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Expect the more
I come to the movie without expectations. I thought it would be like a bad KickAss sort of stuff. I mean, you know, how could you top a movie like kick ass. Put it in a low budget, great artistry, and dose of violence that's how.

Yeah the movie might lack blowups, but it does in a great timing that make every explosion counts. Computer graphics was masterful, make ups was extraordinary. I can surely say they Kick KickAss butt in that department.

The music was bare to none, but score is awesome and creates a great cinematic masterpiece. I watched it on Bluray, should have watched it with friends on theater, that would be more awesome.

In the end I guess you should expect just more than what you consider a budget movie with weirdly put together actors. Considerably not for PG, but then again we all should watch this type of movie every once in a while.

Something Borrowed

Weird movie with mediocre performance but still enjoyable
You can really tell when something is made from a book. It has wonderful understanding of the whole situation. It also has a better point of view of third person rather than the first person. And this movie has them all.

I love Kate Hudson at many movies, but somehow she chooses to be shallow and comedic drunk in a way that people know she is not. That certainly makes me hate the ending of the movie in the way Kate acts. You know what I miss after seeing Kate? Drew Barrymore. Even Goldie Hawn would put a better performance here. Having said that, I think Kate is a great actress with really bad taste and or advice from people around her regarding the material that she should choose.

I love Ginny, but after seeing her so long in the conservative arena, Big Love, it is hard to picture her as this independent not happy person. But she still pulls it off. Having said that, there are better actress out there that deserves this role in this particular movie.

The Guys was crap. I like a lot of the actors in other shows, they bring in The Office style of comedy, Shameless weird way of comedy, And the other cosmetic metropolitan man. This is not a good thing. A bit too much of everything in the end. Should have cast better instead of just focusing on easy marketing.

The story is great, too New York without the feel. Doesn't remind me at all with 'New York I love You' or Nick play list with Michael Cera, which is both a great story about the city. But this story has the entity of Love and Friendship, in general. I would love to read the book now, Hopefully the next saga would be having other actors and actresses. Since this one closes the book. But the story has enough twist and turns in the last 30 minutes to actually draws your perception from a bad movie to a good movie. Hopefully they make the next movie better.

Welcome to the Rileys

No Expectations... Blown away.
No nudity. OK a bit of skin, nothing in my book. People playing out of their element. Boring trailer. I have absolutely no expectation that this movie is going to be good. But I was surprised not only by the acting, but the somewhat realism of the situation.

The movie should pace itself better and give transition to the leading roles better. Particularly the girls, Soprano man cant do no wrong in my book now. I love Mell Leo, I am officially a fan now. Stewart needs to learn method, it just shows that she is somewhat overworked in the years and possibly the next few years, but it is a great movie to showcase her scale of performance. Should and definitely could do better. The direction is marvelous, reminds me a bit of the old porn movie about a man searching for his daughter in the underground world, or was it a priest of somekind, well I forgot.

I hope for a better music, but what do you expect from a low budget movie, right? In the end I love the videotakes, expect nothing less from the actors involved, artistry is well in concern also. Dialogue is quite good, weirdly. Not too much forced profanity and not too less to make it less believable. I hope the best for all involved. Hopefully they can make better movie in new Orleans.

The Go-Getter

The Feelings are present
You somehow can find it feeling good. I don't know why, but the females overpower mercer greatly. Which is not something you want in a movie. You want to root with the lead. But it just doesn't happen here. I wonder would people get the feeling that is conveyed at times. Because of the corny dialogue is a bit awkward and hard to understand why they makes the movie at all. Should have done better homework with the dialogue and monologue, that is all I have to say. And for an indie, it does a lousy job of capturing the landscape. One of the reason I watch indie flick is too see what the camera on big blockbuster cannot reach. Reality.

In the end the acting is weirdly captivating. The males really suck, but adequate job I guess. Love all the females. And for an indie movie to want to make me watch the same movie 3 times in a week, this movie has somehow struck a dashing blow to my sweet spot. You really want to feel the journey doesn't matter that you already know the ending. Great movie. Should do more comedy lines with it but the score is well in used.


This is why I love British movies.
Great movies does often set itself on great story. even then it might not do the movie justice. But this one do.

Motivational movie is something else. But at the end of the day it is a genre. I do hate people that categorizes things like art. But it does happens.

Justify the feeling. Being chosen for something. The thrill of something new. Tragedy of a situation that is uncontrollable. Human spirit is a presence that is most likely a compelling presence.

I love Man United. For obvious reasons. But this one opens my eyes on the history. Bobby is a legend. But Then, they were not as much known as today. The richest FC in the world for pete's sake..

