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Animation Block Party Mix-Tape, Volume Two

fantastic toons!
Great films on this compilation. I ordered a copy from Amazon and received it around the holiday. There was a busy time in January and February, but I finally got to sit down and watch the Animation Block Party DVD last week. The animations were all top-rate. My favorites included a film from Howard Beckerman called Beep Boop. I saw Beep Boop in the 1980's on HBO, but not seen it since then, and was happy to watch Howard's work. There was an excellent film on the DVD called Fred's Box. This film was both serious and funny, also eerie in its tone. The compilation work was all over the map, from the Netherlands, Canada and USA. I purchased the other Animation Block Party DVD and noticed that the films on the more recent DVD were more fun and crazy, a film called Marvelous Keen Loony Bin was the best work on that compilation, showing a weird world of food and balloons. I would recommend this DVD for any and all animation fans. Hard to get animation is always a great thing if you can find it, and I found it here. Buy this DVD and you will not be disappointed.

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