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Just when u thought it couldn't get better then Painted House...
They came out with FACELIFT! This show is hilarious! Debbie is just the cutest thing and so damn talented. I want her to redo my living room, but she hasn't responded to my pleas *pout* I still love watching this show and getting ideas. Good job Deb, thumbs up for Facelift. Or as they always say "Two thumbs up WAY UP!" corny...


Feelin hot hot hot
This show rocks. I am 21 and I love it. But it IS for kids... anywho it has singing and dancing and hot guys and girls... what more could u ask for? Very wholesome and better then some of the stupid shows out there. 10 outta 10 I hope they make this show 4ever!

Train 48

Not bad, not great, not super... its okay
I watch this show everyday because it is interesting. It's a GREAT concept but the opening song HAS to go. Also the acting could be a bit better. And who else here cannot stand that Brenda woman? AH! But Zach is cute. Anywho I think it has potential but if it doesnt improve some of its weak points I think it may be cancelled.

The Good Son

TOO GOOD! Chillin...
Maculay Culkin is a creepy kid anyways, and he is way creepy in this awesome movie. And Elijah Wood... TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! Luv it luv it luv it! This is an awesome and way weird concept that hasnt dared to be touched before or since!! See it now!


FREAKIN FREAKY! (Amazing Special Effects)
It wasn't the greatest movie... infact it was downright BIZARRE! The first hour I hated it, the second hour I was hooked. The special effects are amazing. There isn't many, but there is an actor who plays two roles (as identical twins) and there are two scenes where the brothers are attacking eachother, man, it looks real! Better then other "twin stuff" you see in other movies or tv. Even friends which was 10 years after this movie didn't do their twin scenes with Pheobe and Ursula half as good. Anywho, it was pretty freaky, although I think they could have done a little more to make it worse!!! And there is a scene where Sharon Stone is nude... for no reason. That was kinda dumb. Watch this movie for something different... WAY different. I don't think this has been done before! Out of 10 I say 6.5 for taking a long time to get into the film!

The Brady Bunch in the White House

Oh... give me a BREAK! AHH!
As a maybe, 50% fan of the original series The Brady Bunch, when I heard about the first movie parody of the Brady Bunch, I was excited. And the movie was hysterical. I loved it! It was so funny and dead on to what us in the 90's thought of 'the bunch'. "A Very Brady Sequel" which reunited all of the castmembers of the first flick wasn't half bad either. I thought it was real funny. SO when I tuned into this movie, I thought I'd give it a try. BUT IT IS RUBBISH!!!! The first two redid some of the original storylines which made it funny, but this one put the bradys in the whitehouse... uh huh. Also NONE of the kids are played by the same actors. What's the point? This is a piece of garbage and I can not believe money was actually spent MAKING this! I give it a BIG 0/10 and I recommend going out and seeing The Ring in the theatre or renting Frailty from a video store. Don't waste your time or you may end up missing a piece of your brain.


Everyone Wants To Be On Becoming!!!
A show for all music fans! Every week someone (or a group of people) get to be their favourite artist or band for a day and recreate a music video. Awesome show! I wish I could have the chance those lucky people have had!!!!!!!!! RATING: 10/10!!

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