I love the movie. The acting is Humanic. No overacting even in corny moments. I do hope more British movies follows suit and with more publicity.

Men in Trees

Its all about Anne Heche
This show is awesome. I did not know how I could miss this one, perhaps its because its on ABC. It is just taken on too much a woman points of view. But still, Anne pulls this one off the gutter.

All the characters is awesome, with the actors and actresses perform well. The script however does need a bit of improvement. I love its score, music and everything else. The view is breathtaking, makes me wants to go to Vancouver. Yeah, it is where the show is shot at.

I like the fact that Anne and James becomes a couple, a happy ending after all. Hope that it last a long time. The girl gave her all. I watch her on HUNG, and tracks back on her shows. She is awesome in everything. Can't wait to see Cedar Rapids as well. I am officially a fan of this blonde.

Love & Other Drugs

Yin and Yang on one movie done almost perfectly.
Great songs. scores. Lead actor and actress. I do think the script is weary. Very hard to focus on scenes because it is different take on different point of view.

Too much nudity. I mean I like the boob flash and a couple of sexy catlike moves on the bed but too much is not great. It is a bit lame. Too much sexy romances in the first hour of the movie, not one is being developed. I do like the receptionist skit, but it is too quick to end and I think the nudity there would be good. Remember Forgetting Sarah Marshall? that was awesome use of nudity. Lots of girls boob flash equals meaningless casual sex, one night stand types.

Extras are bad. Most of them are very bad. What is wrong with Hollywood these days, cannot even find a decent extra. Minimal usage of cameo also. I like the comedy a bit, but in most cases there is no comedy lines here. Just funny scenes and awkward situations.

All and all, it is nice to see a movie like this. I like the use of songs, makes me wants to buy the soundtrack. No strings attached should learn from this movie for that one thing alone. A decent romantic flick for all of adults to see. Could be done better in Black and white.

No Strings Attached

Feels like a very long trailer
Due to its pacing and sudden change of scenes, this one is not a Woody Allen movie. However it is still quite enjoyable. I have great fun watching it, but not with great expectation. Do not go if you do have great expectation after seeing the trailer. This one feels like a very long trailer.

The score is terrible. Although I can understand the lyrics of the music is to emphasize the movie's premise. It does not add to the scene at all. And it is quite a shame that happened. And this one feels like it needed a laugh track somewhere, maybe from the extra characters. Since I watch it with people that has no preference of the jokes based on pop culture. It is lost in translation with the subtitles.

The extras was great actors and actresses, somehow has bad script. OK, not all of them are good. But the sister, the waitress, the doctor's friends are good. With better script, I do think it will be better.

It is a fun movie. The ending is not surprising. Nearing valentine's day, my advice is to watch others first. However you can watch it rental later without regret you haven't had big screen experience.

Xin Shao Lin si

A for Effort and Acting,
Andy Lau gives his all. And it certainly shows on screen. I do wonder why has he not done more Hollywood movies. Maybe he does belief parts of things that he said in this movie, cannot really tell you what it is, but I think those who have seen it get it.

The effort to make this movie a little Hollywood-like certainly shows. I guess it is to attract audience. But I do miss closeups and landscape views, since they are not that many in this movie. Action scene is wonderful, but dimmed down to make pace of the movie. Overall it is understandable, though lacking in power and presence of the scene, Acting-wise, no complaints.

I do feel sorry for the scene placements, it just doesn't make sense. It feels rushed at times, and slowed down quickly, than rapid changes of action scenes and dramatic scenes. And the music with it certainly did not help since there is countless time I thought the movie was over, but then the music and scene start action again. Needs to learn this one from the western counterpart.

Speaking of western counterpart, the villains, damn they were awful. All of them, through the dire of Andy's acting, you get their presence. But without Andy, I would beat up the villain easily, they just look too nice, bad acting. But given the circumstances of the greatness of the movie, still A for effort.

Lastly, the CG and Special effects. Just because you can do big, does not mean you must do big. Play it on occasion and it would look great. Play it too much and the power will fade away. I'm guessing that is why they cut and paste scenes overlapping too much when the action starts to get going. Should learn more from Lord of the Rings for the action scenes.

Thank you.

Better with You

it gets old quick
first to fifth episode is funny.

Beautiful women, mediocre acting, still funny.

But when you don't give much room to grow around with, it gets old quick. The writers should know that guest star option is available, and Reba makes a decent appearance in the show, but other than that it is not looking good. Needs to spice things up quick. And I don't see much in common with the couples. No chemistry at all between the couples, though as a group there is some sparkle. But this is quite a development. I really want to see this one better than JOEY. We have been there anyway.

