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Booty Hunter

The Booty Hunter, on The Movie Channel, morning 7-March-2013, was a terrible issue of cable soft-porn. Maybe TMC is trying to lower the bar. Though the plot was the usual lightweight fare, the acting was weak and the actresses were far below the beauty level seen in the films from Marc Greene, the Bikini series, and similar major soft-porn studios. There is the usual load of sex: MF, FF, & MFF, with a string of plot to hold together the story.

The lighting and sets looked fair, and sound was decent, but the severe pulchritude deficit diminished my interest, and I saw no value in watching more than a speedy Fast Forward of my recording.

Then the sparse credits at the end were a joke, only listing six actors, a producer, editor, director, and the notice "Brought to You by The Good Folks at Eros Filmz." No other personnel were listed in the credits, at start or finish. No copyright notice or date was shown either, though the required "18 U.S.C. Section 2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75 Compliance Statement ended the movie.

Don't waste your time!

Bel Ami

Good story!
Bel Ami is historically interesting, as relates to the economic and exploitative aspects of the French invasion of Morocco. The intrigue and destiny of Georges Duroy may not satisfy viewers desiring more action, eroticism, or happy endings, but it presented an engaging story. Given the impoverished background of Duroy, I thought Pattison offered an effective portrayal of a poor, bewildered young man attempting to juggle unaccustomed opportunities and beautiful women in high society. The other actresses and actors also nicely delivered their characters. Perhaps this critic is not sophisticated enough to demand more, but I believe that the movie well fulfilled its premise.

Behind Closed Doors

Light plot, sexy vignettes
A TV talk show about sexual encounters -- what a novel notion! (wink!) Appearing on The Movie Channel Xtra late one night, the talk show is hosted by three lovely babes, who describe their outrageous escapades with enthusiastic introductions and appropriate fades to action.

The stories are grouped in themes, which include make-up (after argument) sex, anger sex, shower sex, lesbian sex, and group sex. We notice a trend .. .

The hostesses are amusing with their supportive remarks ("Go, Girl!") in emulation of the traditional talk show format. The scene acting is not bad, and the sex is provocative and realistic enough. Appearing in the scenes are the hostesses and several veteran soft-porn beauties, but several notable players are not properly credited. I noticed, I thought, veteran Kim Dawson, and a very pretty veteran playing 'Terri', but the only credited actors were the three hostesses.

It's hard to call the production a movie in the traditional sense; it's more of a "sexposition," but it "delivers the goods" for a soft-porn vehicle. The talk format is a convenient vehicle for a display of multiple sexy vignettes.

Women: B+. Pretty sexy, nice assortment.

Men: B+. Pretty good, as best I could determine.

Sex: A. About all we could ask, unless we want to watch hard core.

Story: D. You don't get a story with this vehicle.

Overall: B-. About as good as can be expected, given its premise.

Women: Stories of Passion

Marvelous series
The stories are great, professionally done, well produced and edited. They may be slow-paced at times, with well-developed plots that appeal to the ladies, also.

Episode Notes =============

Angel from the Sky. An angel (spirit of a 19th century Mexican bandito) rescues a human (20th century blonde history researcher for writers), and the two share an unlikely moment of passion.

Astral Eros. An astrological experiment creates an erotic link between a woman (Anna Hernandez) and her husband---while he's out of the country on a business trip.

Back to the Garden. An author reveals fantasies she's heard while researching an erotic novel.

The Bitter and the Sweet. A woman's sexual encounter on the beach turns into a dilemma when she learns her lover is the son of a friend. Jennifer Edwards, Beth Broderick, Seth Sutker.

The Diamond Merchant. A woman entertains fantasies involving gem smugglers in 1920s Tangier.

The Feather. A young woman learns of her Civil War-era ancestor's romance with a Native American.

For the Sake of Science. A college student (Kimberly Rowe) experiences a sexual awakening while taking part in an experiment designed to measure a woman's response to arousal.

The Gigolo. A married woman falls in love with a gigolo.

Grip Till It Hurts. A film-production assistant stages a campaign to land her boss. Siena Goines, Lawrence J. LeJohn.

Gun Shy. A female cop can't shake her strange attraction to a pimp.

Hat Trick. A woman imagines herself in a Restoration drama and at a chic Manhattan party.

Kat Tails. A woman's first exposure to the world of adult entertainment leads to an encounter with a female dancer.

