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Pass on the knowledge
A wonderful film posing interesting questions and also providing answers to some of those.

Scarlett Johannson was awesome as always and Morgan Freeman did great in explaining everything like he always does. The movie is perfect blend of Science fiction and philosophy. It touches on various topics like the meaning of life, Existence of God, Potential of Human mind, Origin of the universe, The nature of man and his role in the universe, overcoming the limitations and hurdles in life.

It kind of draws a parallel with the film "limitless" in a way. But there is a difference in the message that both films give. In lucy, the main character dwells on the question of purpose of life and tries to think objectively and not subjectively.

The science fiction stuff might have been a little overboard but its a science fiction in the end and has every right to venture in the unknown in order to have us flabbergasted. In my opinion it was not too eccentric. I liked the way the character of Scarlett evolves over time and is able to unlock the full potential of the human mind.

I am unable to understand why this movie has been rated in the 6s. I think it deserves more than that.

Million Dollar Arm

More than just a Sports Biography
IMDb says this a biography sports drama but i would call it more of a biography than a sports film. The story is about a sports agent in the US trying to save his career by thinking out of the box. He recruits two Indian youths (Rinku and Dinesh) belonging from poor Indian families and brings them to the US to get them trained by professional baseball coach.

The film is based on a true story and I do not know whether the retelling is a bit dramatized for the sake of the screen or not. But, the movie clearly shows a transition in the character of JB. His little adventure of foraying into uncharted waters leads him to self realization. He comes to value the things which matter in life and I think this was one of the points the director was intending to make.

The story of Rinku and Dinesh is also much tumultuous. They find themselves in the foreign land and struggling to adjust to their new lives. They have to dig deep to get their heart and soul into the game and find their fire so that they are able to shine at the right time. I cannot say more without inviting a spoiler tag.

The music is wonderful and A R Rahman has done a good job as usual. The movie was able to reinvigorate even the clichéd scenes like that of "bypassing the system" :). By the way, not all Indians are like that.

Being an Indo-US drama there are some scenes where the non desi population might call it to be over dramatic but they blend with the overall story perfectly. Also there is some dance and music sometimes at completely unexpected points in the film. This was included maybe to put some local touch.

The film is an amalgamation of both cultures and it is more than just a sports biography. It is good enough to keep you cheerful for the major part.

Do watch till the end as there are real life photos and videos of Rinku and Dinesh who have underwent a truly rags to riches transformation.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Worst Transformer movie ever
I believe "Transformers: Age of Extinction" is the worst Transformer movie ever. I am a fan of transformers and have watched all the previous ones. The giant killing robots, the cool cars that they transform into and the super heavy weight fight scenes are the things that I like about these movies. You can just sit back and enjoy the sci-fi tech powered action scenes and not worry too much about the story line.

Hey, wait a minute. Did I actually write that the story is not relevant. No, not at all. I mean to say that the usp of these movies is the action and the way the characters are build up in the minds of the viewer. The more the audience is able to relate to the characters, the greater is their engrossment in the film and the better they enjoy those fight scenes. The key is to give the audience something to root for. Otherwise its just some big robots ripping each other apart and people start to think what's the point of it all. Thus a logical, coherent story line is sine qua non.

Well I think that the makers of this movie took the not worrying about the story thing way to seriously in this movie. To be honest I was very excited after watching the trailer and reading the plot. This movie promised, apart form the usual transformers awesomeness, giant robo bounty hunters and to top it all off, robot dinosaurs. I mean who would not love to see giant robot dinosaurs kicking some ass.

That would have been totally awesome but, given the the poor acting, haphazard story line, not so logical scenes and the lame jokes and comments being made all at the wrong time, it was not so. The action sequences were wonderful but they failed to have a commensurate effect because of the untimely and not so witty comments. The dinosaurs were great but were given way too less screen time. They could have been to used to unleash some more destruction.

The whole movie just did not seem to be able to build up the anticipation regarding the ultimate showdown between the main warriors. There was little effort put in character buildup. The scenes in the movie which were meant to display the growing emotional connections between the characters, looked like they were specially drafted for children.

The only character which I thought did justice to its role in the movie was that of Optimus Prime. I hate to say it but I was very very disappointed after watching the movie.


Great movie with a great message
I have heard a lot about this movie but never got the chance to watch it. Over the years it slipped right through my to-watch list and then one day I stumbled upon this title on IMDb and finally decided to see it.

