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The Virginian

Where did the original film score go?
I thought this an excellent picture with a magnificent score but was sad to see the score has vanished now to be replaced with guitar music when recently played on television. I then purchased the dvd from USA to get the original score only to find it too had been replaced. Why?


Spanish No Subtitles?
I recently watched this film on Netflix and much Spanish is spoken with no subtitles at all.

April Love

Wonderful Picture
This is the type of picture I still love.I saw this at the pictures when it came out in West London in 1957 and again fell in love with Shirley Jones. I loved this type of film, wonderful music as usual from the Fox studio,no violence. I just bought the DVD from Amazon and really enjoyed it. I would love to know if the houses uses in this picture and the track still exist. I would take this film with me when Icheck out to that great race track in the sky. Thank you residents of Kentucky for your input here especially about the trainer getting the job. I do hope that somebody reads this and thanks everybody there for the contribution to this picture.

Sunday Dinner for a Soldier

A Great Picture.
I feel I have to take issue with the previous comments from a reader who says they cannot understand why previous readers gave it ten stars. This is the reason I am giving it ten stars as my favourite picture that I first saw in the early 50s. The comments made about John Hodiak not appearing until the end of the picture are wrong. When Hodiak does appear he works solid through to the end of the picture. The comments made about this not being a great film as it was shot on the back lot of Fox are rubbish. I have a lot of the backlot stills that were never seen by the public but were kept by the child star Connie Marshall. A lot of work was put into this picture.Sure it was shot on the back lot of Fox. So was "Casablanca" shot on the back lot of WB and the airport scene at the end shot at Van Nuys airport. That was a great film wasn it? This was child star Connie Marshall's first picture and she was not on the credits as "Introducing" but among the lead cast. As somebody who has been in the film industry and a film buff all his life I appreciate cinema more that anybody. If you are going to vote on a film learn the history about it and not that it was cheaply made. There was a war on at the time this was made and it was made as fantasy to please the picturegoing public. Looking at the votes given on this site it appears to have just done that.The cinema was there for all of us to escape the outside world and live in a fantasy world for a few hours, this picture gave us just that.Top stars, great story, great music and make believe. A pure gem. I hope I have explained now why I personally gave this a top rating and why it will always be my favourite picture.

Gideon's Way

Missing Police
I have waited for a long time for this series to come out on DVD and am not sorry for the wait. I saw the series on tele in the 60s and boy what a difference to todays world. John Gregson was an excellent actor who deserved better parts that what he got in his days. What happened to our once loved and respected police from that series. Long gone and nothing like what we have today. Poorly trained, invisible, no ties, failure to wear their headgear when on duty unless visiting royalty and ministers visits. The series was well acted and with good location series and memories of a lot of great actors and actresses of that time it is a joy to watch. Loved the policemen all dressed properly and smart, the police cars that brought fear into our young hearts at the time. The police sergeants out on their bikes inspecting the troops again something long gone. Sad it all gone. Thank god for dvds.

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