La Limpia. A Latina woman (Maria Conchita Alonso) exorcises her dead husband's ghost via a cleansing ritual she performs with a younger man. Doug: Terry Gatens. Alonso: Edwin Borques.

Lover from Another Planet. Pretty blonde wife (by Amy Lindsay) is frustrated by lazy inattentive husband, is abducted and seduced by a handsome alien.

Luck Is a Lady. A cocktail waitress fantasizes about life in 1950s Las Vegas, where she's the mistress of a mob boss but secretly loves his henchman.

The Lucky Bar. A Chinese businessman's daughter falls for an American visiting her father's bar.

Miami Beach Tango. A married woman has a fling with a dance instructor while on a vacation in Florida.

Mind's Eye. A female scholar enters into a romance with a handsome musician. Holley Chant, Joey Gian, Michael Jay.

Motel Magic. Making love mysteriously transforms an elderly couple.

Night of Love. A woman learns that some old wives' tales can come true when she experiences a night of passion.

Paradise Found. A married journalist moonlights as a hooker, ignites new passions..

Reading for Pleasure. Wife finds new sparks in 'noir' novelettes, surprises and involves husband.

Room 1503. Two men pursue a woman at a bar, but she's more interested in another woman.

Sing Me the Blues. A woman falls hard after one slow spin across the dance floor.

Table Service. A secretary fantasizes about her boss while they dine at a fancy restaurant.

Tender Thief. A radio talk-show host is skeptical of stories about a thief who first seduces his victims. But then she experiences such an attack firsthand.

Trio. A cellist makes beautiful music with her neighbor and his girlfriend, who's also a musician.

Voodoo Tuesday, 16 Mar 2004. A visit by a journalist has a strange effect on a doctor.

Warm Hands, Cold Heart. A massage leads to more for a married woman on her anniversary weekend.

Woman on a Train. A stranger on a train convinces a woman that they're ex-lovers. Ann Turkel, Richard Steinmetz.

Wishful Thinking. A genie grants a woman a sexual wish for the '90s: she can have unprotected sex for 24 hours---with no consequences.

Vampire Blues

Terrible offering
The previous detractors have it right.

There is almost no plot, and the video appears very cheap.

The low level of dialog renders the movie quite amateurish. The 'silk screened' video effect on the characters' bodies, or overall, was bizarre, but did not help much. The overly guttural growls and vampire slurping worsened the cheap effects.

If the same plot were 'fleshed out' with more drama, more dialog, and less flesh, I would probably appreciate it much more! The result is a a very dull film with almost no eroticism.

Please, Mr. Franco, put some meat in the plot!

Sexual Boundaries

Fair plot, watchable soft porn
After a wealthy businessman is murdered, police detective partners Lenore Gates (played by Wendy Rice) and Eric Chambers (Rafe) are called in on the case. Their investigation leads them to Chambers' old flame, pretty psychologist Jane Ellis (Keri Windsor); a local hooker Melina (Venus) and ambitious politician Jack Haden. Sex, intrigue and more murders abound, while the detectives try to get a step up on the murderer.

Like many other Marc Greenberg productions, this movie has a believable and moderately interesting plot, competent actors, and multiple sexual liaisons. The men seem virile enough and the women are pretty sexy. This is not the most engaging of movies, but the plot holds together the erotic sequences for which we are watching in the first place. Our reward is a variety of enjoyable encounters, typical of the MRG formula.

Plot: C+. Watchable murder investigation.

Acting: B. Effective, credible.

Women: B-. Looked good enough, but not the best .

Men: C+. OK, seemed a little rough.

Eroticism: B. Many encounters, straight and three-way.

Overall: B-. OK, modestly satisfying production

Sinful Desires

Fair plot, watchable soft-porn
Sinful Desires is another Marc Greenberg production, one of many in his soft porn mold of skin, sex, and some sort of challenge to the protagonist's security. The formula usually works, and this movie is certainly watchable. It features Jacy Andreas as Angelica Westin, aka Gia, radio hostess of Night Watch, "an erotic exploration into the world of sex," featuring the outrageous sexual adventures of her enthusiastic callers. Her show is growing in popularity, but her station boss Johnathan has bigger plans for her. He wants to use her face in a promotional campaign, while Angelica wishes to keep her real persona private.