An Idiot Abroad

show me travelling
just do not sell me travelling. Best thing I have in my comfort zone is comfort. This is the one travel show that makes me want to go outside my comfort zone. It is real.

The show has got nothing to do with wanting to learn more. Whatever seinfeld or larry David-like travel show resemblance englishman can make, this one is bloody close. I love karl to a certain extent, one because he is easy to understand. Ricky is a little bit hard in his movies, and the accent too much in the office uk. However karl does not have hatred that ricky has, there is a little bit of shallowness on him but anyway lovable. I do hate it when he tries to be a proper travel show. that is irritating since I want to know what he thinks when he sees this stuff, not the thing i can read off wikipedia or tabloids Sunday.

Lastly, I do think that the best part of the show is the bit where the three of them talk together. It works best. I love the preview show and the ending hour long show. I do hope the show goes for a second season, maybe a proper holiday in more proper places like the us, japan, parts of the rich world but put him in crap places hostels and other stuff. after all the show is called an idiot abroad anyway, run with it then. The show has bad review, does not stop me from having a laugh anyway. Thank you for trying to make it. Please watch it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

good to great
the movie has a slow pace and kind of all over the place. but it was a fun experience since I have rarely went to a full packed movie place.

First, the acting was good, but it somehow detract from the story quite a bit. I understand that the director and screenwriter has limited perception of which movie to make, but this is rather a thriller than a fantasy. IT supposed to be a fantasy and they make it somehow a twilight which does not really compliment the movie.

Having said that ron and hermione really pull strings on the acting bit, harry was a little bit of but it was overall good. The romantic scene is pulled just to bring a bit of comedy which does not make it stands out like the book does.

Anyway this is not the book and frankly, I do not think anyone could make the book comes alive. two hours and more is quite a long time to be drawn into a story that you love but it is still seems like a better book than a movie.

I like the animation sequence, seems like what tim burton would have made better but nonetheless, impressive. supporting cast is fun and brings out england's finest on center stage.

I do hope the second would be better, and it would be fun to see how the ending scene would be made. After all, this might just be the beginning of a long journey for the next generation to make an even better harry potter on the silver screen. Maybe another 15 years would do the trick.

He's Just Not That Into You

I love the little bits
The movie was packed with celeb. But one couple shine in depth and emotional empathy. That was ben and jen. Damn it even rhymes.

Anyway, miscasting is clear, being a fan of a somewhat jerky Ben, I do not like him much in this movie. Cooper should have played the nice guy that didn't want to get married. Anyway both of them do a fine job. It could be better if reversed. that is my point.

Justin and jiji is quite believable. It is just a fun movie, though because the plot does not intersect that much, it is kind of like watching 3 or 4 different shorts at the same time. Movement of the plot sucks, though they do try to balance emotions. And I watch richard curtis too much.

This is quite a good movie, funny for the guys and deep for the girls. watch it as a couple and it is impossible to not get into a fight afterwards. but don't worry, make up associates is on the line if you just say sorry. Love stinks. And by the way, he is into you when he can talk to you anywhere anytime. if not, he's just not that into you.

Grown Ups

They could do much worse
Some are not happy with the movie. And that is OK since this movie never aims for an Oscar. But come on give it a break. Adam is clearly trying to make something to do anyway. And they seem to have a good time making it and it shows. The alumni of Saturday night? Minus Chris Farley that is, challenged by the work horse king of queens.

Allow me to make a point. How many other movies that needs an out of the world story? Sandler clearly has done enough remakes, click, Mr deeds, and other stories that is not even that funny to begin with. Chris rock? are you kidding me? He is on a downward spiral thanks to copying french and foreign movies and making it Brooklyn wise. The short guys? Spade and Mr Gigolo? Whatever they have been doing has the critics confuse their work for hecklers.

All I am saying is they could have done worse. Much worse than this. But this one has got some point, especially at the end, the thing Sandler said about winning and losing clearly shows that he still holds his grounds well by being who he is despite the mega budget outlay of the motion picture. The laugh per minute is well, not bad. If you cannot Laugh, then smile. If you cannot smile, then smurf. This movie is to bad to be frown all about. Let's have fun and make friendship worthwhile with the people you care about the most.

Me and my friends seldom does the same thing. Like what some of them do in the movie. I just hope sometimes in the future we can rent a lakehouse and have a wholesome vacation time with each other.

City Island

the truth will set you free
Something is just out of this world. Funny beyond any others. Frankly it is because of the great acting within, not only story wise. I don't think that any other actor would make it better than Andy.

