intelligence not even the police knew? When Uebayashi forced Chkada to cut off his finger, he sat across the coffee table, and Chkada holding the knife so close to him, why he decided to cut his finger instead of stabbing Uebayashi? It's easier than cutting his finger off, just a quick thrust or stab.

But the worst letdown in this sequel is the Hioka character. Because after the prequel, he should have become more smart, more well-experienced, more mature, since he should have learned a lot of tricks from his late mentor and partner Ogami, yet he just turned careless, stupid and weak.

This sequel, unlike one of the reviewer said it's better than the prequel, to me, was just 10 steps behind the 2018 Korô no chi, simply became a pathetic and laughable one, even simply unnecessary. I've enjoyed the 2018 story, felt excited even sometimes moved a lot, but I couldn't even finish the 2021 crappy follow-up.


Again, one more awkward, disjointed, even pretentious Taiwan production
I've tried very hard to finish this movie, but like before, I couldn't. I really don't understand why movies out of Taiwan are always so awkward and pretentious.

When they used the kid as the narrator from the very beginning, what he recited had already turned me down and cold. It's just didn't feel natural from a kid but an article written by an adult. Then the dialogue shifted between two dialects, following the characters in different settings. I have to agree with what the sole critics said, there's a strong touch of the other two directors, Ho and Yang, even the storyline of the script was quite similar. It's a quite boring story about some Taiwanese lower class people, or shall we say, about some of the low lives that we usually couldn't care less or simply not worth knowing. Just like what I've always pointed out, the screenplay writers from Taiwan need to grow out of from their reminiscent of childhood and teenage. It's a deadbeat recycle, going nowhere, must not stay in that trap and should grow out of it. Even you guys had tried to throw in Alzheimer Disease or throw in some big word of Synapses, but if your main ingredient is such pretentious, disjointed, no big deal and simply couldn't care less same crap, there's no way to make me finish it.

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