As this debate simmers, Angelica begins receiving intrusive photographs of herself at home, in transit, or in her intimate moments. The correspondent has obviously been too close for comfort, and Angelica must eliminate this stalking threat in order to restore her career and security.

Again, the plot is simple but workable, the actors are credible and convincing, and transitions are reasonable. Naturally, the various callers' stories present opportunities for multiple beauties and studs to perform, and the nudity and erotic encounters are enjoyable. Though the story line is lightweight, the combination is still as watchable as most Greenberg soft porn.

Plot: C+. Formulaic, but effective.

Acting: B. Good enough.

Women: B.Sexy enough, and numerous, with all the different caller stories.

Men: B. Seemed OK, but what do I know?

Eroticism: B.

Overall: B. All right, just no great thrills here.

Young and Seductive

Modestly satisfying production
Cute Nina Jacobs is writing a book on the subject of online sex, sexual liaisons arranged online, but some of her lovely interviewees are turning up dead, strangled. Are they victims of foul play or erotic asphyxiation gone bad? While she assists the handsome police detective Max, Nina worries about a crime connection to her book. To add to her troubles, her relationship with her beau is becoming troubled.

The movie seeks to resolve these questions while presenting us with a smorgasbord of kinky sex. Several sexy actresses provide nice shows, and most of the acting is believable, even if the story is a little far-fetched. But again, it's all we need as an excuse for multiple sexual presentations in a typical Marc Greenberg production. We would not knock Mr. Greenberg's results, as he is generally successful delivering what the soft porn viewers want. The story fits, with reasonable transitions and without troubling discontinuities and plot lapses.

The actresses are generally fairly pretty and sexy, and the guys are handsome enough. I thought detective Max was a little heavy, almost comically serious, in his part, but his was still a reasonable character portrayal. Then while not a bombshell showstopper, Julian Wells, as protagonist Nina, seemed a capable actress herself, quite attractive and engaging in her own manner.

Overall, the story seemed a bit dark, but it wraps up cleanly and it is not a terrible waste of 87 minutes.

Women: B-. Pretty enough.

Men: B. OK.

Sex: C+. Typical and adequate

Story: B. Done well enough, with a tidy ending.

Overall: B-. Modestly satisfying production.

Model Lust

Pretty good soft-porn, with little pretense of story depth
Adventurous and sexy college student Arielle (played by Juliana Kincaid), heads to Los Angeles after first treating her beau to an afternoon delight. He wants her to stay, but she wants to "find herself" in LA.

Arielle arrives at the Hollywood home and lust-nest of beautiful cousin Tracy Henderson (Diana Espen, aka April Flowers), and Tracy introduces her to the local modeling scene, temperamental photographer Scardino (John Castine), and handsome, cocky model Lance (Glen Meadows). Lance arouses Arielle's attention, but international intrigue and espionage worries arise to threaten these cozy affairs, and pretty Arielle must balance her lust-life with national security concerns.

The subplots serve to offer ample opportunity for plenty of skin, including beauties in full frontal view, and numerous sexual encounters, including the usual full range of straight and lesbian activity. These encounters are fairly erotic, with uncommonly attractive men and women, except in the case of a couple of lesbian second-level models, who appear a bit cheap and fleshy.

Most of the acting is credible, but a few of the bit-part players seem flighty. The plot is lightweight, but the execution was generally successful, except for a couple of rough transitions. The movie is lightweight, too, but the objective is soft-porn titillation, and the sex scenes fulfill the goal.

Plot: C+. Shallow

Acting: B. Adequate

Women: B+. Quite pleasing to view, though less stunning than some

Men: B. Reasonably handsome

Eroticism: A- Plentiful and varied

Overall: B+ Pretty good soft-porn

Novel Desires

Trite story, fair skin show.
A stilted male writer, Brian, is paired with a more carefree female associate to try to improve their stories. Meanwhile, he allows a sexy girl-friend to go away frustrated, and he shyly slides through other opportunities for relationships. Two major subplots arise: Brian's career path and his social life.

At work, Brian and his new associate argue about various plot lines, including some nicely depicted sexual encounters. Brian wants to focus more on plot and character development, while his associate prefers to highlight relational interactions, such as the sexual escapades for which we watch these soft porn vehicles.

The women are lovely, but the acting corps is not very convincing. Part of the fault may lie in the writing and direction, as the plot is weak and sometimes suffers in transition. And poor Brian! We can't really believe that he is that clueless. His social reticence frustrates us viewers, and we want to jump in and help him!

