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The O.C.

Unrealistic, but promising
Being a resident of "the O.C.", I couldn't resist tuning into this teen drama. It looks like this show will now be my Tuesday night guilty pleasure. The plot is somewhat trite--kid from the wrong side of the tracks becomes a fish out of water in a ridiculously wealthy neighborhood, a la the Welshes of 90210--but it refreshingly breaks the conventions of the genre (ie a strong camaraderie between Seth and Ryan rather than contention). Week one was a great start, let's hope the good trend continues! It'll be interesting to see how they develop the characters' relationships. What can I say? I'm actually rooting for the series!

One contradictory point, though: life in Newport Beach, while nice, isn't THAT posh! I lived on Balboa Island, my cousins went to Newport Harbor High... just remember, it's a TV show, the people there aren't that snotty, rich or superficial (for the most part).

Merry Christmas, George Bailey

I Remember This!
Always a fan of "It's a Wonderful Life," I remember stumbling across this a few years ago. It was a well-done rendition of the classic, presented in radio style. In other words, it wasn't acted out visually, but rather was performed as though it was hitting the air waves for Christmas 1947. Very cool! The performances were great, too. Of course, Bill Pullman isn't James Stewart, but who is? No one can compare to Jimmy in the role of George Bailey, but Pullman does a decent job. If only there were some way to purchase the show on CD! It's like something you'd see advertised on public television, and the recording would be perfect to stick in the car during the holidays. Catch it if you can!!!

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