The movie is an excellent piece of art and has a lot of underlying meanings to it. It is about a village prince Ashitaka who gets cursed while saving his village from a demon. On his journey to find the dear god who will be able to heal the curse he comes across a village named iron-town led by Lady Eboshi. Eboshi is set out to destroy the deer god so that she can take over the forest for iron mining. The animal tribes of the forest are trying protect the forest. Princess Mononoke aka San has been brought up by the wolf tribe and is fighting the humans to save the forest.

Ashitaka finds himself in the middle of this war and tries to see everything with unclouded eyes. He is able to see the suffering as well as good in both sides. His heart is wedded to San the first time he sees her and wants to have a life with her in peace. He tries to make everyone see that they can live together in harmony and tries to help both sides every time he gets an opportunity. He is the true definition of what a hero should be like.

This movie is the story of human civilization itself and how we have recklessly destroyed nature for our needs and more often than not for our greed. This movie is an appeal to everyone to see with unclouded eyes and reason for themselves why we cannot live at peace with nature.

There is one line in the film that "to want everything between heaven and hell is the human nature". Well Ashitaka is the person who proves this is not the case and there is still some good left in humanity.

I have truly enjoyed watching this film and would surely recommend it for anyone who wants to experience something different and innovative.


people fear what they don't understand
First off lets state the obvious - Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman and Rebecca Hall have all done wonderful work in this movie. I personally liked the movie very much. The movie has a humble beginning with the main characters in pursuit of their dreams. The movie had all the ingredients required to make a decent film. In the beginning of the film we are made aware of the aspirations of the characters as well as the driving force behind their work. It is portrayed in a manner in which one can empathize with characters.

Down the line it shows the hypocrisy in the nature of humans. We want to uncover the secrets of the universe but when they are all laid bare in front of us we are afraid of it. It depicts a underlying nature of self preservation and a fear of the unknown.

The Sci-Fi stuff in the film might have been way too overboard but I think it was meant to show the possibilities that technology can open. I viewed it as an artistic expression of trying to break existing barriers.

It was more than just a Sci-Fi movie and had an underlying message in it. After watching the movie I am all the more convinced that people fear what they don't understand and in many cases they also give poor ratings :)


one time watch, nothing new to offer
An average film which is passable for a one time watch but will not leave a lasting impression. There are no twists and turns in the movie as far as the storyline is concerned.

It is a reflection of the contemporary scenario in Indian politics with all its flaws of petty partisanship, corruption, dynasty politics, self centered leaders which are out of sync with the aspirations of the common man and the helplessness of a single person trying to be the change. It is about a young man who is overnight passed on the responsibility of leading the largest democracy in the world.

The movie depicts the change in the nature of attitude of the protagonist form being a reluctant leader to one who is aware of his roots and the greatness of his nation. As the movie progresses he realizes the real problems hindering the progress of the nation and tries to change things for the better.

At the same time he has to manage his personal life and the movie also shows the change in outlook of friends, girlfriend and family regarding the responsibility entrusted to the hero.

The movie has various subtle messages like living life on your own terms, being righteous, expected role of leaders, the importance of ideals in politics, the capability of the youth to change the society, the reasons to participate in democratic process, and so on.

At the same time it draws parallel to Indian leaders and I felt that the Pranab interview scene a taking it a bit too far. It was as if the movie wanted to redeem someone.

All and all, as I earlier stated it can be a one time watch. Maybe with a higher level of acting by the main characters or something new in the storyline could have improved the film

Under the Skin

A sneak peek of an elaborate story
An interesting piece of work from director Jonathan Glazer. Not to anyone's surprise, I like many others was drawn towards this film by the trailer portraying Scarlett Johansson as a sexy seductive alien with a mission on planet earth and I was not at all disappointed regarding this aspect of the film. But I have to say that the movie seemed rather uneventful at certain points of time. There was a sort of repetition. The film was able to build up good amount of anticipation about the events to come but was not able to deliver up to the expectations. There were many instances where i felt the movie could have been some more innovative. There was also no explanations regarding the actions of the characters. Whether the aliens were living off the humans as food or was it their aim to propagate their race. Initially I was of the opinion that ScarJo was trying to find a human who will be able to cross the black alien quagmire of death so as to consummate with her. The concept seemed similar to "Species". Towards the end it seemed that she was not able to do so and was running out of time. At the same time she was starting to feel more and more human. But well that's my view. I believe that this film would have many interpretations and I will read as many as I can. Overall the film can be said to have incorporated good acting (as expected) and a decent amount of mystery so as to make it watchable.

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