Story: 3/10. Sex 5/10. Watch for the skin, not for great acting and writing.

Island Rhythms

Weak story, mild soft porn
A lovely blonde (Skye Ashton as Penny Quinn) photographs erotic encounters on `Cricket Island' and provides a few erotic scenes herself. She opens a vacation resort (the Heartbeat Inn), but her sexy maid Lana and Lana's new boyfriend angle for a piece of the action.

The plot drags. It develops quite slowly, perhaps in an attempt to build an erotic atmosphere, but there is little tension. The characters are not well developed and the story does not seem well fleshed out. Well, there is plenty of flesh in the sex scenes, but the plot is just skin and bones, and it ends quite abruptly, failing to fulfill the viewers' expectations.

Most of the ladies are quite lovely, though, and the acting seems credible, though limited. We just wanted more of a story.

Women: B-. Modestly attractive, especially Skye Ashton.

Men: B+. OK.

Sex: B-. Varied, interesting, though frequently difficult to view in low light scenes.

Story: C-. Weak, fails to inspire much emotion.

Overall: C. Dull, don't spend money for this one.

Dangerous Pleasures

Fair vehicle for soft-porn
Jacy Andrews plays as Valerie Spito, an attractive, lusty blonde black widow, who has survived the loss of six rich husbands. She attracts the interest of a police detective and an insurance investigator, Grady Kent (played by Burke Morgan). These guys don't know what they're in for. The investigators follow their suspicions into intriguing encounters with their manipulative suspect, and these interactions form the bulk of the story.

Jacy Andrews is credible as the dangerous widow, but Morgan's Kent seems a bit naive. Kent's nympho assistant, Monica Mayhem's Jules, is sexy and compliant, with little opportunity to display much acting talent. The male characters are either naive or blinded by lust (or perhaps a little of both), so they are a bit short of credible.

Eroticism: B, Good. Multiple sexual encounters, with oral sex and backdoor play (why?). Women: B-, Good. Sexy, but not the best. Men: C. Adequate, but not too studly (if a guy can make such a judgment) Story: B, not bad for soft-porn. Acting: C. Jacy Andrews is fair, but the rest either were unconvincing or had little opportunity to really perform beyond the sex scenes. Overall: C. Fair vehicle for soft-porn.

Carnal Confessions

Fair fare for a soft porn production
Crime and lust -- what an original combination for a plot! This movie delivers both, but not necessarily well. We have lots of skin, multiple erotic engagements, and a plausible plot, though not very original.

Television advice columnist Melody Thomas starts receiving anonymous photos and other clues, apparently from a serial murderer of pretty young women. She investigates, initially at career peril, and begins cooperating with police detective Brad Jameson. Their relationship blossoms after former beau Ron (Edward Johnson) follows his career out of town. Tensions rise as the body count increases, and a few broad hints point us poor naive viewers to the prime suspect well before the protagonists identify the evil-doer.

The acting is mixed. Wendy Rice is fairly effective, and quite pleasing to mine eye, as are several other lusty actresses. Chris Gustafson is moderately credible. Some of the other actors were less convincing, but I have seen a lot worse, so I would not complain too much for a soft porn production.

Summary (with format acknowledgment to Smooth B)

Women: B. These were not the best ever, but they were quite visually appealing. Ms. Rice may not have been the most erotically appealing of the group, but her acting was good and she is still quite pleasing to watch. Daisey Dukes, a petite brunette beauty, was impressive in a second-tier part, well done in both her conversational scene and in her erotic presentation. Star E. Knight was also convincing, lusty, and visually appealing.

Sex: B-. Lots o' lovin', straight-on, oral, and some back-door, in eight or more sex scenes

Story: C. Worn story, but a decent vehicle to support the erotic scenes

Overall: B-. OK, moderately satisfying experience, but far from a classic.

Character Guide follows, adapted from Trailing Credits, with Reviewer's character notes: Wendy Rice as Melody Thomas, TV advice columnist. Chris Gustafson as Brad Jameson, police detective. Lane Anderson as Greg Meyers, TV producer, assistant to Melody. Star E. Knight as Mindy Brown, Greg's lusty lover. Tess Broussard as Diana Thompson, second of Doug's lovers, lovely well-endowed blonde. David Usher as Doug Liam, playboy. Daisey Dukes as Nadia Roberts, first of Doug's lovers, fetching energetic brunette. Edward Johnson as Ron Adams, Melody's early beau. Mark Reynolds as Matt, TV station manager. Lois M. Howyiz as Aida. Mark Munson as Detective.

