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One on One

Brilliant show
Ok, I know I say this type of thing in all of my comments, but this show is actually brilliant! Totally funny, and realistic too, not like other tv programmes, most programmes try to be funny and realistic at the same time, but have never managed to acomplish this until now, it deals with real issues and not fake ones which you find on other programmes theese days, I really do reccomend this show, and I have only watched 3 episodes so far, it really does grow on you, so watch it more than once before you go out dissing it, because you may change you're mind and will regret what you have said. 97% for the show.

Save the Last Dance

Terrific film, really well acted
This has to be one of the best films ever, it was so terrifically acted, they chose the right people to be in this film, Julia Stiles(Sarah) is very popular and talented, as is Bianca Lawson(Nikki), Sean Patrick Tomas was brilliant also, Fredro Starr, Vince Green, Elisabeth Oas and Garland Whitt were terrific too, you must see this movie

The Princess Diaries

Amazing film
I went to see this just last night, it was definetly one of the best films ever,they picked all thew right people to play the parts, Anne Hathaway was amazing, as was Julie Andrews and Eric Von Detten, even Mandy Moore was good and some people said her acting was bad when I think she acted out the part really well. This is a must see film


One of the best shows out there
This started off brilliant, but recently, it has got so funny and so exciting. In the episode I was watching today Myles's girl friend thought she was pregnant from dancing and Moesha told Niecy that Q asked her to marry him.I just cannot wait till the next episode This show deserves a 100%, it is that good I would so recomend it to anyone who asked

Saved by the Bell: The New Class

All and all it was a good show
As one of the shows biggest fans, I would say that it is a good show and the only thing I didn't like was when Lindsey and Ryan broke up, even I will say that that was copying the old class, but despite what others said it did have some original storylines like the earthquake, the fight and the singing contract. The best thing about this show would have to be Eric as in my opinion (and from what I've heard everyone elses too) he was the most original character on the show and the best. I was upset when this show ended, all and all I give this show a 9 out of 10 (whatever anyone else says)

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