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Drama of the year!
This is a show I almost ripped my own hair out waiting for. At first glance it was unique, and different from other k-drama's I'd seen throughout the years. And not to mention the fact that it's Joon's first comeback since his military service. And it was really all that. Now I personally love horror, and anything involving monsters. But I'm also very likely to give up on shows I don't find interesting. But not this. This is my first detailed review on this app and there's a reason for it.

The first thing I noticed when I started the show was the visuals. The beautiful landscapes, to the horrendous creatures. The special effects are amazing, and so is the makeup they did for the monsters. And one thing about the visuals I spesifically noticed is that the wheater had nothing to do with the scene. There would be sunny sad scenes, rainy happy scenes. Small details like this have a huge effect on how much I'll enjoy the show. It almost felt realistic?

Secondly this is controversial but I like the slow pace it's going at. It doesn't bother me, I love the detailed backstories that makes you bond with the characters. It made me bond with them so much that I even cried a little in the first episode. The show really went all out on making you feel for the characters, understand their pain and truly just feel like you're there standing among them. And the acting is phenomonal, knowing how much they went through filming that, I'm impressed in many ways.

And there are so many things more I'd love to go into detail with. But I think anyone who's looking for something new and unseen this is where you should go. If you enjoyed Arthdal Chronicles, Kingdom or maybe even Goblin: this is your sign. Trust me.

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