Any other actor in this movie was beautifully cast and totally believable. And it goes the same for the writing. It makes you draw within to each of them and the family as a whole. You either walk away understanding better of your life, with a lot of learning, or you will hate it to the very guts for it being true, with a lot of learning too.

The final is a little disappointing, but then again it is a comedy and not a drama. Other than that it teaches the basic premise of life, be free, live true, have fun.

The Rebound

Heal the bruise
It does have a slow start, it does have a low support marketing and promotional power. But the truth is the movie did not disappoint. Sometimes it falls in that category of cliché.

For a movie that shows growth, this one is good. Particularly the last 15 minuets of all. Score is good. Acting is good. It could very well be a greater drama than it is as a comedy. It relies on slapstick jokes and adult children humor, which is not applicable to watch at certain times.

Overall the movie is about growth, I would like it more if they expand the last 15 min to an hour and lose some of the early stuff that doesn't matter as much. Thanks for the ending.

Veronika Decides to Die

As any other great story, it tells life is worth living. Understanding the point of matter to the story is really crucial. As important is the things to say, it is really how you say it. Some dialog do miss a certain emotional tone in this movie, but still it is worth watching.

I don't like the score. It should have been better because it distracted the acting. I remember a guitar teacher says that you can make a Charlie Chaplin movie a very sad one by implementing a certain notes at a time. And that is what they should do with this one. Just one theme song great enough, this one has none.

Acting wise, brilliant. What else do you expect? Sarah is great as always, but the dialog is better on some situation of emptiness, silence. Adding a score to some is just bad for the scene. I don't get the importance of other actors than the main ones, but the mixture is great anyway, so no complain there.

Overall, this is a great movie. Great plot and ending, screenplay and such. Dialog could have been better, monologue is fantastic particularly at the beginning and the end. It is the music that kills the movie.

Young People Fucking

Young people old habits
It is like everybody loves Raymond, the next step forward. Though I would rather watch a series of this on HBO but this is fun. It is a bit annoying to switch the nudity bar on and off. But this is not porn, it is a bad medicine pill with sugar coating. The sephia tone is wonderful. The comedy mix with drama seems a little pushy at times, but still doesn't buoy the boat off track. The pacing is too fast for my liking, but fast food is the best American cuisine. Got to admire the direction since it manages to cover multiple scenes better than other films. The casting is fantastic, the chemistry is not always there, but individually, all involved are committed. It is a grand education for those still in prude phase with sex. And for relationship with that matter. The ending strikes you with a harsh whip though, highlighting the dialog is better than sex itself. One mere thing, the chapter factor is an annoyance. Overall it is a fun movie, one can state the movie is a transition from porn addicts to become dialog enthusiast.


For those who thinks this movie's a joke.
The joke is on you. It has none of the cliché mechanism of a movie. It gathers on toward realistic tendencies. It shows human beings and all their imperfection that makes the grandstanding perfect for a good storyline.

Ellen Page was supposed to star in it, cancelled in 2007. This sucks. People should be more willing to open up doors to new path, genre, movies that shows more than a nice ending and a wholesome cast.

Woody is great, I am a fan of his but to be honest I see Kevin Bacon a nicer fit. Almoust all the female actress doesn't come up to par with woody, credit to him more than shame on them.

If you have a two hour to spend with your geeky friends or a bunch of superhero wannabie nephew or nieces of yours, watch the movie..

Real Time with Bill Maher

All those who see the show have something to say
I am a Podcaster and listener, and this show is never far away from my mp3 player or computer. I needed more insight about what is going on, but it is hard in this time, at least it is hard to find the "right" information because of all the "right." The show is often criticized by the way bill makes his way to his point, which is often cruel, direct and very blunt. But this is a little price to pay for engaging in a conversation so damn controversial even David Letterman himself would say: "I don't think that I have ever done that before." Looking forward for more Maher and new rules. I do think that the show should be more often that it is, but that being said we do not want bill to get fired for anything anywhere anymore.

The Biggest Loser

Should be more popular than it is now.
Bob and Jillian is the reason the show is so great, but Jillian is more watchable, period.

DO understand that I am not overweight, but I am concern with a few of my friends who are. That being said I do think that the show is interesting even for those who are NOT overweight or obese or just damn skinny, healthy, or even an athlete.

The only thing that is sometimes missing is the trainer's point of view in challenges or in the activities that the contestants is engaged in. There should be more of Jillian, Bob and Kim, or a new trainer, because the workout with all the drama and physical endurance is damn worth watching.

At the end of the day, they are all winners, or dare I say, The biggest loser.

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