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Jennifer's Body

Am I the only one?
Am I the only one that thinks Diablo Cody is a terrible writer? Though I did enjoy it, Juno was extremely overrated, and this piece of crap cements it for me. I hate Diablo Cody as a writer. Her contrivance and witty attempt at being hip and relevant just doesn't fly. I will give her credit for trying to look at dialog from left of center, but people don't talk like that....well except maybe Diablo Cody. But I didn't go to see a movie full of Diablo Cody's, I went to see a movie with moving characters you care for. If they die, I should care, which I didn't. and the "twist" ending made the Happening look like Citizen Cane, and I'm talking in this day and age where my future unborn children already know what rosebud is. It is still more of a reveal than this movie. It was a shame because there were same great actors in this movie and Megan Fox. Though I will give both Cody and Fox credit, because she actually fit the dialog well, but it doesn't make me hate it less. I found myself bored, and bored in a horror movie is unacceptable. I've seen some awful horror movies too, but never have I been this bored. I gave this movie 3 stars, one for Amanda Seifried, one for the (in my opinion) under appreciated Kyle Gallner, and one for the few interesting shots throughout the movie. Notice NONE for Diablo Cody!

How to Deal

B-A-D Horrible!
Mandy Moore is the Classic example of why musicians should stay in music. There is nothing good about this Film except The Mother and Father (played hysterically by Allison Janney and Peter Gallagher). Now I know why Peter Gallagher went to TV, because he was too embarrassed to be in a film after this MONSTROSITY. The Script is terrible there are subplots that are not linear at all, and the movie makes teenage pregnancy something you can laugh off. **SPOILER** Then The boyfriend dropping dead didn't even make any sense. The male lead was terrible, another case of hearing hype that was quickly nixed. I hated this movie so much, I decided to take a phone call in the middle of it inside the theater, which I am morally against! Then I heard people crying!

Shame on you, everyone involved. Save us the trouble and just hand around a basket asking for our money next time.

Simon Sez

It has potential, but fails
This movie was pretty bad. It had a little bit of potential, except for a few things. one Dennis Rodman. Two that fat guy, I hate him. There were some good fast action fight scenes, but it was one of those movies that has a decent budget because a star of some sort is in it but the budget isn't big enough to get the cool effects so they have to settle for the the other guys in digital effects. The acting is pretty shotty,and the villain is neither funny, evil, nor intelligent. There could have been some really cool stuff, but the bad guys were dumb. They were high in numbers for a big body count, but that didnt save the movie either. It was pretty much "lets make a movie for Dennis Rodman to be in." this is one of those movies I would like someone to remake and make good. Hmm, maybe I will...PS, the other commenter needs to take some spelling classes

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