Sapphire Girls

Satisfying skin flick, not an uplifting classic
Hapless singers (Ruby, Jade, Crystal) rejoin for a performance and tour at the invitation of mysterious benefactor Ben Turner, who secretly endeavors to market a hypnotic suggestion trance serum to any and all evil international agents after stealing the potion from US Army developers. The girls eventually stumble onto the nefarious plot, and with the help of agent Chet, accept the challenge to stop the evil plot and avoid capture, entrancement, and enslavement, while Saving America for Motherhood and Apple Pie. (We're not convinced that they have much interest in saving America for God.)

There are many sexy interludes, lots of skin bared, and some girl-on-girl. Ben is a handsome, though evil, dude, and some of the gals are quite lovely: Jodie Moore (as Jade) and Nicole Oring (as Ilona, compliant assistant to Ben Turner) are especially fetching, and Elizarah (as Crystal Diamond) is appealing, but Mary Carey (as Ruby) is a bit too fleshy.

The story is accompanied by a few pop-music performances, which may be cute but not memorable. The three protagonists play as "California girls", naive "O-My-God" types, who do not always fit. When any of the singers display occasional insight, suspicion, or initiative, she performs contrary to the "California girl" stereotype established earlier. As for the actors, it gets worse: the men are incredibly shallow characters.

The acting is not very convincing, and the plot is a bit silly, but the movie is OK as a skin show.

Sex: B, Good. Multiple sexual encounters, fairly erotic.

Women: B, Good. Several are sexy and beautiful.

Men: B. Adequate, but even less intellectually stimulating than the "California girls".

Story: C, weaker than usual for cable soft-porn.

Acting: C. Inconsistent.

Overall: C+. Satisfying skin flick, not an uplifting classic.

Hot Desire

Enough plot to support a feast of erotic encounters
Chrissey Styler leads as Cori, the beautiful, lusty wife of a successful business executive, (Fidelity Monarch) insurance representative Scott, a fit, handsome fellow himself. Cori is well endowed, and looks great in the opening scene of hubby sex and a shower. Her lust is initially confined to hubby, but Scott is also quite mindful of his career responsibilities, while Cori hungers for more attention than Scott is inclined (or able?) to offer.

The couple arrives at a Hawaiian resort and greets insurance associate Vic, with wife Maggie, and Scott's ambitious business assistant, financial analyst Crystina (Brulet?, by Naomi Nektare), an avaricious and lusty babe unencumbered by the usual ethical concerns. She soon seduces Scott, and the plot is on.

How will Scott juggle his lust, wife, and career? Will Cori be satisfied? Some twists await, but such is the essence of the story line. Now, the execution -- that is another story. It cannot be accomplished without lots of sex. So the stars oblige and they look very good simulating it.

Cori and Crystina are lovely, sexy, and effective as actresses. Husband Scott seems a little shallow or confused at times. Risa Whiting's Mrs. Grayley is a special treat as the elderly worldly, wise, and compassionate business officer.

The story line was not the greatest, but it managed to serve up enough sexual encounters for much viewing enjoyment.

I'd give the movie a C- for plot, B- for actors, B+ for beautiful women, B+ for erotic displays, and a C+ overall.

Visions of Passion

Intriguing plot for a skineMax feature
Buxom brunette Jeanie, (Ava Lake as credited), leads as an aspiring film director, assembling "slice of life" vignettes from the filmed trysts of playful neighbors. She works with an ambitious editor (Scotty), and develops a relationship with a lovely neighbor (Russell) who turns out to be a call-girl.

There is more depth in Lake's bust-line than in her acting, but she delivers the goods. Russell brings more depth to her character and keeps the story interesting.

Lake plays with some friends, male and female, consoles a lonely lovely lesbian neighbor, gets involved with the call-girl, and learns that one of her films shows a conservative, family-values politician getting comfort from the call girl. This discovery brings some tension to the plot and helps to maintain viewer interest.

The acting was fair, with varied performances, but the main characters were nearly believable. The plot actually made sense and gave us more reason to sit through than just for the erotic interludes. But the sexcapades were better than average, too, so "Visions of Passion" is especially worthwhile for those who enjoy the eroticism.

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