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Strange But True

Very good evening entertainment!
It's a noir-thriller about metaphysics and family matters (forgiveness, grief...) Reminded me a lot the style and drama of a very recent movie Angel of mine.

A real glued- to- screen thriller with enormous suspense.

Enjoyed very much this you- just- don't- know- the- solution- until- the- end! This is a movie you have to watch VERY attentively, otherwise you wont get the answer. Dont go to the kitchen to search for food in the fridge!


A stunning but heavy and slow piece of art
It's surprising that the director of this movie, Balagov, has only 27 years! And has already won FIPRESCI prize at Cannes 2 years ago with Closeness, and Un Certain regard this year! This movie is a very indie movie in the sense that it is slow, almost without music and centered on character's faces and half-faces. The main theme here is taken from the book of Nobel prize winner Svetlana Alexievich "The Unwomanly face of war" (1987), showing some shocking facts about the women who were soldiers (or just living in the very fighting zones) at the war. How strong they may seem but how weak and desperate may be inside! And how scarring the war is for (wannabe) mothers. Can a woman, experienced a heavy fighting as in Leningrad during WWII, be a femminile being? It seemed to me that these two women had to fight equally strong now, autumn 1945, just first months after the war, as in the war itself. The movie has been criticized for the scene where Iya accidentally kills her friend' s son. But I think the movie is not about morals, it's aboout the "unwomanly face of war".

Dolor y gloria

Quite boring, about an artist (Almodovar) confronting ageing
The movie was very expected in the cinema lovers' circle. Last week an interview with Almodovar in the Vanity Fair about the movie. But this piece was just too boring. Yes, it's a high quality autobiopic but lacks action. In some sense there is a lot of feeling of Cuaron' s Roma but from a very diffrent perspective, of course. Banderas is great but had always that sad face expression, I just think does Almodovar really feels so bad (in the interview he kinda mentioned it) he wanted to make us to suffer as well? There were quite a few parallel plotlines, as 50% of the movie is director's Salvador memories of his childhood and his mother. But the stories about his olden days' love and his strong but ageing mother lacked a lot emotional explosion we usually feel in the movies about such things. I expected to cry a bit in this movie, but at maximum had one half-tear. Must say that cinematography and costume design is really good. Very colourful movie.

Play or Die

5x times worse than Escape Room
Well, was expecting something much more decent. we have seen quite a lot of movies of this genre to ask filmmakers to be original. A couple of months back was released Escape Room movie. That's much better than this one, at least some originality. Some, not a lot. Play or die is very very simple escape movie, with no original rooms or tasks. we have seen all of it in the saw and other classics. then, the very ending with some revelations of one players life+
  • i dont really understand what it has to do with the game. All the movie so seemed a trial of a first year filmmaking student to
imitate some movies he had seen. Not convincing at all. Too simplistically.

Marnies Welt

An original animated with strong characters
That's an unusual animated movie which clearly seems to be for kids as is full with funny animals, supernaive cat, entertaining story. However, the almost rude language and some Despicable Me style irony makes it perfect adult movie as well. It's nice because the characters are very strong, with their own particularities and viewpoint. Sometimes you may annoy because of the strange eye-closing way of the cat but in overall, a good entertainment for kids and adults.

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