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Gary Busey: Pet Judge

PLEASE PLEASE Make as many episodes as possible!!
Gary Busey riffing freely... what could be funnier?! I haven't laughed this much in a long time. Is it ridiculous? Yes. Is it for everyone? No Can I stop watching? No way. It's so horribly ridiculous that the laughter is inevitable. I actually chocked on my coffee a few times from spontaneous hilarity out of Gary's mouth. Finally a perfect niche for Gary Busey. I will support this show till the end

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

A masterpiece
No need to waste words. This is a true masterpiece.

Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception

Christian Propaganda film
Do not be fooled. This is an absurd Christian propaganda mocumentary

Killing Gunther

I need to find another place for movie reviews
I need to find another place for movie reviews. There are way too many uptight people rating movies on IMDb. This movie was fun from the beginning until the end. Schwarzenegger was absolutely hilarious! like another reviewer said, just watch it For that matter make sure you watch any movie before you see the reviews, especially today, because it really can spoil great movies.

Howard the Duck

Too many haters
This movie evokes great memories for me. It's light hearted and different. If anybody hates this movie it's because they themselves have issues and should get some help. It's fun from beginning to end and yes it's cheesy but what's wrong with that?! My daughter and I have a blast every time its on. If you don't like this type of movie why would you watch it in the first place and destroy it for everyone else? STOP HATING!!

The Love Guru

I think people who didn't like this movie are on downer drugs!!!
How could someone not love this movie?! i watched it 4 times to see why people might not like it and honestly i don't get it. and i was in stitches every time. This movie is absolutely hilarious (special thanks to Justin Timberlake). I don't know what people expected but there wasn't a dull moment in this movie. It opens with hilarity and everyone involved did a great job. The concept was already done with Eddie Murphy and even though he is my idol he didn't do a great job like Myers did. It's feel good and 100% Mike Myers. Don't listen to the grumps who didn't like this movie. Watch it with an open mind and enjoy the show!! it's great!!!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

CGI needs to be banned from horror movies
I love the Freddy franchise more than anyone i know and have all the box sets even the two seasons of Freddy's nightmares, but as an unbiased viewer i gave it 7 on 10 because i have mixed feelings about the movie. The new Freddy is good, not Robert Englund good but that would be impossible. You could remake Jason and Mickeal Myers with any actor because they wear masks, Freddy Krueger is Robert Englund, period! even though that is how i feel i still think this new guy did an excellent job. The make-up was absolutely incredible, better than all the other Freddies. Also the way the story unfolds is great, the acting is also very good and there are several scares very well executed. My only gripes are: a few scenes like the wall scene that would look better in an X-Men movie. And to name another of a few the bed scene at the end. In the original, with Johnny Depp, the bed scene was one of the most horrific scenes i had ever seen in my life, even by todays standards. They really screwed it up here with the awful CGI. Those are the key words here. Awful CGI. Didn't Micheal Bay make this? didn't he do Transformers? that was a landmark on perfecting CGI. What happened after? Transformers 2 lacked the polish of the original and now this movie makes it seem comical. It down right sucked!! Horror movies do not need CGI. Take a lesson from young George Romero. They need real materials that cannot be recreated with a computer. Blood should be liquid, not polygons!!! Horror movies are not superhero flicks or video games, they are horror movies. In order to be horrified blood and guts need to look real and gross, not clean and cartooned!! The horror factor here needs to be raised to the highest level because we're talking about the most notorious horror movie of all time with the greatest monster of all time. That damn CGI took a lot away from this. The bedroom scene in the beginning was better than the original though, i must say and if there was any CGI, very well executed.

The other part of the movie that killed it for me was who Freddy Krueger was. We know him as a killer, but an anti-hero. Here he is nothing more than a disgusting paedophile. Even though Freddy was a bad man in all the other movies you couldn't help but love him in some sick way... but now, a paedophile? there is no room to like the character at all!! you just can't root for the bad guy anymore and that's what made him so special in the first place, not knowing why you liked him. Who could like a paedophile?!

Anyways to sum up this is a good movie but please see the original first if you haven't because seeing this first will kill the legacy that was made in the 80's and 90's. Good chills, great make-up, horrible CGI, and no desire for a sequel. I give it a 7 because it is a solid stand alone movie and is worth dishing out the theatre money for, but I hope that they won't continue this with sequels like they did with the original. It was fun to see Freddy again and interesting to see a bigger budget in one of these movies but if they do continue it would be only to make money because the soul of this franchise has been damaged and it would be a shame to give Robert Englund a back seat to what was unquestionably the best horror series of all time. If anything bring back Mr.Englund, it's much more fun with him and I'm not alone in saying this.

Death of a President

Pointless fake when REAL documentaries show credible information the world needs to know.
When there is so much propaganda happening in the U.S. right now do we really need a fictitious documentary confusing the truths and facts about government vs. people?! It sets such a truthful tone that it feels like most of the effort of this "documentary" is to nullify all credibility to true documentaries on Bushes real agenda for the world. I give it the worst rating not because it wasn't well done, on the contrary it is executed with perfect timing and very possible outcomes... the only problem is if you make a movie make sure that it is a MOVIE, not a mockery of people's intelligence. I watched this with my wife and we didn't know what this was about and what to expect, we were looking to this for knowledge but as soon as we saw the dates and the assassination of the president we looked at each other and said, what the hell is the point of watching an aftermath of B.S. We got to the end of the film just to see what this turd could possibly bring to anyone, and were very disturbed about all the fake tears made out to be documented, what's the point of getting actors telling you their fake stories when you have real people who have the same exact story (taking away the assassination of Bush of course) but have authentic sorrow, not crocodile tears! we couldn't understand how this even got air time, it has good actors but still you could see that they are ACTORS. There are thousands of true facts that film makers could use to create documentaries on the subject to inform the masses, isn't that the purpose of documentaries, to inform?! just when I thought that the U.S. couldn't get more confusing in their actions, someone decides to make a "mockumentary" further confusing people unaware of what is really going on in the U.S. and easily influenced people. The makers of this movie either have a hidden agenda of their own or they were looking to make a quick buck. If you are ready to lose 90 pointless minutes of your lives that you will never get back, and get your intelligence insulted, then watch this! otherwise steer clear of this awful, horrible "documentary" movie. We hated it with a passion.

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