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Excellent Movie About Suicide!
I was at a low point in my life when I saw this movie on TV. I had been having many suicidal thoughts and was in therapy for Depression. This movie convinced me NEVER to attempt suicide! Many scenes in this movie have stayed vividly in my mind. Although it's a sad movie, it also contains hope, especially for families who have been affected by someone's suicide. For me, seeing this movie might have been one of the MOST important influences that has resulted in me being alive today! When I talk to suicidal people, I tell them how much this movie impressed me and kept me from attempting suicide. If you have a family member or friend who is depressed or has talked of suicide, please watch this movie with him/her. Although it may make evoke some painful feelings in the person, it will also give them many insights on why suicide is not the answer. I recommend being with the depressed person when they watch it, and also staying with them afterwards to talk about the many feelings it brings up. Therapists - This is an excellent movie - try to obtain it and watch it! I have gone on in my life to major in Psychology and this movie very accurately portrays the many emotions...both in suicidal people and in their families. I hope this movie may prevent someone else from committing suicide. Bless you. Karen

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