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Meet Joe Black

Decent....then Unbearable!
This film had such potential... (that's as good as it gets) However after trying to sit through that unscrupulously long-and-boring scene between Pitt and Forlani where they are dancing, the sound of her voice for so long made me want to kill someone. I couldn't bear to watch anymore of the film after that point.

The thought of instant death to the entire world entertained me more. Someone with a much nicer voice is absolutely mandatory for a scene like that. She is so uninteresting and killed the film for me.

I couldn't be more p*ssed off after having sat through as much of the film as I did.

I wont even rate this film seeing as I couldn't watch it to the end. The only reason I'm giving that mercy is due to the fact that it was decent up until that point. It was so long ago and yet all I can remember was how much I F'king hated that scene!

Inglourious Basterds

It was......alright
I'm a huge fan of Tarantino's, but this film, monstrous let down. Don't go into this thinking you're going to see 'pulp fiction' meets 'saving private ryan', because it just ain't gonna happen.

Personally, I had no idea what to expect, and therefore went in with nothing but an open mind. No expectations, no pre-decided notions about this film. Just nothing but nothing'.

At best, I can say, this movie was....alright. I'm not going to go into detail.

Still gave it a 7/10 as it did entertain, and is presumably better than any of the other crap we'll get this year. I'm glad I saved District 9 (til after). I'll need something decent to remind me this year was not a total waste. But this film really didn't do it for me.

S. Darko

Could it have been worse? Really?
I don't like to start off negatively about a film, but there's not much to savour about this movie at all. Its as if the directors saw the original film, then edited; cut & pasted parts, and let the pieces fall where they may.

We've seen the repeat story lines in films before ("Wild Things" & "Wild Things 2" for example). But this film was/is in a league of its own... a bush league! The storyline had no definition, nor did it lead to anywhere substantial. It had a cast marketable to that 14-25 demographic, that still eats up the bubblegum media and television shows, that only someone of poor taste could "appreciate" (James Lafferty of One Tree Hill & Ed Westwick of the 'makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty nail', Gossip Girl) (Okay, One Tree Hill isn't terrible)

When deriving from a cult classic like Donnie Darko, and spewing this crap among serious movie goers, it really feels like an insult that they would even think of releasing this in theatres. The producers must have no clue, because the teeny boppers will hate it since they lack the mental capacity to understand, any of which is going on (having seen the first film or not). But then, there are people like myself, who even after having seen the original film, are still left bewildered by this one.

The acting wasn't bad, but then, the movie was so horrid that the acting could have been terrible, and still looked great. You'd think they would splurge a little more on some special effects. I mean, it couldn't have made this film any worse, right? Sadly, nothing could save this abomination of a film.

It's like they were trying to create a masterful David Lynch film (see 'Mulholland Drive' :) Great piece of work) and wound up making a mockery of what *was* a good movie in "Donnie Darko".

I give it a 3/10 Originally I gave it a 4. But due to my high anticipations for this film, and being so drastically let down, at this point, a 3 is being generous. I wouldn't pay to see this movie, if it were the only movie in theatres. (Also, being set in the mid-90's, I was hoping for some better music; that would compliment the excellent job they did in the original film.... yetanother let down)

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

Awesome, Completely Awesome
Goldeneye will always go down as one of thee most legendary games in VG history. Their is no doubt about that. But this game, although quite different, could quite possibly be the modern-day Bond champ, of its time.

This was not a bond game based on material from another medium. This was a completely new; scripted game. Which even had its own theme song! (wouldnt be bond without it, haha!) Gameplay was excellent, and if you're a fan of the bond games or films alike, you'll enjoy it.

Unlike some/most games, these cast members portrayed their characters themselves, as opposed to fictional creations for the game. Which gives it that more cinematic feel. With a very 'bond'-able storyline, you feel like you're in the game as much as you get lost in a movie.

Enjoyable in all aspects, from start to finish. Even after beating the game there's still plenty more to be done. With the ranking system and unlockables to be achieved, as well as its multi-player missions, this is a stand-out game. Despite being quite old now, in video game years. It's still a good game that you can pick up & play whenever you feel the need to get a little more Bond in your life. Even now just thinking about it, I've got the theme song stuck in my head. Such a great cast and well-written storyline.

