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The Core

Laughed My Butt Off!
I almost peed myself watching this movie, it was so funny! I almost missed the first 15 minutes by laughing so hard at the guy who smushed his face into the glass table! And then at the crazy pigeons, especially the one that got run over! (No I am not emotionless it was really really corny!) This movie was the funniest movie I have seen all year!

It was totally unbelievable and I was glad to see that it even made fun of itself. If you go in with a light heart you too will pee yourself laughing, if you go in expecting something sombre you still will pee yourself laughing! Don't laugh too loud in case other people actually think its a serious movie!

A Muppet Family Christmas

Always Makes Me Cry
I love all the muppets, be they the fraggles, live on Seame Street or be a part of The Muppet Show. To me this show is it. The ultimate christmas gift for any Henson fan. Seeing all the Muppets together and singing the Christmas songs is one of the greatest holiday tv traditions. Right up there with "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas Eve. **SPOILER** The very end with Jim Henson in the kitchen always makes me cry. You can see how proud he is of what he has created. It leaves one to wonder what he would have come up with if he had lived longer.

This is a TV holiday tradition. Watch it and enjoy the magic of the muppets and Christmas.

Also watch The Muppet's Christmas Caroll. Muppets and Christmas, what more could a girl need?

Eight Crazy Nights

Only if you want to be grossed out
I saw this movie today with a friend and was absolutely disgusted by it. All the bodily humor jokes and swear words made feel that this was a movie perfectly suited for my 16 year old brother. According to my friend I was laughing at all the wrong spots

**SPOILER*** like were the store logos try to make Davey cry, I was the only one cracking up! It was so ridiculous. And the deer. The sight of them laughing and defecating at the same time was more than enough for me.

I have to admit that I only actually like one Adam Sandler movie, "Happy Gilmore" and strangely enough I consider it one of my favorites and the only movie I could watch over and over again. But this movie seemed far too juvenile for my crowd by too over the heads of the young kids in the audience.

I would not recommend this movie unless, like my brother, you are a 16 year old male with very bad taste in movies. Or if you really like slap stick gross 'em out semi-comedies.

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