The story comes to life on the screen, almost as if the actors were their in front of you, and is every bit as entertaining as the game itself. Superbly done, in true bond fashion. Which can only be named Awesome, Completely Awesome.

I've gotta go throw this game on now. If you haven't played it yet, you're missing out!

Baiohazâdo: Dijenerêshon

Appropriate Commenting
Upon watching this film, I really did not know what to expect. My anticipations were more than met, and the storyline much farther exceeded my expectations.

I've seen many 'newcomer' opinions being thrown out there, so allow me to reply with my own. The movie was not redone to suit the English language, therefore the motions were not in sync. To anyone who judges that harshly on an animated film. I'd say take your criticism to something a little more worthwhile, as this was already a known fact, before the movies release.

**Moving on, if you have NOT played the video games, I would suggest leaving your opinions at the door, before viewing. Or do yourself a favour, find a compatible console, and play some R.E.2. It will definitely help to clarify a few things for you**

Clearly those who haven't yet broken into the v.g. scene, will not know how to take this film. Also, for those that have, don't expect ...well anything, as far as the storyline goes. Need to keep an open mind for this one.

Too many people are anticipating the past to repeat itself. This is a completely new story, irrelevant to past story lines, other than the theme and its returning characters. There are quite a few references however, but this is by no means a continuation. As Code Veronica was to R.E.2, for example.

It was a well conducted piece of work. Nothing at all far-fetched for the video game world. Entertaining from beginning to end. The lead characters portraying themselves, in typical R.E. fashion. This time around giving you a bit more of a feel for who they are, that the games may not allow. You get all the blood & zombies you would in your games, and the ever loved cut-scenes of the v.g. franchise.

I don't know that there is any relation to the upcoming R.E.5. However, I do believe that many gamers will find much speculation and possibility of continuation, upon release of the latest chapter of the saga. Having seen the trailer for the new game, and without giving anything away, I believe there very well might be. The DVD does come with a preview of the new game, which should help provide some insight on this matter. (That in itself may be a hint)

All in all, a good film. It held my attention every step of the way. Now, if they could just get the motion pictures right, we might have something a little more entertaining to watch while waiting for new games to be released.

9/10 Coming from a fan of the games. If I weren't a fan, I would want to be after this viewing. Can't wait for another.

Dumb and Dumber

Underrated? Is that possible?
This is quite possibly the funniest movie ever made. In my opinion, very easily one of the best movies to ever see the light of day. How anyone can give this movie a rating of anything other than a 10/10, is beyond me. I've never met a person in my life who didn't like... no, who didn't Absolutely LOVE this film.

If there was ever a missing link in your life, this IS it. With as many lines as you can recite (often the full dialogue from beginning to end) It's easily one of the most memorable, and fan-favourite films, that movie go-ers of all kinds can and will appreciate, for years to come.

We see a Jim Carey at the height of his career before complete and utter disrespect, sent him down a spiral of events that led him to take more serious roles; for people to take him seriously as an actor. Yet the bitter irony that this film doesen't get the recognition it deserves, it enough to say that Jim Carrey is easily one of the most blacklisted, underrated actors in "hollywood". His performance in this film was more than worthy of an Oscar nomination. That is, if anyone actually takes the "Oscars" seriously.

It's because of this, that this movie will never be put upon the pedestal it so sorely deserves to be atop. Right up there with the all-time greats such as: The Godfather, Schindler's List, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, for example.

This is the type of film that, even if you HATE comedies, you would still Love this film. It IS just that damn good. This film is pure gold from beginning to end. From the perfectly fitted and timed soundtrack, which will have you laughing all on its own. To the amazing character portrayal's, by everyone (including Cam Neely).

A true 10 out of 10! And even then, that doesen't do this film justice. For a lifetime of laughter and jokes ahead. And daily references which will never cease, bringing you years of laughter long after the movie is over. If you haven't seen it yet, you 've probably heard by now, all that you're missing.

Do yourself a favour, if you haven't seen it. watch it. If you have... watch it again, but you don't need me to tell you that.

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